Christmas Glimpse with Francis Cayouette

Christmas time also means time for some candlelight! Especially in Scandinavia, we have a tradition for using a lot of candles during the winter season whether it is inside or outside, on the table or on the Christmas tree.

In preparation for Christmas, we have asked 5 of our designers to share some of their Christmas moments with us over the coming weeks. This week, we’ve spoken to Francis Cayouette who is the designer behind the Heima collection of candle holders.

Francis-Cayouette-300dpi-500Francis Cayouette is Canadian but has been living in Denmark since 1999.

The Heima 4-armed Candlestick works perfectly as an Advent wreath for Christmas. How do you decorate your home for Christmas?

I must admit that it is mostly Anne Marie, my wife and designer as well, who takes care of the Christmas decorations at home. BUT, Heima has a very special place and every year it is decorated in a new way for the Advent. I find the Scandinavian way of decorating for Christmas very unique and charming, with a lot of natural elements and calmness. I also really like when we combine modern elements with traditional elements decorations we inherited from our childhood and the generations before us.

Candlelight is a substantial part of the Christmas season. How do you use candles in your own home during Christmas?

At home we always use candlelight during Christmas. For example in Denmark there is a tradition to use the calendar light, where every morning through the month of December a calendar candle is turned on at the breakfast table. A very important ‘’count down’’ function when the kids were younger, but today it is still there as one of many Christmas traditions. In the afternoon and the evening we use both tea lights and candles which bring a lot of coziness, together with the wood stove we have in our living room. Also we light a new candle every Sunday throughout Advent.

151122 Heima 1-500Francis always uses the Heima 4-Armed Candlestick as an Advent wreath for Christmas, which is decorated in a new way every year. Photo by Francis.

Heima has been created for company and cozy atmospheres. What, in your opinion, is the best and most cozy thing about Christmas?

I have been living in Denmark for more than 15 years and being in Denmark at Christmas time is always very special. Even if the month of December is a very busy period, it is also a very nice month with a lot of get-togethers with friends and family. Also when Christmas arrives and the shops close on the 24th, I really enjoy some relaxing Christmas days, always with a lot of candlelight.

What are the main differences between the Canadian and Danish way of celebrating Christmas?

The celebration of Christmas itself is not so different. It’s time for family reunions, exchange presents and lots of food! But the Canadian Christmas season is a bit different. There is the snow, lots of outdoor activities like skating and skiing, and decorations are very much colorful and flashy, more like it’s time to get excited, compared to Denmark where it’s more a time to get cozy and relax… if you want it to be!

4-500Lit candles are an important part of Christmas for Francis and his family. Here the Heima tealight holders are gathered to create a cozy winter feeling. Photo by Francis.

151122 Heima 4-500The simple design of the Heima collection makes it perfect for decorations, as you can style it in a lot of different ways. Photo by Francis.

About the Heima collection:

Heima is a series of cast iron candlesticks designed by Francis Cayouette. The idea behind the design is to make a series of candles that creates company and time for coziness. The minimalist candlesticks are sculptural and make an elegant and stylish accompaniment to both modern and classic decors. A great feature of Heima is that the collection gives you the opportunity to mix and match the different candles according to your own style and needs.

Buy Heima here.

Heima-all-together-white-candles-300-dpi_grey-500The Heima collection.

Stay tuned for next week where the design team Böttcher, Henssler, Kayser amongst other tells us about how they keep themselves warm during winter!

Winner of Gazelle 2015

With high speed and impeccable grace the African gazelle moves across the Savannah, traversing large distances in the flick of an eye. Used by the Danish financial newspaper Børsen as an emblem of the fastest growing companies, the gazelle has become a recognized symbol of successful business in the Danish financial world.

Every year, the newspaper Børsen identifies and announces the fastest growing companies in Denmark. The Gazelle Award is given to companies that over the course of the last four years have had positive growth and have doubled either the net turnover or gross profit during that period. This year, we are thrilled to once again be among the fastest growing Danish companies!

P_J_01_085 1-T 500
Founders of Normann Copenhagen Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen

We have actually received the Gazelle Award a total of seven times. The first time was in 2004 after which we were awarded the title each year in 2005, 2006 and 2007. The following year spelled crisis and that had an influence on growth – also at Normann Copenhagen. However, we came back strong and were honored with the Gazelle Award again in 2013, 2014 and now 2015.

P_J_01_420 1-h 500
Our total of 7 Gazelle statuettes

Børsen has carried out the study over the course of the past twenty years, and during this time, only 26 companies have been named as Gazelle seven times. It makes us incredibly proud to be part of such an exclusive group of Danish companies that manage to maintain a high growth rate.

We look to the future with high hopes and big expectations and we cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring. Thank you all for being on this journey with us. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Flagship Store´s 10th aniversary – part II

Today, we continue to celebrate our Flagship Store´s 10th anniversary on November 21. Join us here for part II of our trip down memory lane.

2011 – Tsumori Chisato

In connection with Copenhagen Fashion Week 2011, the store’s long corridor was transformed into a Tsumori Chisato pop-up store. The colorful, graffiti-inspired Spring/Summer 2011 collection was exhibited together with unique showpieces.

Japanese Tsumori Chisato is known for her fine prints and patterns in luxurious materials – elegant and playful at the same time. The pop-up shop ran at Normann Copenhagen throughout February of 2011. See more images in this blog post Japanese fashion in Copenhagen.

5 500x 321 px
Tsumori Chisato_1 500

2011 – Maison Martin Margiela perfume launch

As a part of the exclusive launch of the long-awaited Maison Martin Margiela perfume [untitled] in 2011, Normann Copenhagen and L’Oréal invited the Danish fashion and beauty industry for an evening with bubbling champagne and delicious sushi. Maison Martin Margiela’s magical, white and anonymous universe set the stage for the launch of the perfume.

MMM 500

MMM (11) 500

6 500x 321

MMM (14) 500

2012 – Online vs offline new website launch

To celebrate the launch of the new Normann Copenhagen website in 2012, we decided to take parts of the new site and put them into an physical exhibition. is a groundbreaking next-gen webshop. We wanted to show our new online universe in an offline context.

On May 25, we hosted a launch event celebrating the new site and opening of the exhibition. The exhibition entitled Online Vs. Offline ran for four weeks . It was an interactive installation exhibition that took you on a journey to visit Normann Copenhagen’s new online world – offline.




As part of the exhibition, we produced a 2 minute video that showed the online shopping experience.

2013 – The dog is King Days

Design is often associated with fashion, architecture, furniture and interior decorating. But what about man’s best friend? Normann Copenhagen and Berlin-based Cloud 7 collaborated in 2013 to create a 3-week exhibition called “Always listen to your dog; The dog is King Days”, which exhibited a sophisticated and minimalist collection of interiors and accessories for man’s best friend.

As a part of the project, customers could bring their dog and have their portrait taken by a photographer – completely free of charge. See all the great images of me and my dog here.

8 500x333
2013-09. Dog Days 5 500
2013-09. Dog Days 6 500

2014 – Normann Space

Normann Space was a blank 45m2 canvas of ceiling, walls and floor, where different creative personalities were invited to decorate a room in the old cinema as they desired. One at the time, they interpreted the Normann Copenhagen brand and placed our products in an entirely new context.

The first installation showed the meeting between Normann Copenhagen and the feminine, simple universe of Maiken Winther, fashion blogger at Nouvelle and then Fashion Director at the Danish fashion magazine Costume.

NS MW Plants Mirror My Chair copy

NS MW Daybed copy
NS MW Swing Close-up copy

The second installation showcased the meeting between Normann Copenhagen and the colorful, sculptural and personal universe of the influential fashion designer Stine Goya.

2014-06. Normann Space - Stine Goya 1 500
2014-06. Normann Space - Stine Goya 10 500

2015 – Form – an uncompromising design
When we see a piece of furniture, we often forget the extensive work that lies behind it. Therefore, in January, 2015 the store’s long corridor was dedicated to telling the story behind the Form Collection, designed by Simon Legald.

The exhibition was inspired by the ideas behind and the many choices taken in the 3-year long process of developing Form – from idea to finished product. The exhibition lasted 4 weeks and also included a cocktail party in cooperation with the Northmodern design fair for 500 people in the industry.

2015-01. Form Exhibition (1)

2015-01. Form Exhibition (4)
2015-01. Form Exhibition (5)
2015-01. Form Exhibition (9)

2015 – Art Talk in collab with Chart Art Fair

As a part of Normann Copenhagen’s sponsorship with the Chart Art Fair, the store set the scene for the Normann Copenhagen X Chart Art Fair Morning Talk on a Sunday in August, 2015. The lecture “Do Art and Architecture need to Entertain?” was discussed by star architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of the architect firm BIG and Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen from the artist collective Superflex. The event was moderated by Mark Rappolt, Editor-in-Chief of ArtReview.




See many more of the amazing, cool and fun events on our homepage. If you missed part I of this little salute, check it out here.

Christmas glimpse by Troels Øder Hansen

The Christmas season is here already. We are busy preparing for this magic time of the year including decorating, buying presents and get-togethers with friends and families. We all have different traditions and activities that we like to do during the Christmas season. We have asked 5 of our designers to share some of their Christmas moments with us for the coming weeks!

This week, we talk with Troels Øder Hansen, who is the designer behind the Friends salt & pepper set.

1. Troels +ÿder Hansen-Husk Mit Navn. Foto Anette V+ªring-500Troels Øder Hansen and his co. partner HuskMitNavn

Friends is a perfect Christmas gift for the man with humour. What is the funniest Christmas gift you have ever received? 

When we were younger, Husk Mit Navn and I used to meet Christmas eve (after the family dinner) and buy each other drinks instead of presents. That turned out quite fun sometimes…

Does your creative background reflect the way you are decorating for Christmas or are you very traditional in this area?  

I have re-discovered Christmas after having kids. For me it is most important that it is fun to do and that we have a good time doing it.

Friends is also a great accessory for the Christmas table. What else must also not be missing on a Christmas table in your opinion? 


What is the most creative Christmas present you have ever given, and whom did you give it to?

It´s Friends – all of my family got it. I have to figure out something new this year : )

130505_Friends_ALL-500Troels Øder Hansen has designed Friends salt & pepper set together with the anonymous artist, HuskMitNavn.


More about Friends

Friends Salt & Pepper Set is fun, friendly and eye-catching, and it will surely bring a smile on the receivers face! The design plays on the double meaning of the Danish word ‘bøsse’ (which means both ‘shaker’ and ‘gay’). The two friends come with or without a painted leather vest, signifying either the salt or the pepper shaker.

Buy Friends here.

Stay tuned for next week where designer Francis Cayouette amongst other tells us about why living candles is a must for him to get into the Christmas spirit.

Highlighting Danish artists

The second of our film screenings in collaboration with CPH:DOX took place on a Thursday evening last week. In the movie theater temporarily established in our Flagship Store we showed five new short films by Danish artists.

The five films on screen were:
‘First Day (Now only the eye can catch’) by Jacob Ohrt Nielsen
‘Anóme’ by Lena Ditte Nissen
‘Mother of Monsters’ by Anne Haaning
‘The Horse Breaker’ by Nanna Rebekka and Pernile Lystlund Matzen
‘It Runs About Like Ants’ by Gitte Villesen

We were very happy to be able to host this particular event, which has risen from an intention of highlighting emerging talents.

Breaker of Horses_new danish artists_still_500px
Still from the film ‘The Horse Breaker’ that tells the story of a bronze statue located in Copenhagen

An essential motivation behind the collaboration between Normann Copenhagen and CPH:DOX is a shared belief in new talents influence on innovation. The film festival is known for its support of up-and-coming filmmakers and its vision to explore the latest conceptual forms within the documentary genre. Likewise, Normann Copenhagen makes a point of spotting new design talents and challenge conventional thinking in order to bring something new to the field of design. This collaboration was the perfect way to extend and unfold those beliefs.

Still from the film ‘Mother of Monsters’ that comments on today’s digital culture

More and more Danish artists are working with film and are using the media in new intriguing ways, crossing borders between film and art. Although the five films shown at the event are very different from one another, they all invite the viewer to experience moving images in new constellations. By experimenting with the documentary genre through the use of, for example, animation, collage, sound and editing, they create new poetic and thought-provoking takes on reality.

Still from the film ‘It Runs About Like Ants’ that invites us into a Latvian herb garden with healing powers

The evening started with drinks and music. Guests mingled and browsed the shop while trying to eye the best seats from the cozy mixture of chairs and sofas put together from the stores assortment. The screening was followed by a Q&A with the artists, where the audience was let in on the thoughts behind the five transcendental works.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

Form Chairs lined up

The Flagship Store filled with film enthusiasts

Guests enjoying drinks

Chilled drinks for everyone

Catching up

The crowded bar area

Head of Press at CPH:DOX, Katrine Ravndal, presenting the films

Click here to see the pictures from our first film event, where the documentary ‘Banksy Does New York’ was on screen.

Flagship Store´s 10th anniversary – part I

Wow! We can´t believe how fast times flies. On November 21, the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store will celebrate its 10th anniversary! We have delved into our archives to dig out a few of the many special moments from the the past 10 years. Join us for a trip down memory lane!

2005 – Opening Party

Åbningsreception nov 05 (179) 500 px

The Grand Opening of the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store was celebrated with a big party with performances by comedian, actor, and musician Simon Jul Jørgensen as well as by the Danish rap artists L.O.C. and Jokeren. Later in the evening, Danish actor Nikolai Lee Kaas pumped up the volume as our DJ for the night!

2006 – Sand & Cover Fashion Party

The new year started with the party of the year in the Danish fashion industry. Made in collaboration with the Danish fashion magazine Cover and the clothing brand Sand. It was topped off with a live performance by the legendary Grace Jones!

2006 febuar Sand & Cover 8 500 px

2006 febuar Sand & Cover 2 500 px

_V1W3666 500 px

1 500 px

2006 – EDRA Reception

The Italian furniture company Edra presented, amongst other designs, their fantastic Flap sofa in May, 2006. Bedazzled with more than 750,000 Swarovski crystals, the sofa was part of the exclusive Diamond collection. See more.
DA1S3847 500

DA1S3864 500 px

EDRA @ Normann Copenhagen May 06 (6) 500 px

DA1S3886 500px

2007 – Sexy & Unofficial MTV Music Awards Pre-Party

The partying continued in 2007, where the unofficial MTV Music Awards Pre-Party was held at the Flagship Store in cooperation with Boom Records. The party featured famous guests such as Pharrell Williams and Timbaland. The Flagship Store was closed down for an entire week, and everything in the store was removed so the space could be transformed into a New York City style nightclub. Truly a night to remember!

2 500 px

2 a 500 px

2008-2014 – Time to design – new talent award
From 2008 to 2014, Normann Copenhagen was co-organizer of the design prize Time to Design – New Talent Award. Part of the prize involved exhibiting one’s winning project at the Normann Copenhagen’s Flagship Store. Anne Romme was the first to win in 2008. Here is her project called “Saturated Porosity”.


See more events on our website.

Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to decorate your home for this special time of year. Today, Christmas decorations come in all shapes and colors, and there is lots of room for being creative.

We love celebrating Christmas with items that have clean lines and a minimalist look. You can use them either alone as they are or combine them with your favorite Christmas decorations in order to get a personal Christmas look.


Spread the Christmas cheer in your decor with Normann Copenhagen’s Christmas candle 2015, designed by Anne Lehmann.

A main feature of this Christmas candle is the motif, which consist of rows of numbers printed all around the candle. The number 24 is highlighted at the bottom of the candle to emphasize the big day. Besides adding a clean expression to the candle, it also allows you to enjoy it from any angle of the room!

Combine the Christmas candle with the Heima Block candle holder for a simple and stylish look!


The Pocket organizers are a great way of storing your Christmas decorations! Use them on the wall with your favorite Christmas gear, or make an Advent calendar as we have a tradition for in Denmark. The different sizes and colors makes it easy to mix and match them to suit your personal style and preferences.

The Pocket organizers come in 4 different sizes with the colors white, light grey, black, dark green, spicy orange and golden yellow.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (28)-500

Heima is a series of candle holders made of cast iron. This gives the candle holders a minimalist yet characterful look. The simple and timeless design makes them perfect for decoration all year round and for all occasions.

The Heima 4-armed candlestick works great as a minimalist alternative to a classic Advent wreath. Use it on top of the Heima Plate, simply as it is, or decorate it with pine and cones mixed with your favorite Christmas decorations!

We’re ready to let the countdown begin. Are you?

New festival center

This year’s documentary film festival, CPH:DOX, is well underway and this time around it’s with a brand new festival center. Normann Copenhagen and CPH:DOX have pitched a 60-meter tent in ‘Kongens Have’ in Copenhagen, which has been given the simple name: THE TENT.

THE TENT will be the gathering point of the festival and until November 15 it will offer free events, debates and parties as well as film screenings, democratic meetings and much much more.

A view inside the tent. In front our My table accompanied by Form chairs 

Not just a tent

While THE TENT has a simple name, there is not much simple about it. It has been customized with heating, floor, a built-in bar and of course, a cinema. Artists from the group CMPNDM, a Copenhagen-based collective, which works in the intersection between art and architecture, have decorated the inside of the tent and we, at Normann Copenhagen, have made sure it’s fully furnished.


The tent is filled with cute Circus poufs. Here pictured in the color Blush

A cluster of Circus poufs in soft velvet form an inviting lounge area

In addition to the tent we have furnished CPH:DOX’s premises at the Danish Film Institute, just across from the park where the tent is situated. Here you will find the guest desk, press lounge and CPH:MARKET, where the festival’s films are presented to the industry.

One of the set-ups at the Danish Film Institute with comfortable Era lounge chairs

Over 250 pieces of furniture

The tent and the premises at DFI are filled with over 250 pieces of specially selected furniture in a curated mix of both well-known and new designs from our product range. Our recent furniture series Era and Form, consisting of lounge chairs and shell chairs, create the perfect base for relaxation as well as insight and inspiration. We have chosen an airy color scheme of white and grey and added color in the form of blush, petrol and turquoise to compliment this year’s dreamy CPH:DOX visuals.

The color range of the CPH:DOX posters matches perfectly with our furniture pieces 


Our Box table comes in five hues similar to the colors of CPH:DOX’s visuals

olafur eliasson_kgs have_009-500px
THE TENT by night. Here Olafur Eliasson in conversation with Timothy Morton
Photo credit: Rozbeh Zavari

THE TENT has an unpretentious and vibrant feel that really captures the festival spirit. The selected furniture is easy to move around, allowing the space to transform and adjust to the activities it hosts. Go to for more information on what will be happening in THE TENT.

We hope you will visit!

Living small but great!

There are a lot of options for furnishing a small home with furnitures that still looks great and that are able to make room for alle the stuff you need to fit in. Go for furniture that are versatile, space saving and have room for storage. This way, you will have room for more stuff without going on promise with a stylish decoration.

602981_Era_Sofa_Walnut_BreezeFusion_4801_9-500-1Era comes in a wide selection of colors and with legs in oak, walnut, steel or crome.

The Era sofa is perfect for the small home! This 2 seater sofa has has an elegant and light look that will fit perfectly into a smaller room without making it seem crowded. What characterise Era is its wellproportioned design, sharp silhouette and contemporary expression, which all makes it able to fit into any home.

Era is also available as a lounge chair.

6022_Block_Table_All_3-500Block table comes in the colors black, dark grey, light grey and white.

With the Block table you have a versatile piece of furniture with a countless number of applications! The four wheels on the table makes it very mobile and thus easy to move around. This is a very practical solution if you are in need of more storage, but don’t have room for more shelters or cupboards.

Use it for extra storage in the kitchen, for books and a table lamp in the living room or maybe in the bedroom for clothes and other personal accessories.

602253_Tap_Stool_OakAubergine_4-500Tap is comes in the colors; black, grey, aubergine, olive or orange, and is availbale in oak or walnut.

If you are living in a small home and are in need for some extra chairs, when you are having guest over, the Tap stool is the perfect solution! This versatile chair doesn’t take up much space and is very practical as you can stack it together.

Tap is designed by Simon Legald and has just won the 2016 German Design Award – Special Mention for its exceptional design.

6000_Toj_ClothesRacks_1_ekstra-500Toj comes in the colors grey or white and is available in two sizes.

If you need some storage for your clothes, shoes or bags, but don’t have enough room for a closet, Toj is a perfect alternative!

With its simple design that enhances the colthes hanging on it Toj is a practical and decorative way to solve your storage problems.

Even though you are living small, there is no reason why it can not be great! Visit our homepage for even more ideas for living small.

A Thursday with Banksy

As a part of our collaboration with the International Documentary Film Festival CPH:DOX, we hosted a film screening at our Flagship Store last Thursday. Normann Copenhagen’s Flagship Store is situated in the beautiful building of an old movie theater, and when you gaze upon the high-ceilinged room, you can easily imagine the big screen and rows of seats, as well as the laughs and sobs that past screenings caused. For this special occasion the premises were brought back to their original life. On screen was the documentary ‘Banksy does New York’ that evolves around the stir that street artist Banksy created in New York City, in the month of October 2013.


The film was shown for a vigorous audience on the first day of CPH:DOX. Our Flagship Store was filled with a lively buzz of 150 people chatting and sipping drinks, before they took seat to watch the film. With a sold-out event every chair was put into use.

Before the screening there was time to browse and shop

DJ Daniel Skovlund spreading funky tunes

CEO Jan Andersen in conversation

Happy guests

The store was filled with rows of Form chairs

Bansky Event_2015.11.05._06_500px
Guests enjoying refreshing whiskey and ginger ale drinks

Guests seated and ready to be entertained

PR & Communications Manager Johanne Toft welcoming the audience

Bansky Event_2015.11.05_14_500px
Art collector Jens-Peter Brask sharing his view on graffiti

Bansky Event_2015.11.05._16_500px
‘Banksy Does New York’ is on


The name Banksy needs little introduction. The anonymous British street artist who works under the pseudonym Banksy has become world-famous for his satirical art with sharp political and social commentaries. While Banksy’s art is displayed in the public, his pieces are often removed from the streets and sold to collectors at sky-high prices.

Banksy bust in Blissville Queens, NYC
Still from ‘Banksy Does New York’

The film by Chris Moukarbel documents Banksy’s self-proclaimed residency in New York City. Banksy makes one exhibit a day in an unannounced location, resulting in a scavenger hunt that unfolds on both social media and in the streets of New York City. Thousands of New Yorkers chase the exhibit before it disappears, removed by authorities or avaricious moneymakers, or even altered by envious fellow street artists.


The screening opened with an introductory speech by Jens-Peter Brask, who, besides being a successful restaurant owner, is one of Denmark’s most famous art collectors, as well as a street art enthusiast. We seized the opportunity to ask him about art and design.

Jens-Peter Brask. Photo credit: Søren Solkær

What is your relationship to street art?
“I love it. Free art in the urban space, what’s not to like? I also enjoy the fact that you have to search for it in order to see it.”

What kind of relation is there between street art and the established art scene?
“There is coherence and yet it’s two different things. Street art is freer. It’s straightforward and you can come and go as you please.”

Can street art be mainstream and profitable or does it thereby lose its essence?
“In my opinion, it definitely doesn’t loose anything. There are many artists who started out as street artists, have grown big and are still making street art.”

Why has Banksy become such an hyped artist?
I wouldn’t say he is hyped, he is simply talented. Hyped in a good way. He does something no one else can do and he is unstoppable. In 2013 he makes 30 works in NYC, leaving everyone breath taken. He sells works in Central Park for only 60 dollars and sells 3 or 4 works. In 2015 he launches Dismaland and, yet again, surprises everyone.”

Do you own any pieces by Banksy?
“Yes I do, actually. I bought them back in 2003, or maybe it was 2004. I think they are fun and edgy and I instantly fell for them.”

You have a beautiful home, which has been featured in several lifestyle magazines. What is great design to you?
“It is difficult to put a finger on it. If it works, it works. Great design is like great art, it’s enjoyable and gratifying.”

How do you select design for your home?
“If I like it, I buy it. It’s the same with art, actually. I like art and design that stand out. It has to kindle an interest, a desire to know more.”

How do you incorporate art and design in your decór?
“I think it happens naturally when you select pieces that appeal to you. It’s not something that I put a lot of thought into.”

What do art, design and other creative fields have in common?
“That it can make you happy and affect you in a positive way. You could say that it’s life-affirming.”

Get to know Jens-Peter Brask better at instagram @brask007

If you would like to experience our Flagship Store’s movie theater transformation you have the chance again this Thursday were we will be showing five short films by Danish artists. But be quick, only few tickets left! Get your ticket here.