New Film: 100 year celebration

In 2015, the Danish Government and Parliament marks the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the 1915-Constitutional Act. As one of the many activities to raise awareness of the ceremony, they have invited 100 people to share what gender equality, democracy and community participation means to them. Our CEO and co-founder Poul Madsen is one of the 100 selected individuals.

We have produced a short film in which the Constitutional Act of Denmark is compared with a piece of furniture. Both the speech and visual effects illustrates the metaphor. The idea was to create a calm and accessible universe that reminds us that the Constitutional Act is as relevant today as when created. Just as a design icon.


A voice from the design industry

As representative of a business in the creative industry, it was natural for us to contribute to the celebration with a creative touch, based in everyday life.

I am proud to be selected and contribute to the celebration with a voice from the design industry. Design influences our daily lives through the products and furniture that surrounds us. In Denmark, everyone has freedom to organize his life to reflect one’s individual needs and values. The Constitutional Act of Denmark ensure this. I think it is important to create awareness. “, says Poul Madsen.

Framegrab_8Poul Madsen, CEO and Co-founder of Normann Copenhagen

Behind the scenes

The film Hvis Grundloven var et møbel was recorded on the large stage in our Flagship Store at Østerbro. It was kind of nostalgic for us, as the large wall used to function as the big screen for the former cinema Triangel Teatret.


The campaign kicks off today, April 20, running until Constitution Day June 5, 2015.

Read all the 100 speakers from the 100-year celebration and bring your own voice on Read more about the campaign on

Galactic Grey

The Milan fair is still going strong! On our stand we are highlighting cool Nordic ambience with a cosmos of grey nuances mixed with metallic details. Materials like chrome and steel radiate an industrial feel, while natural materials like marble and wood create contrasts. Normann Copenhagen plays with the Nordic traditions by adding a galactic feel to the great spectrum of grey tones like silver, shadow or graphite.

Milan 2015025Mirror-like floor and walls set the scenes. 

602865_Era_Lounge_Chair_High_Oak_Breeze_Fusion_4004_0The Era lounge chair in a cool grey textile.
 Form_Chair_Catalogue_23bGrey reflections create a modern décor. Create the cool, industrial look at home by using different shades of grey, for example stone, mineral, and cement tones. 

Milan 2015027A glimpse of a multitude of Amp lamps at the Salone del Mobile Furniture Fair 2015. 


This year at Salone del Mobile Normann Copenhagen introduced the Era sofa – both a rocking edition and a stagnant one. We are excited about these and other novelties! Stay tuned for more info to come soon!

Get inspiration for a grey interior and for how to create a home decór with a cool Nordic feel to it here.

The beauty of Red

We celebrate the beauty of dark, powerful red colors in the interior decor in Milan right now. Step inside a flood of deep, rich red nuances. Bold red colors like burgundy, berry and blush enrich materials of soft velvet, warm wool and smooth, matte surfaces. The atmosphere is uplifted and oozing of heart-warming pleasure. Red is hot!

Milan-2015_Instagram0030A powerful cosmos of red tones like merlot, sangria, berry and raspberry. 

Form_Chair_Catalogue_17The Form chair looking great with a bold red statement color on the wall. 

602833_Form-Table_120x120cm_RedOak_1Why not enhance the warm feelings in the decor with a deep scarlet red table? The matte surface of the Form table top creates a beautiful, yet bold contrast to the oak frame. 

A novelty in red!

We are very excited about our new Era sofa being launched in Milan. The Era sofa has inviting curves and a classic, nostalgic feel, just like the lounge chairs. In this bold red, the Era sofa stands as a centrepiece, excuding pure sophistication!

Milan-2015_Instagram010One of the Milan 2015 novelties is this Era sofa.

602815_Form_Chair_Red_7The Form chair with steel legs in red has a tone-on-tone look, giving it an exclusive finish. 

Milan-2015_Instagram009 Soft velvet underlines the warm and dramatic atmosphere at the stand. 

If you didn´t get enough daring red inspiration, then visit our homepage right here for more.

Ciao Milano!

Today, one of the most important design events of the year is happening! We are, of  course, referring to the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, where we are thrilled to be presenting new members in the Form and Era collections.

Well executed color settings and contrasting materials set the stage for the novelties. We are very excited to bring you inside a warm, sensual red space or into a metallic grey ambiance. Who knows, you might even discover an unexpected twist!

Discover more about the Milan novelties here.

Milan 2015042

Milan 2015051

Milan 2015000

Milan 2015031

Milan 2015033

Milan 2015025

Milan 2015047

Milan 2015040

Are you in Milan? Then come by our stand E46 in hall 16 and take a look for yourself! If you are not at the fair, then dive into our raging red, galactic grey and rocking rhythm on our social media platforms. Join us in Milan on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Easter!

We’re off to celebrate Easter. Whether you are spending the holidays relaxing with family, partying with friends or using the free time to get some refurbishing done in your home, we wish you all a happy Easter!

Krenit Easter Egg_Crop

Krenit Easter egg


Brilliant boxes for Easter treats



Nyhavn vases for an fresh Easter bouquet


Mormor blue egg cups for late Easter breakfast

Green Living!

Green living doesn´t necessary have to mean decorating with plants. This week, we are paying homage to all things green.

A daring design in dark, dusty green

This monochrome green Form chair will make a sophisticated green statement in your home. The green color is a careful balance between forest and bottle green. It has a matte finish, making it clean and calm to look at.

Form_Chair_Catalogue_10aIkono lamp, Pocket organizers and Form chair steel.

Fill up your pockets!

Enhance the green feeling by using Pocket organizers for plants and flowers! Combine different colors and sizes of Pockets and create your own decorative wall-mounted storage system.

3820_Pocket_Organizer_4Colors_PlantsPocket organizers in green, white, grey and black.

Powerful jade green

The striking jade green marble emphasizes the elegance of the golden glass lamp shades of Amp. This interplay between materials adds a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness to the lamp. Amp has a nostalgic, yet contemporary feel.

5021_Amp_Lamp_Group_Green_1Amp lamp small and large.

See time passing by in shades of green

Add a pop of green to your wall. Watch Me is a simplistic and figurative wall clock. A color swatch that forms a fan when the colors folds out inspires it.

341015_Watch_Me_Wall_Clock_GreenWatch Me in green. 

A green Era

With classic, nostalgic curves and dusted green tones, the Era lounge chairs add vitality to a room! The streamlined design and high quality ensures a fantastic sitting comfort for hours on end. The Era lounge chair is available in various upholsteries and colors, letting you pick the exact design you desire.

6028_Era_Lounge_Chair_Home_1Era lounge chair low with walnut legs and Era lounge chair high with oak legs. 

Visit our homepage galleria to get even more green inspiration, if you are as hooked on green tones like we are!

Kiss me!

These seductive, sexy red lips welcomes you in our current exhibition, highlighting fashion and lifestyle. Stop by the Flagship Store in Copenhagen and get seduced!

Fashion Flagship Store001


See more cool images from the exhibition on Facebook. 

Spring is here!

We’re well into the month of March, the first official month of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and though the weather has not been quite worthy of Spring yet, we are starting to feel the air change, see the first flowers bloom and slowly but surely welcoming more colorful days outside. To us March is always a great month to get a little decorating done, and today we’re feeling inspired by fresh and vibrant color. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate spring and bring the springtime feel into your home.


Agnes Vases

Treat yourself to a nice bouquet of colorful seasonal flowers in a beautiful new vase.


Long Drink Glasses

Warm spring weekends call for a nice treat. Apple trifle is our desert of choice. Here served in a nice tall glass so there is lots of room for desert. Check out the recipe here.


Brilliant Boxes

For treats or trinkets the Brilliant Boxes will let you catch a glimpse of what’s inside through the glass lids. The clear, deep colors are inspired by gemstones and the lids catch the spring sunlight for a positively gleaming look in the windowsill.


Krenit Bowls

The Krenit Bowls come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them great for mixing and matching. Use them for serving or as decoration anywhere in the home.


Block Table

Make your home minty fresh with a side table in a delicate and cool mint green. Style it with all your favorite collectibles or the things you need close at hand.


Tea Egg

Serving a nice cup of spring tea with these colorful tea infusers to keep warm until the weather heats up.


Mormor Blue Dinner Plate & Grass Vase

Whether you are opting for new tableware, a quirky vase, repainting your walls or planing on buying a new table in a fresh color, nothing says spring like a yellow, green and clear sky blue combo.

Happy spring to all!


Amaze  your guests with a perfectly set table for a cozy dinner party with well-selected dining room furniture, tableware, and accessories! Today we feel like sharing some ideas for setting the table just right!


Gather around the Form table and lean back in the Form chair. Designed to be just as comfortable when sitting upright as when you are lounging in it after dinner on a full stomach.


Mormor is a playful series of tableware made for the modern kitchen and dining table. It has clear references to the traditional kitchen with patterns drawn from the well-known tea towels. Set the dining table with various pieces from the series, and mix it with your existing tableware to add a personal touch.


Why not mix and match a range of glasses when setting the table? Our collection of exclusive and functional glasses allow you to set the table for any occasion. Serve a delicious and beautiful looking dessert in the whiskey glass or use the rocking glass for chilled white wine.

The Nyhavn vase, with its pure white neck, is both stunning by itself and when placed together in various colors. Complete a well-set table with these vases filled with flowers. Your guests might be wowed by the beautiful contrasts of the dusty shades.


The archetypal knife, fork and spoon have been re-worked. With a contemporary expression, the Normann cutlery looks attractive on the table and is perfect in use.


The Krenit range is a contemporary classic combining functionality and aesthetics flawlessly. Choose your favorite among the 10 bright colors and 6 sizes to serve up any tapas, snacks, or delicious treats.

Get more table setting inspiration here. 

Do you know…..

…. what it takes to make a chair? Or a whole series of funiture? We love all aspects of the design world. We are especially fond of designs that look so simple in their shape, idea and execution, but where you just know that it takes so much more to make. You may have seen our new Form collection introduced in early January 2015.We would like to take you behind the scenes and share 10 facts behind this ambitious furniture design.

Fact #1
The Form project has taken 3 years from the designer Simon Legald´s initial idea until the final product has landed in the shops.

Form_Chair_Catalogue_16_500pxThe goal has been to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base. The aim was also to create a flexible design concept, that could be adapted to countless types of bases, including those that will emerge in the future.

Fact #2
More than 20 prototypes have been tested in order to find just the right solutions.

Form_skitser_miniature_sammensat_500pxSimon designed the whole series at once. He started with the shell with arms and then removed material to create the open shell and finally the shell for the barstool.

Form_Svejsning_Kopper_sammensat500pxPrototypes and models. Inspiration for production methods can arise from a lot of different fields. Simon Legald was for example intrigued by the welding methods used for the steel frame in old 50´s bicycles. The type of technique makes it possible to make a very smooth surface.

Fact #3
The steel base is welded together by hand, making the use of screws unnecessary and the construction more durable.

Form_Production_1_500pxRows of Form legs. Each leg has its own angles so it fits perfectly into the molded plastic connectors.   

Fact #4
The base is available in lacqured steel or FSC certified American oak or walnut.

Fact #5
The bases are assembled and sanded by hand after they are cut. The wooden bases are treated with two coats of matt varnish.

Form_Production_7_500pxDetails from the manufacturing process.

Skrue Side fra Form Catalogue_500pxForm details.

Form_Production_9_500pxDetails from the manufacturing process.

Fact #6
The shell is made of high quality polypropylene and have been moulded using one single injection, making the contruction extremely strong and creating a fine, matte and homogenous surface with minimal shrinkage marks.

Fact #7
It takes 2,8 kilos of polypropylene to create the shell, 5 kilos for the armchair and 2 kilos for the bar shell.

Detaljeside fra Form Catalogue_500px

Fact #8
The thickness of the shell varies from a 4 millimeters thin edge at the top, to 1 centimeter at the seat.

Fact #9
The small curve at the top makes it natural to grab the chair and pull it out from under the table. The same curve is made at the armrest for the Form armchair, making it easy to pull to the side!

Fact #10
The 6 timeless colors have been carefully deliberated and a lots of effort has been put into the coloring of the plastic connectors and the steel bases to make sure they match the shells perfectly!