Bo Bedre honors Norwegian design

Normann Copenhagen designers nominated for prestigious Norwegian design award. 

It´s truly a great time of year when it comes to award nominations in the design industry. This time around, it is the Norwegian interior magazine Bo Bedre who are paying tribute the Norwegian design scene. Normann Copenhagen has the pleasure of working with a couple of the nominated Norwegian designers.

Accessory of the Year: Ekko throw blanket

Norwegian design duo Günzler.Polmar caught our eye back in 2013. Already one year later, we launched the Ekko throw blanket together.

Ekko has a light effervescent, graphic pattern of repetitive circles and cylinder shapes that overlap. The surprising and vibrant color combinations make up a design full of visual impact. The two young designers have utilized the traditional weaving technique of jacquard weaving creating an inverted pattern on the back. This makes the throw blanket just as beautiful to look at from the front as from the back.

6024_Ekko_Throw_Blanket_All_4 500 pxThe Ekko throw blanket is made of 100% New Zealand wool and is available in four indulging color combinations; rasberry/mint, navy/rose, yellow/dusty blue and smoke/grey

Günzler.Polmar´s playfulness and creativity behind the design of Ekko throw blanket is one of the reasons why they have been nominated in the category: Accessory of the Year, at the Bo Bedre’s design award.

“The award for this years accessories goes to a product that adds “that extra touch” to the interior and in itself has that little extra in regards to quality and expression.”

Best of luck to the talented Günzler.Polmar from Normann Copenhagen!

GünzlerPolmar_portrett_2014_1_mva 500 px black whiteGünzler.Polmar joined the Normann Copenhagen collection in 2014 with their beautiful Ekko throw blanket 

Newcomer of the year: Everything Elevated 

The two young designers from Everything Elevated is nominated in the category: Best Newcomer of the Year. It was also in 2014 that Normann Copenhagen began the collaboration with the two designers, as we fell in love with their little wooden figure; the Swan.
Everything_Elevated_L_KYRRE_KRISTOFFERSEN 500 pxEverything Elevated wishes to be anonymous, hence the black/white portrait. The design studio is based in New York. 

About the nominations for this category, Bo Bedre says that “The award is given to a young talent who has attracted attention and has been able to break out of the crowd with his/hers design over the last year, and a designer that we believe in for the future.”

1001_Swan_Oak&Black_1 500 pxSwan is a wooden decorative object. Swan was lanuched in fall 2014 and in its short life it already won the prestigious IF Design Award 2015 earlier this year. 

The best of luck to Everything Elevated from us too!

The awards will be handed out at an award show held on 26th August 2015 in Oslo. We will keep you posted!

Summer Salad ( 2 of 7)

Summertime is a true bliss! We are surrounded by beautiful inspiring colors in the clothes we wear, the blooming flowers we pass on our way in parks and gardens, and even in the food we eat.

We are celebrating the joy of colors with five new hues in addition to the black and white, classic yet modern Krenit salad set, designed by Herbert Krenchel in 1953. These colors adds a colorful and playful but still stylish twist to every summer salad!

The bright turquoise salad set makes this crunchy cauliflower and asparagus salad a little more fun to serve up along with edible flowers for decoration. This recipe is the second of seven summer salad recipes created by our Retail Director Peter Elmegaard, to celebrate the launch of the new colors of Krenit salad set.

2015_Summer_Salad_352023_Krenit_Salad_Set_Turquoise_1Krenit salad set in turquoise


½ cauliflower
3 white asparagus

White wine vinegar, a little sugar, rapeseed oil from Bornholm, salt, pepper

Decorate with flowers: Cornflowers

How to make it:
Cut raw cauliflower into fine pieces. Make long, thin strips of raw white asparagus with a peeler. Mix the ingredients for the dressing and season with salt and pepper. Pour over the white salad. Garnish with beautiful blue cornflowers.

Bon appetite!


A salad set for every occasion

The five new colors of the salad set provide ample opportunity for adding a splash of color to the dinner table. The Krenit range is inspired by the simple design language of the East and the look of traditional chopsticks is reflected in the long pointed handles of the salad set. The Krenit salad set sits perfectly in the bowl and the rounded head of the spoon makes it easy to scoop up dressings.

3520_Krenit Salad_Set_ALL_2From summer 2015, the Krenit salad set comes in 7 colors. 

The colors have been carefully selected by Normann Copenhagen and fit beautifully with the colors in the Krenit range as well as with other types of salad bowls. This allows you to mix and match the salad set with different bowls, creating many intriguing color combinations.

Get your own colorful Krenit salad set here.

The Knot Chair

We are overwhelmed by how the newly opened restaurant Pig + Poet has created a warm, contemporary dining room, that fits their modern interpretation of American cuisine at its finest and freshest! Pig + Poet is located at Whitehall Hotel in Camden, Maine, USA and celebrates thoughtful American food in relaxed modern surroundings accentuated by the Knot chair. The vibe is both stylish and authentically Maine at the same time. Take a seat in one of the many Knot chairs and enjoy a lovely dinner!

rarebrick_20150506_0266 500px

rarebrick_20150506_0304-hdr 500 px

rarebrick_20150506_0275 500 px

rarebrick_20150506_0337-hdr 500 px

rarebrick_20150506_0316 500 px

Interior by Rachel Reider Interiors. All photo credits belongs to Rare Brick. 

Designer of the year – nomination

What a great Friday! We have just been told that our Senior Designer Simon Legald has been nominated as “Designer of the Year” at the Design Awards 2015.

Design-Awards-Logo-Nomineret-2015The Design Awards is held by the three Danish interior magazines Bo Bedre, Costume Living and Bolig Magasinet.

The award goes to a designer which has set a clear imprint on the design scene with distinctive, original and durable design. Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet and Costume Living say about the nomination:

“Simon Legald has in recent years acted as a retained designer for Normann Copenhagen, where he with great conviction and a certain idiom has designed everything from furniture and lamps to accessories. He is a huge talent, which we predict a great career.”

Simon_Legald_Potrait_1Simon Legald is no stranger at the Design Award. He has previously been nominated “Break-through of the Year” in 2013 and in 2012, he was winner of “Best up-and-coming”.

Simon Legald is up against Norm Architects, Cecilie Manz, Søren Rose, and GamFratesi in the category for “Designer of the Year”. You can read more about the award and check out the other categories and nominations here.

The award will be handed out during an award show held on 12th September 2015. We cross our fingers and wish Simon the best of luck!

Versatile designs

There is no doubt that Simon is very talented. At Normann Copenhagen we are very happy to be able to work with him on a daily basis. Simon has designed many great designs for us like the Block table and the recently launched Form series.

His work consists of both small and large-scale products, often created in the cross field between craftsmanship and industry. He often highlights the manufacturing techniques visually in his designs. The design language is versatile and Simon finds it just as challenging to work with a piece of furniture as with lamps or accessories.

We want to salute him with a collage with some of his great designs.

Simon BoBedre 500px

Visit the Normann Copenhagen homepage to discover more of Simon Legald´s designs.

Summer Salad (1 of 7)

This summer, Normann Copenhagen invites 5 new colors to join the classic yet modern Krenit salad set, designed back in 1953 by Herbert Krenchel. The new colors contribute to our experience of what is being served by underlining the already beautiful colors of fruit and vegetables.

To celebrate the launch, we asked Retail Director Peter Elmegaard, who also happens to be a very talented chef to share his favorite summer salad recipes with us.

During the next couple of weeks, we will bring you 7 delicious recipes accompanied by the stunning, fresh colors of the Krenit salad set. First up is a tasty fresh homemade tomato salad.

2015_Summer_Salad_352021_Krenit_Salad_Set_Grey_2Krenit salad set in grey.


1 lettuce
Mixed tomatoes
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1 glass of black olives with stones

Olive oil, salt, pepper and a little white balsamic vinegar

Decorate with flowers: Nasturtium

How to make it:  
Arrange lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives in a bowl as shown on the picture. Pour the dressing. Decorate with flowers.

Bon appetite!


A salad set for every occasion

The five new colors of the salad set provide ample opportunity for adding a splash of color to the dinner table. The Krenit range is inspired by the simple design language of the East and the look of traditional chopsticks is reflected in the long pointed handles of the salad set. The Krenit salad set sits perfectly in the bowl and the rounded head of the spoon makes it easy to scoop up dressings.

3520_Krenit Salad_Set_ALL_2From summer 2015, the Krenit salad set comes in 7 colors. 

The colors have been carefully selected by Normann Copenhagen and fit beautifully with the colors in the Krenit range as well as with other types of salad bowls. This allows you to mix and match the salad set with different bowls, creating many intriguing color combinations.

Get your own colorful Krenit salad set here.


Some people say that yellow relates to acquired knowledge. The color resonates with the left or logic side of the brain, which stimulate our mental abilities and create mental liveliness and perception.

Yellow is the lightest hue of the color spectrum. It is an uplifting and illuminating color, offering hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun.

Check out our yellow designs guaranteed to bring a bright and cheerful feel to your home decor!

380024_Hang_On_Coat_Rack_Yellow_Styled Hang on coat rack

Hang On is a playful coat rack that adds a fun and humorous element to your decor. Hang On is a versatile design for everyday items such as coats, scarves and accessories.

260805_Peeler_Yellow_3 Simple, easy and yellow!

Peeler‘s organic shape makes it a decorative addition to the kitchen. Available in six colors. Go for the sunny yellow version for a choice that is easy to spot in the kitchen drawer.

3820_Pocket_Organizer_5Colors_On_Row Pocket Organizers

A selection of six different colors provides plenty of opportunity for combining the Pockets to fit your taste and style exactly. Mix in a couple of yellow ones to break with a traditional white, black, and grey look.

1209_Brilliant_Box_Amber_1Brilliant box

Place Brilliant in the windowsill and let the sunbeams hit the patterned glass to make it shine like a gemstone.


Use the yellow candlestick as a vibrant eye catcher.  

Living with birds

What is it about birds? These majestic creatures that are so elegant to observe and who can just pick up and fly off before you realize what is happening. Birds symbolize freedom, so in a way there is something almost paradoxical about putting birds in the interior, even if they are just wooden ones. On the other hand, a decorative bird in the home can serve many purposes.

In the fixed setting of an apartment a bird can add en element of life and warmth. Wooden birds let you bring a little piece of nature inside and unlike so making other items in the home, a bird figurine does not need to serve a functional purpose. If you have one in your home, it is most likely because you enjoy looking at it, how it makes you feel, and because you fell in love with its design. Birds can be tremendously expressive and can really help to emphasize the mood you are going for in your inteior. From playful or humorous to sleek or sophisticated, there is surely a bird for you out there!

Whether you use them to soften up a minimal interior or as a reminder of how free we all aim to be, there is nothing left to say except this: Birds are brilliant!


Ducky – a playful, accessible, fun, warm, and nostalgic bird on wheels. 


The simple and sleek Swan with its iconographic silhouette and sharp graphic lines


Shorebirds – a vivid and quirky design combined with colorful details 

Fill your Pockets – with just what you like!

We always do our best to design products that are well suited for many different types of homes and that can help makes people’s daily lives more aesthetic and practical. When we discover our designs in your homes it truly makes us glad and flattered. It is without a doubt the biggest compliment we can get!

Few will admit to it but everyone does it; we love to stalk you on Instagram, Pinterest and blogs, and we must confess that we are much impressed with the creativity you are exhibiting. Lately, we have been looking at pictures where our Pocket organizers are used for decorative storage solutions. We are truly inspired by the original styling jobs you’ve done. Below we have gathered a few inspiring pictures, highlighting how you can use Pocket in different ways. From the kitchen, to the entrance hall, to the bedroom and office, only the imagination sets the boundaries. Without further ado, here is some inspiration from you to us, and from us right back at you again.





Add a personal touch to the kitchen by using different sizes and colors of Pockets to organize and store your kitchen utensils.



Make a simple and organized home office using the pocket to store the most necessary supplies for your work



In need of extra storage for your beauty products? Pocket organizer can easily be used in a bathroom for shampoos, body lotions and make-up.


Left: @rattogsanselig, right: @studiocuvier 

Does your bedside table also get filled with clutter two seconds after you’ve just tidied up? Then try a Pocket on the wall next to the bed to keep those magazines, books and all the other small things you use just before shutting your eyes and going to sleep.

Blue state of mind

Here in Denmark it feels like it has been raining for ages. The sky has been grey and dark and the summer has tested our patience. Now it finally seems like the summer is here. The days are brighter, the colors are lighter, the sun is shining and everything is becoming more vivid.

It is funny how the different seasons change ones mood. During winter, everything seems dark, grey, black or white, both the nature, the clothes and the decor. Now when the sun is out and ready to give us all some new energy it’s time to brighten up and add some fresh colors.



The Sprinkle quilt in blue is perfect for a summer ocean feel

One color that we always associate with summer is blue. The sky is bluer from morning until night, the ocean seems more blue, and the freshness of light icy tones make us long for ice cubes and delicious drinks to cool down with. Feeling our summer color state of mind as well? Then join the blue wave.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (67)250467_Squeezer_Light_Blue_2

Clear glasses and freshly squeezed lemonade contribute to a stylish serving

Add some blue color to your decor for an instant brightness lift. Create an ocean breeze feeling in the bedroom; use a blue quilt to cover your bed for a simple and clean style. or add a touch of light blue to your kitchen with carefully selected kitchen utensils. What about a pale blue citrus squeezer, for example? Then you can also squeeze some fresh lemons and make a beautiful lemonade that simply screams summer. Serve the juice in crystal clear glasses so you can also enjoy the appetizing color.


Create an illusion of sitting in the sky with a blue Era sofa

Invite your friends to a blue theme party. Create an atmosphere that feels like you are sitting in the sky, use different shades of blue textile for making the right heaven. Serve fresh salad, grilled fish and summer drinks at a true blue table set with a blue tablecloth, blue napkins and blue trivets. Just perfect for the theme party.


The Rainbow trivet completes a summer-like blue table decor 

It’s Barbecue Time!

Fire up the grill, decorate the terrace, mow the lawn and fill up the kiddie pool, because barbecue season just started!

In the North we cannot wait for warmer summer nights, so when the sun finally comes out and makes the night a little warmer, we stay outside a little longer. A perfect opportunity to enjoy a tasty barbecue with family and friends. Before you put the steak on the grill and enjoy a sip of your cold beer, make sure you have what you need to season your food and keep the buzzing bees at arms length.


Whether it’s salt or pepper, use Craft to add some flavor to the meat on the grill

We all know that a perfectly grilled piece of meat beats most other summer foods so make your guests crown you as the unofficial barbecue master. Make sure to grind some fresh black pepper on top of the steak when it is simmering to enhance the grill flavor. It’s hard to enjoy a barbecue when the insects start buzzing around your food. Keep the mosquitoes, wasps and bees away from your grill and guests by always having a flyswatter close by and ready at hand. 



Keep buzzing insects away with the Buzz flyswatter. It is both functional and aesthetically pleasing

A perfectly grilled steak can’t make an entire barbecue. Fresh ingredients and small side dishes add an extra flavor for a tasty combination. Peel some carrots, radishes, and beetroots and mix them together with strawberries, apples, and fresh feta cheese for a fresh and delicious salty and sweet salad to be enjoyed in rich volume. 


Use a colorful Peeler to brighten up your summer salad  

When darkness falls and the food is gone continue the cozy vibe for you and your guests. Light up the garden with candlelight for a warm and lovely evening, a perfect way to end a successful night.


Create a lovely evening atmosphere with Light House

Writing this post made us hungry, so do invite us if you a planning on a barbecue tonight. We can practically already smell the grill going.