New Ace Collection!

The great day arrived! We were so excited to present the new Ace collection in Salone del Mobile 2016, Milan! It has taken over two years to develop the Ace series but we’re finally happy to lift the curtain of Normann Copenhagen’s latest adventure.


Ace is not any furniture collection, but rather a new and groundbreaking way of experiencing high-end design. Imagine a box with a handle that you simply grab and take home from the shop, and in the twinkling of an eye transforms into an exclusive lounge chair.

Inspired by his own life in Copenhagen, young designer Hans Hornemann envisioned a new furniture concept in which high-quality and luxurious design goes hand in hand with the functional and convenient ‘flat-pack’ system.

”I wanted to change the flat-pack concept and give it another meaning. A reasonable priced piece of furniture, without several weeks’ lead time, that you can fall in love with and bring home with you straight away.’





Hans Hornemann considered it a requirement that the function did not involve any compromise with the design. Ace is constructed from moulded plywood, covered with moulded foam for the highest possible comfort. The back is flexible, which gives the collection a springy and welcoming feeling. The backward sloping back and angled legs give the Ace series its characteristic nonchalant, yet stylish, expression.


Ace beech legs are stained in the same colour tones as the fabrics for a uniform expression. The stain allows the wood’s natural flame patterns to shine through, which adds a discrete play to the monochrome colour universe consisting of five inviting shades.



Ace is presented in two alluring fabrics, a vibrant velour, a mottled wool textile and exclusive leather.

The woollen textile,’Nist’, has been developed in-house by Normann Copenhagen to complete the Ace distinguishing visual style. Nist is manufactured using an untraditional weaving technique and contains 52 percent linen, which produces an attractive natural flecking of the fabric. While the velour brings Ace a seductive elegance, Nist gives the chair a more stringent, masculine look.


In the development of Ace, Hans Hornemann has carefully thought through every detail; from quality and aesthetics to flexibility and price. Ace can be disassembled so that it doesn’t take up much space and can be easily transported. A handy feature for metropolitan dwellers and car-less city folks looking for furniture.

In addition to the Ace lounge chair, the Ace collection includes a sofa, a dining chair and a footstool.

Discover more about Ace in the new catalogue.

Salone del Mobile 2016

Buongiorno! We have arrived in Milan, where we will be presenting at the grand furniture fair Salone del Mobile. We have brought with us the Ace collection, a brand new furniture series designed by our in-house designer Hans Hornemann.

The Ace collection is inspired by urban lifestyle and innovatively unifies luxurious upholstered furniture with functional flat-pack principles. Needless to say, we are excited to launch this one!





The Ace collection is accompanied by Simon Legald’s Terra tables with terrazzo table tops and two of Hans Hornemann’s recent designs: the Rope modular sofa and the Slice table with linoleum tabletop.



Hans Hornemann has also designed this year’s stand – a beautiful installation of monochrome color universes, reflecting the color choices for the new collection.

In the front area, a light beige color has been used consistently to accentuate the curves and shapes of the new designs. Furniture pieces are displayed on podiums to make it possible to view them from different angles, while acrylic boxes with disassembled Ace chairs visualize the clever flat pack function of the new lounge collection.


The stand features rich, thick carpets and back panels in a contrasted mix of polished and brushed steel, of which the latter beautifully mirrors the colors of the stand. Acrylic walls in bright colors divide the stand into different sceneries, while still allowing you to catch a glimpse of what is on the other side.


If you are attending the salone, stop by hall 16 E46 to see the new collection.

We are looking forward to tell you more about Ace!

Era wins Red Dot Award 2016!

The Era series takes the stage once again! This year, the timeless and characterful Era collection has been chosen as one of the Red Dot Award 2016 winners in the ‘Product Design’ discipline.

Famed for being one of the most prestigious professional design competitions, the Red Dot Design Award each year receives a sheer number of applications from design institutions, design companies, studios and independent designers looking to be rewarded with this international sign of design excellence.

2016.03 Reddot SOME3_500

The Era collection receives the Red Dot Award 2016, one year after being awarded with the German Design Award 2015

The Red Dot Award jury, made up of 40 design experts, has evaluated over 5,000 nominations from 57 different nations in order to find the products with the right combination of functionality, durability and ecological compatibility, among other criteria.

This is the 10th time a Normann Copenhagen design succeeds in drawing the attention of the renowned Red Dot Award jury.

Poul Madsen, founder and co-owner of Normann Copenhagen, says: ‘‘We are really proud to receive the Red Dot Award 2016. This is the first time Normann Copenhagen wins the Red Dot Award with a piece of furniture, a product category in which we have placed particular emphasis during the last years. This makes it even more special.’’



The Era family, launched in 2014, consists of a range of high and low lounge chairs with matching footstools, a two-seat sofa and to top off the series: a rocking sofa and rocking chair.

The balanced combination of soft curves and straight lines gives the Era series charisma and versatility. Era moves between modernity and tradition, making it a timeless and durable piece of design.



Normann Copenhagen in-house designer Simon Legald is behind the Era collection. He integrates modern industrial techniques with traditional craftmanship and thorough attention to detail, giving rise to designs filled with allure and harmony.

His achievements include the German Design Award 2016 with special mention for Form and Tap stool, and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the Form Collection.


Simon Legald, designer of the Era series.

The Era series will be displayed at the Red Dot Museum Essen, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as in the Red Dot Award Yearbook 2016/2017.


iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 exhibition Hamburg

Form rides the wave of design exhibitions this year. Not only is it exhibited at Designmuseum Denmark’s new exhibition ‘Danish Design Now’, presenting the best in contemporary Danish design, it is also part of the iF design exhibition in Germany.

From February 27 to May 29, the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 winners will be displayed at the big and bright iF design exhibition space located in Hamburg’s HafenCity, one of the new architecture highlights in northern Europe.

The exhibition features a total of 1.500 m2 of floor space filled with this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD winning designs, including the Form chair!


The exhibition displays an exquisite collection of contemporary designs carefully selected by more than 50 international design Experts.

Chosen for their perfect combination of aesthetic quality, practical design and ethical concern, showcased designs are a must-see for any design enthusiast.

Form Series is one of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD winners in the ‘home furniture’ category

The interactive exhibition has ‘surf tables’ and online modules that allow visitors to delve into previous years’ iF DESIGN AWARD winners, such as Normann Copenhagen’s wooden bird Swan.

Stop by the iF DESIGN AWARD exhibition and get inspired by contemporary high-end design. Meanwhile, we are happy to share this little ‘sneak peek’ with you.

iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 exhibition in Hamburg’s HafenCity showcases high-end designs from all over the world

Easter is knocking on the door

The winter months have been long and bleak. Great news! The calendar is showing March, which means that spring and Easter are knocking on the door. There is nothing better than the first spring sunbeams, flowers starting to come out and the prospect of a holiday.

Krenit Easter Egg_Crop

An Easter egg of Krenit bowls. Available in different colors and sizes

Whether you plan on spending the Easter holidays relaxing with family, catching up with friends, forgetting time and place or using the time to get some refurbishing done in your home, we wish you all a happy Easter!

Since you are off from work, why not use the Easter holidays as an occasion to invite spring inside your home? In this blogpost we will set the scene for the perfect Easter with happy spring colors.


Oh the joy of mornings without alarms interrupting your beauty sleep but only sunbeams from the morning sun waking you up! Such mornings are there too few of; however, the holidays will hopefully give you the opportunity for some.

A good cup of tea is a must in such mornings! The Tea Egg – a functional tea infuser made of silicone and designed by the Danish design studio Made by Makers – is perfect for this. The Tea Egg quickly brews a warm cup of tea for those cozy moments. Serve yourself a nice cup of spring tea with these colorful tea infusers to keep warm until the spring weather heats up.


The Tea Egg is available in 6 different colors


Easter also means plenty of opportunities to see friends and family. So why not invite them for an Easter feast?

A perfect Easter feast includes great food. Serve delicious dishes easily with our Peeler. It has a matt silicone covering, which makes for a pleasant grip, and its sharp blade makes it easy and fun to peel your potatoes and make ultra-thin vegetable peels for your dishes.

Serve a mixed salad of ultra-thin vegetables that your guests can’t keep their hands off and treat them to a drink with ultra-thin slices of cucumber after dinner. What a feast!

260805_Peeler_Yellow_3_small new

Peeler‘s organic shape makes it a decorative addition to the kitchen


Easter feasts, catching up with beloved ones and going out call for dressing a bit more up than usual. Take your time getting ready with the Flip mirror. With Flip, design and function go hand in hand. The foot of the mirror creates a tray, which is ideal for jewelry, make-up or hair accessories. How about one of the new colors for this season: Dusty blue, blush, lemonade yellow or the cool grey?


The chic Flip mirror can be turned up, down and rotated 360 degrees and is now available in 7 different colors


Enjoy the company of your friends and family surrounded by homely and stylish decor. You probably have a lot of stylish home accessories, but are they showing themselves to their best advantage?

One Step Up is a bookcase that will give new life to your decor. One Step Up combines form, material and function in a simple and attractive design. The natural ash wood and the industrial metal shelves create dynamic and the exquisite materials work great together and create a complete expression.


One Step Up Bookcases with various Normann Copenhagen designs

All that is left to do is to send out an invite!

Danish Design Now – new exhibition!

Dmd_0042 500 px 15 years of Danish design history.

Designmuseum Denmark has just opened a new permanent exhibition called ‘Danish Design Now‘. The exhibition gathers the most innovative, attractive and surprising Danish designs of the 21st Century. We are very proud to announce that Normann Copenhagen is represented with no less than 11 designs.

 Dmd_0022 500 px Mormor series by Gry Fager on display.

Dmd_0006 500 px

The exhibition offers a 350m2 design universe with a wealth of opportunity to explore a broad range of contemporary design from talented Danish designers. You can experience everything from hardcore industrial design to ceramic super objects. Normann Copenhagen presents a range of prizewinning designs, including the ambitious Form series designed by Simon Legald.

Dmd_0027 500 px A green Form chair by Simon Legald on top and Normann Tea by Anne Lehmann on the selve.

Also the flexible Washing-up bowl by Ole Jensen takes part in the exhibition. The Washing-up bowl was a result of Ole Jensen’s frustrations and aversion to placing his fragile porcelain into the then hard and inflexible bowls. The playful shape and modern feel of the bowl have made it an icon ever since the launch in 2002.

Dmd_0008 500 pxEarly prototypes of Ole Jensen´s Washing-up Bowl from before it was put into production at Normann Copenhagen.

When you walk through the exhibition you will also find the Geo vacuum jug designed by Nicholai Wiig Hansen. Geo is the perfect combination of sharp lines and a friendly expression, which shape a special minimalism with an edge, characteristic for many Danish designs.

 Dmd_0016 500 px A green Washing-up bowl by Ole Jensen, a turquise Geo wacuum jug by Nicolai Wiig Hansen and a set of red Nabo trays by Simon Legald.

A lists of selected Normann Copenhagen designs: 
Form Series by Simon Legald (2014)
Craft by Simon Legald (20
Nabo trays by Simon Legald (2013)
Tea egg by Made By Makers (2012)
Shoehorn by Nis Ølgaard (2012)
Geo vacuum jug by Nicholai Wiig Hansen (2012)
Normann tea graphic by Anne Lehmann (2010)
Mormor range by Gry Fager (2009)
Dustpan and brush by Ole Jensen (2002)
Washing-up bowl by Ole Jensen (2002)
Cognac glass by Rikke Hagen (2002)

Dmd_0019 500 px Craft rolling pin by Simon Legald, Tea Eg by Made by Makers and Dustpan & broom by Ole Jensen.

Dmd_0011 500 px More than 250 contemporary designers´objects can be experienced. Here you can see a small selection of the designers.

IMG_5983 copy 500px Normann Copenhagens website is also shown as an example of great Danish design within web communication.

500 px Entrance to Designmuseum Denmark.

Danish Design Now will be renewed on an ongoing basis, so that the visitors can expect an exhibition that lives up to its name now and in the future.

Check opening hours at Designmuseum Denmark.

Interview: Lars Dybdahl

On March 11th, Designmuseum Denmark in Copenhagen opens its doors to the new permanent exhibition ‘Danish Design Now’. With the aim of celebrating 21st Century Danish design, the exhibition counts a fine and exquisite selection of objects designed in the last 15 years. No less than 11 Normann Copenhagen designs have been handpicked to take part in the exhibition – we are so happy!

Nowadays, Danish design appears to be unfolding with a renewed strength, which has made it gain a vibrant presence in the global design scene. This makes us wonder; what does contemporary Danish design have that makes it so unique? In order to answer this question, we could not think of anyone better to ask than Lars Dybdahl, author of a wide range of leading design books, design researcher and curator of Danish Design Now.


In your words, what characterizes Danish design right now?

Danish design stands for quality, strong brand identification and a special ability to combine local design tradition with an international perspective. Danish designers have a great surplus, optimism and a strong desire to be innovative.

Danish design is not just about the product itself, but it is also about the desire to try new materials and shapes to give design a symbolic value. This way, Danish design becomes a reflection of lifestyle, stories and sustainability.

Another key aspect in which Danish design stands out is its down-to-the-last-detail focus. No task is too small. Light switches, padlocks and handles are as important as any other part of a product design for Danish industrial designers. Today’s fashion-driven design mechanisms consider every aspect of product design as being equally legitimate.

Why do we see a blossoming of Danish design just now?

It is a combination of different elements that give Danish design a renewed impulse. On the one hand, we see an upcoming trend for international cooperation, which opens up a new and broad range of possibilities. On the other hand, nowadays’ lifestyle changes together with the development of new materials and technologies have allowed a large number of new designers, producers and brands to bring strong and innovative designs to the current market.

How do you experience the relationship between designer and manufacturer?

In Denmark, we have a tradition for maintaining a close relation between designer and manufacturer that we rarely see in other countries. Danish designs are often developed in close dialog between designer and manufacturer, which results in more emotional, intelligent and sensuous products.

How did you choose the objects for the exhibition?

In order to draw the best picture of Danish design in the 21st century, I have selected the most prominent designs within a variety of categories. All the displayed designs reflect quality, symbolic appearance, aesthetic, function and sustainability. And they are all made by leading and talented Danish designers.

You have handpicked several Normann Copenhagen products to take part in the exhibition, for example the new Form series designed by the Danish designer Simon Legald. Why is this series an expression of Danish design right now?

The Form chair is a great example of convincing quality design! With the chair, Simon Legald shows that he is not just a product designer but also a furniture designer. A combination only few designers possess. He manages to establish an identity and stylistic relation between objects in lifestyle and household. Normann Copenhagen also represents a new turn of lifestyle brands and companies that not only launch and produce a wide variety of new designs for the home but also sell them around the World.

What experience do you wish to give the visitors?

I hope the visitors get an inspiring and elevating experience in a dense urban atmosphere and walk out with an overview and new knowledge of Danish design.

Read more about the exhibition here.

Making the 2016 catalogue

Brainstorming, moodboards, sketching, building up, painting, decorating, styling, photographing and editing. Making a catalogue is a comprehensive creative process that involves a lot of steps and considerations, before you can flip through crisp, glossy pages of imagery and layout. In this post we let you in on the thoughts behind our 2016 catalogue!

Normann Copenhagen Catalogue Spread 8-9_500px

Q&A Anne Lehmann

Product and Graphic Designer at Normann Copenhagen, Anne Lehmann, is in charge of the overall creative process of creating our catalogues.

Can you describe the style and atmosphere you aimed to create with the catalogue?

The general idea with the art direction was to add an international, fashionable feel to the pictures. We wanted to create a sophisticated and dreamy ambiance that would intrigue and inspire the reader of the catalogue.


What did you do to achieve this?

By including warm textures and bold, contrasting colors, the pictures gained the richness we sought. A new thing we did this time was to use models as “props” for the styling. We wanted to take some of the attitude and elegance we know from the fashion world and bring it into the Normann Copenhagen universe. By having models interact with the furniture pieces, they come to life and stories begin to take shape in your mind.

Simultanously, the very graphic, almost museum-like compositions of the pictures and the deliberate lack of decoration show the products as design objects in their own right.

Normann Copenhagen Catalogue Spread 30-31_500px
Normann Copenhagen Catalogue Spread 64-65_500px

What was your idea behind the graphic design of the catalogue?

I was inspired by art and museum catalogues where the paintings are pictured with a great deal of white space surrounding them and only the most necessary text below. I tried to recreate that distinctive aura of pride, you sense from these curated presentations, to make the designs in the catalogue stand out.

2016-01. Photo Process500px

What do you love the most about the process of creating a catalogue?

I love managing the whole process: Developing the idea, shaping the visual identity, sketching the story board and making it come to life. I feel very blessed to be able to create something beautiful for a living!


See the result!

Flip through the digital version of the catalogue here.

Form wins again!

Since its launch in 2014, the Form family has given us many reasons to celebrate, and this time it does so in the form of one of the most important prizes in the design world: the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016!

Among more than 5.000 nominations, Form has been chosen as one of the winners of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 under the category of ‘Home Furniture’ – we could not be happier!

2016.02 IF SOCIAL MEDIA9 500x700
After winning the German Design Award 2016, Form family gets crowned with the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016.

This is the fifth time a Normann Copenhagen product wins the iF DESIGN AWARD. More than 50 international design specialists look for the perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality, and they have found that the Form family exemplifies just that!

Poul Madsen, co-founder and owner of Normann Copenhagen tells us, ”Receiving the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the Form family is an honor for us. I can’t think of a better start to 2016. Form stands for all that Normann Copenhagen pursues when we embark on a new project: integration of quality and innovation.”

Even in its more neutral version, the Form Collection endows spaces with a welcoming and 
sophisticated touch.


The iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 takes aspects such as quality of design, functionality and materials used, as benchmark for choosing which products deserve a place among the award winners.

Every year, products from all continents compete to be ranked among the best designs. This year, the Form Collection has the honor of being one of them.

From the popular chair to the table, bar stool and new upholstery versions, Form is characterised by a fine industrial craftsmanship and attention to detail. The great diversity of the Form family opens up different possibilities to create new and contrasting spaces.

The variety of shell colors and leg materials makes it possible to create different settings.


Simon Legald is the designer behind the Form Collection. Earlier this year, Form also received the German Design Award 2016 with a special mention.

With the Form concept, the Normann Copenhagen in-house designer emphasizes his taste for simplicity and pragmatism. In Simon’s view, Form’s flexible and integrated design is the key element of the Form Collection.

This is not the first time one of Simon Legald’s products wins a design award. Among his award-winning creations are the Tap stool, winner of the German Design Award 2016, and the Era Collection, winner of the German Design award 2015.

Simon Legald, creator of the Form family design.


Monochrome Spring News

This season, we have dipped our designs in the monochrome paint bucket. Say hello to four of our classics in a new simple and sophisticated draping of black and white that matches a wide range of modern interiors. Discover a world of possibilities with products that can be combined with all your favorite colors.


Light up your home with a Bell lamp in one of the two new monochrome shades. The charming lamp is now available in a deep black and pure white that will provide even more furnishing opportunities. The classic colors combined with the soft shape and simple form will create a calm and modern atmosphere. Use a large Bell over the dinner table or the small ones in pairs in the kitchen. Bell looks beautiful when hung in a group. Mix the four sizes and colors for a dynamic look.

Designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck.


Bell is available in black, white, grey and sand

Watch Me

Be on time with the four new versions of the graphic wall clock Watch Me in white, black, grey and petroleum. The plain colors draw attention to the sharply defined silhouette and the clock’s play on geometric shapes. The black, grey and petroleum versions will flatter a light wall, whilst the white clock looks stunning against dark shades, where the contours can stand out. The hands and center disc are made in a contrasting color, which makes the clock easier to read and adds life to the design.

Designed by Rasmus Gottleibsen


Watch Me also exist in pink, blue and green and multi colored.


The Shorebirds have expanded their family with two new fashionable members. Meet the dreamy and innocent white bird and its rebellious eye-catching cousin in deep black.

Use the birds as a decorative element in your interior design, either alone or together in a small flock. Place the black bird in a light room, where its almost graphic silhouette will be highlighted. The white bird is perfect for more colorful surroundings, where it can be placed in elegant contrast to the colors.

Designed by Icelandic designer Sigurjón Pálsson


Shorebird is also available in oak with black, white, coral or sea blue legs.


Create a modern and exclusive feel with the new black Craft mills that will fit in with just about any type of decor. Do not hide your salt and pepper away, use them for decoration instead. A pair of attractive mills is an easy route to a kitchen interior update. In addition to the salt and pepper mills, the range includes a rolling pin and a mortar with pestle in natural oak with black or white marble.

Designed by Simon Legald.


The mills are available in two sizes with white or black marble handles. The two types of marble indicate if the mill is for salt or pepper.

It is simple and classic! A stroke of monochrome will highlight your additional colors and create an instant feel of balance and harmony. Use it for any type of decor and give your home a sophisticated touch!