Candle light

Winter draws near and in the North we find great joy in filling our homes with candles during the long and dark winter months. A tradition that seems to surprise the southern nations where candles mostly serve practical purposes. On a visit to Finland the Spanish design duo Ramírez i Carrillo became fascinated by the Northern people’s use of candles, and was thus inspired to design a candle holder that captured both South and North.

The result is Floe, a simple and classic tea light holder with references to both Spanish and Scandinavian design traditions.


Made of colored glass, Floe will light up a room in more than one way. The colors are fresh and attractive and the glass smooth and shiny. Glass and light is a wondrous combination, as the glass reflects the flame and creates a beautiful play with light.

Floe has a robust expression. The chunky shape is almost naïve but the proportions are carefully balanced and the transparency of the glass adds lightness. Inspired by antique oil lamps, the  holder is also equipped with a practical handle.


Floe will see you through the winter and keep your spirit up. A candlelit room has a very special ambience. You instantly get the urge to cuddle up in a blanket with some hot tea or a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful sight of lights burning bright. In the winter, candles are an essential part of the unique Danish term ‘hygge’, which can be translated into cozy and describes a warm and pleasant atmosphere usually created in the company of friends or family.

The Floe Tea Light Holder comes in a selection of intriguing colors, which can be combined in a multitude of ways. Floe is a brand new product and will hit stores later this year.


Setting up in Quatuor

Our Belgian retailer Quatuor has a big, charming store in Uccle where we have just been on a visit to create a Normann Copenhagen environment. Check our a couple of snapshots from the new space.

The Quatuor shop front

Rows and rows of the iconic Krenit Bowls

An overview of the product space

The process of arranging a product space is always fun and the Quatuor store’s pleasant rustic atmosphere with exposed beams and brick walls creates a nice setting for our products.

You can see more pictures from the Quatuor store, if you read our blog post from the store’s opening party back in June.

This store has a lot to offer, so stop by if you are in the area!

Oh how brilliant!

Brilliant is a series of small decorative boxes from our new fall collection. Their design is inspired by jewels, visible in both the facetted lids and in the color choices which resemble stones like rubies, amethysts and emeralds. The name Brilliant obviously refers to the shine of the precious stones, but it also tells what we think they are: Brilliant!

Brilliant has clear references to the old crystal boxes you can find at your grandmother’s or at antique markets. In the design of Brilliant the nostalgia is combined with a modern idiom and as an effect it becomes a warming aftertaste instead of the main expression.

Brilliant comes in two sizes, which look great together; either side by side or stacked. The boxes are great for keeping jewelry and other small treasures. They are a decorative element on a shelf, dresser or in the bathroom, used on their own or as part of a still life. You can mix and match the different colours to create various expressions, or you can stick with the simple grey version, if your decór has a Nordic style with a more neutral color range.

Brilliant is also a great gift idea. Give a Brilliant box away as it is or make it the perfect hostess gift by filling it with delicious (homemade) sweets.

The colored see-through lids will give you a peek of what’s inside if you look down at the boxes from the top. If you view them from the side you will discover that the apparent transparency of the glass is disturbed by the tiny studs in the surface which creates a blurred effect. This adds an interesting dynamic to the boxes and piques the curiosity.

Brilliant will be in stock at the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas!

Small tables for everyone

We want to pay a tribute to small tables; the multifunctional little helpers which hold our bits and bobs!

Small tables are versatile. If your needs or your surroundings should change, a small table can easily fill a new function in another part of your home. Use it as a side table, coffee table, bedside table, in the hallway or children’s room.

Small tables are also practical. A small table is most often lightweighted and can easily be moved around. It is great for table lamps and will provide you with a place to place your book or coffee cup.

And last, but not least, small tables are decorative. A small table in a cool design might be just what you need to contrast your more voluminous furniture and create an interesting and dynamic space. It can also be the perfect base for displaying your favorite pieces. Arrange small still lives and put your personality into your interior.

The Stay Table in Burgundy. Shown with Era Chair, Edge Cushion, Cap Lamp and Brilliant Box 

Fall news

This Fall, we  introduce two new small tables; Box and Stay, both made in lacquered steel. The steel has a shiny, almost metallic finish, which really makes these tables stand out from the crowd.

Box is a simple table with a cool industrial look. Despite the strong material and construction, Box has a light feel to it. The bended ends serve for handles and give the table a unique look.  Box comes in two different sizes, which work great used together as coffee tables in front of a couch. The cold steel will look beautiful in combination with organic decorative pieces, like potted plants.

Box is available in Creme, Cement Grey, Turquoise, Blue Green and Midnight Blue.

The Box Table 33 x 60 in Cement Grey

Detail shot of Box

Made in the same material, Stay continues the industrial look of Box, but the curvy design adds a touch of softness to the appearance of the table. Stay has a practical, built-in shelf perfect for storing magazines, books, design objects or toys. Stay is an eye-cathing piece of furniture that will add a funky twist to your decor.

Stay comes in Burgundy, Green and Stone Grey.

The Stay Table 40 x 52 in Burgundy

Detail shot of Stay


While we are at it, let’s take a look at some of Normann Copenhagen’s most popular designs. You have probably seen these beauties before, but as they excel in the category of small tables, we should not leave them out.

Our small table Block is both cute and extremely practical. The wheels add mobility and the elongated table legs create four handles at the top of the table, which make it easy to grab and move around. Although Block is a small table, it can hold quite a lot of stuff because of the two levels. Block can fit in anywhere in the home and be used for several decorative and practical purposes. For example, Block could be of great use in the Bathroom for spare towels and beauty products or in the kitchen as a small serving trolley or for tableware.

Block is available in Black, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Coral and Mint.

The Block Table in Light Grey

Block used as a side table. Shown with Agnes and Nyhavn Vases, Swell Couch, Ikono Lamp and Color Boxes

Tablo is a simple three legged table with rounded shapes which give the table a friendly appearance. With its simple design Tablo will fit most interiors and has the potential to be a piece you will keep for years to come. The Tablo Table comes in two sizes of which the smallest size is shown here. The small Tablo Table is also made with a square table top.

Tablo is avalaible in Black, White, Warm grey, Blue, Grey or White with White legs and Black with Black legs.

The Tablo Table Small in Black

Tablo used as a bedside table. Shown with Ikono Nyhavn Vases, Ikono Lamp and Sprinkle Bed Linen


New York Times names 12 Treasures of Europe

There’s nothing like starting a new week with some great news. This morning we were very happy to discover that the New York Times has named Normann Copenhagen one of the 12 treasures of Europe in their latest travel issue that hit stores on October 19th. The journalists and editors have selected their favorites places and items to discover if you are planning a trip to Europe.

Read the article here and find out what the other 11 treasures of Europe are.


After an age long break the TV-show ‘Popstars’ is now back on Danish television. The search of Denmark’s next popstar is well under the way and the suspense increases as we approach the final. With a judges team counting actress and entrepreneur Christiane Schamburg-Müller, Danish pop singer Medina, and producer and songwriter Søren Rasted (you might remember him from the pop group Aqua and their big international 90′s hit ’Barbie girl’), the contestants are up for a tough challenge.

During the selection process, the contestants hang out in the Popstars apartment where Normann Copenhagen has a hand in the décor. The show’s interior stylist has decorated the apartment with several Normann Copenhagen furniture and accessories styles. The contemporary expression of the Normann Copenhagen pieces looks great in contrast with the classic apartment. The stylist’s use of colorful artwork provides the finishing touch.

Agnes Vases

Ding Table, Brick CushionOnkel Sofa

 Era Lounge Chair, Block Table, One Step up Bookcase, Ducky, Mormor Cups

At the living room’s cozy seating arrangement an Onkel Sofa is made extra comfy with a Brick Cushion in fresh green hues. The mint green color of the cushion’s central square recurs in the cute Block Table. The Ding Table in coral provides a bold contrast to the blue/green color range and goes well with the paintings.


Slice Table, My Chair, Nyhavn Vase, Lumberjack Candle Holders, Shorebirds

Our Slice Table has been given a prime location in the beautiful bay window in the judges room. It is accompanied by My Chair in a buttery soft leather upholstery. The window sill is decorated with Normann Copenhagen accessories.

Folk Candle Holders


Hello Floor Lamp, Kabino Sideboard, Era Chair

The rest of the apartment holds many more Normann Copenhagen items. Our Folk Candle Holders create a cozy feel at the big dinner table in the kitchen and in the TV-room a Kabino Sideboard works perfectly as hifi furniture while an Era Lounge Chair in black leather provides comfortable seating.

The show is on every Tuesday at Danish Channel 5. Take a look and see if you can spot our pieces.

Lighten up

Here in the North darker times are quickly approaching. The days are getting shorter and daylight will soon start to feel like a fleeting pleasure. We cuddle up inside and light becomes both a necessity and an evocative joy. For many of us fall sparks the urge for making your home the most relaxing and cozy place. Maybe it is time to add a few new lamps or to find a replacement for the lamp that never really gave a pleasant light.

The right lighting is about both function and atmosphere. The strength and dispersion of the light should fit the purpose, so think about how you want to use the lamp. Will it be used for reading, to give light over a dinner table or as extra light in a corner? We have three newcomers in the lighting category, which can fulfill different needs and match different tastes.


Cap is a table lamp that oozes with personality. The design is inspired by the cartoon character Calimero, a small chicken with an eggshell on its head. The shape of Cap’s lamp shade resembles the rounded shape of the Egg shell.

Cap has a rotatable shade which makes it possible to direct the light. This makes Cap suitable for reading or any other occupation that requires a direct light. Cap can also be used solely for the purpose of creating a cozy feel. Besides giving a nice light the lamp’s quirky yet simple design will add a refreshing playfulness to your home. Cap comes in a selection of fashionable colors; choose between an effectful Midnight Blue, a delicate Misty Blue, a soft Blush or a winter-like White.


Our new Amp lamps have a nostalgic and at the same time modern expression. The combination of the solid marble and the delicate glass makes for a sophisticated and well balanced design. Amp is inspired by old tube amplifiers from the 1960′s and this is also where the name for the series comes from. 

Use the Amp lamps to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere by adding a little light to your dark corners. The Amp Pendants can be used separately, in pairs, or you can make them form a light installation by hanging several lamps together in a group. Check out the effect in this Instagram photo. Amp is also made as a table lamp, which works great placed on a side table or in a window sill. The lamps are available in two colorways; black marble with smoke colored glass and green marble with golden glass.


Bell was introduced in 2012, but for 2014 more Bells are ringing! An X-Small and Large version have been added to the product range for a total of four different sizes to choose from. The lamps have an iconic bell-like shape and great attention has been put into designing the connection between the cord and the lamp. Instead of being hidden away, the connection has been accentuated as a unique feature of the design.

Bell provides a directional light and can be used in many different ways depending on the size you choose. The lamps are ideal over a dinner table, in the kitchen or in the hallway, just to name a few. Bell is available in sand and grey; two neutral colors that can fit many different interiors. Choose one color or mix them up.

Browse through our full selection of lighting options right here

Interview with Hans Hornemann

Today’s post in our series of everyday pleasure interviews features Normann Copenhagen in-house designer Hans Hornemann.

The young Danish designer graduated as a Master of Engineering in Industrial Design from the University of Aalborg 2014. Hans Hornemann emphasizes the combination of aesthetic simplicity and high functionality in expressive and light-hearted design. He is fascinated by the industrial and technical solutions in design in terms of both material and mode of expression.

For Normann Copenhagen’s Fall collection Hans Hornemann has designed the Slice Table and Buzz, a fresh new take on the classic flyswatter.


What is your favorite everyday moment?

My favorite everyday moment is dinner time. For me food is an important everyday pleasure. I have always enjoyed eating a well prepared meal and in my opinion, dinner is the best tasting meal of the day. At dinner the atmosphere is often relaxed; a good day of work is done and the mind is filled with energy. This state of mind merges perfectly with a good meal.

Snapshot from one of Hans’ dinners with friends

What makes this moment special?

Dinner is always different. Sometimes, I look much forward to the next day to come, sometimes I am thinking about the day that has passed, and sometimes I am thinking or talking about something completely different. It is an easy time and nothing beyond your togetherness decides what the agenda is. 

Since dinner time is your favorite everyday moment tell us, what makes a good dinner table?

A good dinner table works as a gathering point for people and can fill several different functions. The table must have a simple design in order to fit many different rooms in the best possible way, and I like when the design is easily understandable. A simple table also works as a great canvas for the items you place on it, which I think is important. In the process of designing the Slice Table, I wanted to work with oak. In my opinion you get a lot offered when you work with wood. The structure of the oak is very expressive, and this makes it unnecessary to add a lot of extra shapes and details to the design. I like sitting at a table with a natural surface and I think the oak also adds a nice warmth to its surroundings.

What inspired you to make Buzz?

Personally, I get quite annoyed by insects and especially wasps. I wanted to create a product that could help me solve this problem during the happy summertime. The shape of the product is inspired by a folded newspaper, which is probably the most commonly used flyswatter worldwide. The opening in the end is designed so you can easily pick up the insects without touching them. The soft silicone is selected because it can reach into corners and the wood is chosen to soften up the industrial material besides providing a good comfortable grip.

Hans’ sketches of Buzz

What is great everyday design to you?

To me, great everyday design is not a single thing. It is many different factors that come together in a product, and the factors differ from time to time depending on the type of product. It happens when form and function come together in a unit. Great everyday design is honest in its expression and easy to understand and use. When no necessary qualities are neglected and all unnecessary is removed.

Get greater pleasure from your dinner time with a beautiful table to set the scene. Hans Hornemann’s Slice Table is available at our online shop. If you want to prevent insects disturbing your cozy dinners, go get your Buzz and be prepared!

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Color is an easy fix!

If you are tired of the same old surroundings and in need for some change, there’s no need to redecorate your entire home. Even the smallest change can be a breath of fresh air. A couple of new cushions or a throw blanket thrown casually over an armrest will instantly change the atmosphere of the space and lighten up the room. This fall we are introducing several new textiles which are just perfect for updating your home in a quick and easy way.

Colors can have an impact on your mood and a new colorful addition to your decor can feel like a boost of energy. Whether you are attracted to muted shades or bright eye-catching hues, the textiles will bring a fresh feel to your home. In addition, their soft look will contribute to the creation of a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Among our Fall news are the cushions Angle and Edge which are perfect for color experiments.

Angle has a graphic and modern look and the bold color combinations make it a great choice for those of us who love color, but are not daring enough to live out our affection entirely.

Angle in the colorway Blue

Angle in the colorway Rose

Angle in the colorway Blue/Green

Edge has a clean look and is made in luxurious fabrics with a nice mix of textures. Edge is great in combination with the more bold Angle Cushion, where it helps to keep the overall expression in balance.

Edge in the colorway Green

Edge in the colorway Blue

Throw Blankets

Cuddle up in the Tint Throw Blanket or in our newcomer Ekko. Both made in 100% pure lamb’s wool. The wool is brushed to make the throw blankets extra soft and warm.

Ekko has a characteristic pattern of repetitive circles and cylinder shapes, creating a dynamic feel and making the blanket interesting to look at. The special weaving technique used for Ekko makes the back and front become contrasting color reflections of one another.

Ekko in the colorway Navy/Rose

Ekko in the colorway Raspberry/Mint

Tint, on the other hand, uses a simpler pattern of long wide stripes created by using different shades of the same main color. Tint’s color play is inspired by the change of the seasons moving from light to dark and  how the light changes over the course of a single day from morning to midnight.

Tint in the colorway Blue


Tint in the colorway Pink

Both blankets can change expression by the way they are folded, making different parts of their patterns visible. Use the blankets to add an exhilarating splash of color to any dull lounge area.

This is just a selection, there are many more colors to choose from than the ones pictured in this post. Find your favorites and get your color fix here!

Normann Copenhagen on stage

We love seeing our products in many different settings. Right now our products can be seen in action in a new play conducted by The Royal Danish Theater’s Red Room.

The Royal Danish Theater’s new production of Henrik Ibsen’s famous drama Hedda Gabler premiered the 24th of September. The role of Hedda Gabler is played by young actress Johanne Louise Schmidt who has recently won the Danish crown prince couple’s prestigious talent award.

The somber drama takes place in the big and expensive house that Hedda Gabler and her husband Jørgen Tesman move into after returning from their honeymoon. Tesman has done everything possible to give Hedda the home she has dreamt of. As part of this dream house setting you will find a selection of items from Normann Copenhagen.

You can see the actors eating snacks from our Geo Jars and sipping drinks from our Long Drink Glasses. Everything is of course served on the Geo Tray.

Geo Jars in colors Mint/Frost and Nude/Frost

Geo Tray in Mint

Long Drink Glasses

Our Nyhavn Vases are also a central part of the décor. They look great filled with big bouquets of flowers.


The medium Nyhavn Vase in Light Grey

The medium Nyhavn Vase in Sky Grey

Using simple effects the stage designer has created a modern home in a tasteful subtle color palette. The Normann Copenhagen pieces fit perfectly into this scenery.

You can catch the play until January 29th 2015, and we warmly recommend making the trip to the theater.

If you feel inspired to add some dusty pastels to your own home, you can get all the featured items at our online shop here.