Calm colors with a fresh accent

It´s no secret that we´re in love with the combination of mint, blue and grey. You can create a calm, cool atmosphere with the blue and grey and add a dash of mint every now and then to keep the look fresh and lively. Let´s take you through an inspirational tour on how to use these lovely colors in the decor.

Tint Throw Blanket comes in 6 color tones.

You don´t have to change your decor completely. Just like with a cushion, a throw blanket is an easy way to update your home and help you achieve a certain color scheme. A grey sofa combined with a blue cushion and a green Tint Throw Blanket is just the thing.

Flip is a rotatable mirror. 

If you are feeling bold enough to take the leap with a mint or blue colored wall, you can add a few understated white items to help keep the look bright and elegant. The Flip Mirror can be turned up, down and rotated 360 degrees. The tray design of the base means that Flip is both a traditional mirror and an easy and simple storage utility for items such as jewellery, make-up and keys.

 Sprinkle Quilt, Cube Bed Linen and Ikono Lamp used in a bedroom enviroment. 

Having a calm bedroom enviroment is a key factor to enable a good night´s sleep. And it dosen´t hurt anyone if it looks toptuned during the daytime too, right? Use the Sprinkle Quilt as a bedspread for the end of your bed, allowing your favorite mint bed linen to be seen.

Tablo Table is a must-have in a Scandinavian decor.

Of course furniture pieces in mint or blue can also make quite an impact. Or what about a going for a Tablo Table in a neutral color but then adding a colored rug underneath?

Curve Hook is perfect for adding a splash of color to any wall.

Inspired by glacier and ice, the misty green Curve Hook will instantly add a pure, Scandinavian feel to your hallway decor. The Curve Hook is one of Normann Copenhagen´s summer 2014 novelties. The wide shape makes it perfect for hanging bags and accessories on and helps protect the shape of your coat collar.

Award-winners in new colors; Strainer and Washing-up Bowl.

Take the color trend to the next level in your home with functional and clever kitchen items that match the style in the rest of your home. Go for the Washing-up Bowl and Strainer in icy mint or Nordic grey.

Krenit Bowl in mint. 

The iconic Krenit Bowl comes in large variety of colors, including a cool mint. Serve a delicious summer salad in this sleek and classic design object. 

One Step Up gets Wallpapered

In this month’s issue of Wallpaper* Magazine you can see our One Step Up Bookcase in this gorgeous styling done by the very talented Hana Al Sayed. Have a look!

Stilwerk celebrates Danish design

Did you know that Copenhagen is partner city to the part of Hamburg called Altona and that Altona was once a Danish area? This year marks the 350th Anniversary of the partnership. Our good friends at Stilwerk will be celebrating this with an exhibition focusing on Danish design and we’re thrilled to be part of it with several of our products!

The  exhibition will show a mix of Danish design icons as well as new and contemporary products. It will be elegantly styled in 5 different home environments; living room, work space, lounge room, dining room and bedroom, so there is sure to be lots of inspiration for your home.

The event takes place from the 4th to the 31st of August, so if you are in Hamburg, make sure to swing by Stilwerk and catch a glimpse of the exhibition.

June´s Instagram Favorites

Every month we are so excited to see your pictures on Instagram. The impressive amount of creativity always makes it was a very tough choice, but these 9 ended up being our favorite #normanncopenhagen posts from the month of June.

Thanks to: @minttu8, @ahraaam, @jllhhb13, @thealice, @stroebech, @frugodager, @karroklang, @sternchendesign, @willowsandvikings.

And thanks to all who are sharing, tagging and following! Because of you, we can proudly say that we just reached 20.000 followers on Instagram! We’re over the moon! Keep up the good work.

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6 New Designs

Today, we share something completely new – 6 completely new things, in fact!

We have just introduced a new collection of home accessories all characterized by their Scandinavian simplicity and iconic shapes. Meet the decoration pieces Swan and Shorebird, the practical and pretty Curve Hook and short Shoehorn and finally, two clever reinterpretations of everyday classic; the Squeezer and the Buzz Flyswatter.

The 6 new product are a true embodiment of the Normann Copenhagen aesthetic. Find out why here!

Shorebird, Swan & Ducky.

It’s no secret that we love product that are bold, eye-catching and often innovative in their function. It’s probably also obvious that we have an affinity for contemporary design. We often look at the trends in the fashion world when we decide on which colors each product should come in, and though many of our products have a minimalistic expression, it is paramount to us that our designs are full of character. These designs fit that bill to a T.

The Shoehorn – now available in a shorter version

We’ve used quality materials and finished them in ways that make them all smooth and soft to the touch. If you look at the new short Shoehorn for example, the matte surface gives the nylon material an exclusive look. The unique function of the Shoehorn is the slim, flexible yet robust tip, which adjusts to the foot and shoe. The short Shoehorn can be stored on any shelf or in any drawer nearby, so it’s always handy and ready to be used.

Curve Hooks - already in stock

Many Normann Copenhagen products are known for their iconic shapes, which lets you recognize many of our products immediately just by looking at the silhouette. This is also the case with the 6 news designs. Like the Curve Hook which are shaped like a J and have a slightly oversize look to them, or the Buzz Flyswatter with its sculptural shape.

Buzz Flyswatter

The carefully selected colors give an extra dimension to the new accessories. All of them are inspired by Nordic nature like glacier and ice with its many shades of blue or the warm reds referencing to heather flowers and ripe berries. Finally, natural wood and classic shades like black, white and grey add Scandinavian simplicity to the products.

Ducky, Shorebird & Swan.

With the launch of two ranges of decorative wooden birds, new timeless collectibles are born. Pass them down generations, and use them to add a charismatic and appealing touch to the home. Just like a pictogram, the Swan comes across with a distinct, almost nonchalant posture, while the Shorebirds inspired by the curlew, redshank and sandpiper. They are modeled on the natural body position wading birds have when looking for food in the sand and on the shoreline.



Finally, we have the Squeezer, where the designers have challenged the boring task of squeezing the juice from citrus fruits. Instead, they have designed a fun Squeezer which can be adjusted in two ways, letting you press the juice from limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and even pomelo fruits – any citrus fruit really. As an additional practical detail, you can collect the juice and pour it straight from the Squeezer. What’s not to like?



Find out more about our 6 new products right here!

Normann Copenhagen + DesignTrade

We are happy to announce our new collaboration with DesignTrade. We have joined forces in a long-term cooperation with the aim to make Copenhagen the primary design destination.

“The strategy is to establish a Danish and especially a Scandinavian fair with international outlook. It should be based on the legacy regarding Danish design traditions and our history for design together with new and leading Scandinavian brands such as Normann Copenhagen who are centered in the city. Copenhagen needs an international design event”, states Kristian W. Andersen, Fashion & Design Director DesignTrade.

“We have partnered up with DesignTrade as we see a lot of potential inthe work they are doing in creating a future International design event in Copenhagen. This is in line with our strategy. We want to challenge the traditional fair concept and this is possible with DesignTrade”, says Poul Madsen, CEO Normann Copenhagen.

We look forward to welcoming you at stand no. E-025 at DesignTrade, August 24-26, 2014.

Normann Space + Stine Goya

If you are in Copenhagen, then drop by the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store and experience the Normann Space. The second installation is created by the designer Stine Goya.

Her Mexican inspired exhibition offers feminine colors such as peach, pink and nude combined with characterful and playful elements from the desert like Cacti. Selected products from Normann Copenhagen add a stringent and simple contrast to the soft shapes and colors of the exhibition.

The talented Fashion Designer Stine Goya in her interpretation of Normann Space with elements of her well-known and personal ‘Goyan’ universe.

About Normann Space
Normann Space is a blank 45m2 canvas of ceiling, walls and floor where different creative personalities are alternately invited to interpret the Normann Copenhagen brand. The invited person has the freedom to add his or her own personal touch when styling the space.

Three ladies show us how to work it in Stine Goya´s Pre-Autumn 2014 collection.

Selected items from Pre-Autumn 2014.

Last week we hosted the opening and lots of happy people came and enjoyed refreshing drinks, delicious food and cool beats.

Yum, tasty small tacos from Condesa. 

Cool DJ Nina Holmgren busting out tunes to set the right atmosphere. 

This “Mexico meets Scandinavia” exhibition is open for another couple of weeks, so drop by Normann Copenhagen, Østerbrogade 70, 2100 Copenhagen and experience the happy universe first hand.

We hope to see you!

BBQ season is on!

The grill has finally been taken out from its hiding place. The last few days, the sun has been shinning from a blue sky in Denmark and the Copenhagen parks have been full of happy people. This calls for a little barbeque inspiration, so you can face the summer season in style.

Nothing better than a juicy steak with lots of spices. Thd Craft Salt & Pepper Mills come in two sizes. A perfect companion on the table or at the grill as the head chef´s best helper.

Balancing all the delicious summer courses into the garden is much easier with a tray. The Nabo Trays comes in a set of three so why not ask your friends to help you?

Whether you are getting ready to barbeque in the park or in the garden, you can bring a Cristal Carafe with cold refreshments. Comes with 5 cups in delicate summer shades.

Summer evenings in Denmark can get a little chilly after sundown, but a throw blanket can extend the cozy evenings outside longer. The Tint Throw Blanket is made from 100 % New Zealand wool, so wrap up and keep warm!

For us, summertime also means delicious crispy salads. The Krenit Salad Bowl is the perfect for showing all the wonderful colors of your summer salad.

Don´t forget to set the right atmosphere with lots of candles and paper garlands. Light House is a lantern that creates cozyness when darkness falls.

Happy barbequing!

Quatuor shop opening

Lately, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing some different examples of the exciting stuff our retailers have been doing and we happy to say that we have another retail story for you today.

Over the years, our Belgian retailer Quatuor has been focusing mainly on online shopping but has been expanding with several concept stores. Most recently, they have opened a store in Uccle. They held a big opening with drinks, a cool DJ and a chef to make delicious snacks for more than 400 customers, architects and guests from the press. Thanks to Quatuor for sending us the nice pictures from the event so we can share them with our readers here on the blog.

Check out the pictures below and notice the nice environments they have made, using our products to create just the right atmosphere.

Overview of the store from the 1st floor.

Guests mingling.

A Normann Copenhagen environment with One Step Up Bookcases, lots of accesories and the Norm 69 Lamp.

Looks as though this customer may have fallen in love with the Norm 69 Lamp.

Well-illuminated guests having a comfortable chat by our Bell Lamp.  

More guests. Lots of them!

DJ hard at work supplying beats for the event.

Outside view of the Quatuor Uccle Store. 

Menu: Normann Pizza

Our new Pizza Wheel has arrived! Pizza Wheel is a multi-functional kitchen utensil with a built-in bottle opener in the handle. The Pizza Wheel is a smart and space-saving object. It is ideal for frequent, everyday use and is a decorative addition to the dining table.

A relaxed dinner with friends
The designer Alessandro Busana drew his inspiration for the Pizza Wheel from the dining table. For him, this is an almost magical place where you can sit down with family or friends to discuss the events of the day over a relaxing dinner.

Alessandro Busana explains: ”Maybe it’s because I’m Italian, but when I think of an informal dinner with friends or family, a pizza with a cold beer or soft drink is almost a ritual. This observation quickly led me to the idea of having a bottle opener and cutting function in one and the same product. This means that you only have to remember to take one item with you to the dining table. This practical aspect is one of the reasons I really like to design objects that are multi-functional.”

Normann Pizza Event
In connection with the launch of our new Pizza Wheel, we asked a number of Danish journalists, stylists and bloggers to create their own dream pizza. Here are a few examples of what they came up with – enjoy!

Blogger Allan Torp from Denmark´s largest design blog bungalow5 made a classic pizza with tomato, bacon, mozzarella, olives and basil.

Living stylist and blogger from BoligciousMalene Marie Møller, challenged the senses and created a dessert pizza with rhubarb compote, goat cheese, acacia honey and fresh basil.

Kasper Foged Rasmussen, News Editor at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Bo Bedre, mixed sweet, sharp and fun flavors in his pizza with fennel, tomato, pine nuts, rosemary, salami Milano and radish.

Living Director at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Alt Interiør, Nicola Kragh Riis, made her favorite pizza with tomato sauce with basil, anchovies, sausage, Vesterhavsost, parmesan, fennel and sun-dried tomato.

Mette Helena Rasmussen, stylist and owner of Retro Villa, has created her pizza based on this motto is: “more is okay (sometimes!)”. Her pizza is with tomato, parma ham, sun-dried tomato, garlic, onion, gorgonzola, mozzarella and thyme.

See more images from the event here.

Invite friends & family and start baking…..
The Pizza Wheel is available in classic black, grey and sand as well as three appetizing colors drawn from the pizza world; a red inspired by tomatoes and bell peppers, an aubergine color and a dark green reminiscent of oregano and spinach. Whether you serve your own, delicious homemade pizza creations or you order directly from your local pizzeria on the corner, the Pizza Wheel is an obvious companion at the dining table.

Get your own Pizza Wheel here.