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These seductive, sexy red lips welcomes you in our current exhibition, highlighting fashion and lifestyle. Stop by the Flagship Store in Copenhagen and get seduced!

Fashion Flagship Store001


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Spring is here!

We’re well into the month of March, the first official month of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and though the weather has not been quite worthy of Spring yet, we are starting to feel the air change, see the first flowers bloom and slowly but surely welcoming more colorful days outside. To us March is always a great month to get a little decorating done, and today we’re feeling inspired by fresh and vibrant color. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate spring and bring the springtime feel into your home.


Agnes Vases

Treat yourself to a nice bouquet of colorful seasonal flowers in a beautiful new vase.


Long Drink Glasses

Warm spring weekends call for a nice treat. Apple trifle is our desert of choice. Here served in a nice tall glass so there is lots of room for desert. Check out the recipe here.


Brilliant Boxes

For treats or trinkets the Brilliant Boxes will let you catch a glimpse of what’s inside through the glass lids. The clear, deep colors are inspired by gemstones and the lids catch the spring sunlight for a positively gleaming look in the windowsill.


Krenit Bowls

The Krenit Bowls come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them great for mixing and matching. Use them for serving or as decoration anywhere in the home.


Block Table

Make your home minty fresh with a side table in a delicate and cool mint green. Style it with all your favorite collectibles or the things you need close at hand.


Tea Egg

Serving a nice cup of spring tea with these colorful tea infusers to keep warm until the weather heats up.


Mormor Blue Dinner Plate & Grass Vase

Whether you are opting for new tableware, a quirky vase, repainting your walls or planing on buying a new table in a fresh color, nothing says spring like a yellow, green and clear sky blue combo.

Happy spring to all!


Amaze  your guests with a perfectly set table for a cozy dinner party with well-selected dining room furniture, tableware, and accessories! Today we feel like sharing some ideas for setting the table just right!


Gather around the Form table and lean back in the Form chair. Designed to be just as comfortable when sitting upright as when you are lounging in it after dinner on a full stomach.


Mormor is a playful series of tableware made for the modern kitchen and dining table. It has clear references to the traditional kitchen with patterns drawn from the well-known tea towels. Set the dining table with various pieces from the series, and mix it with your existing tableware to add a personal touch.


Why not mix and match a range of glasses when setting the table? Our collection of exclusive and functional glasses allow you to set the table for any occasion. Serve a delicious and beautiful looking dessert in the whiskey glass or use the rocking glass for chilled white wine.

The Nyhavn vase, with its pure white neck, is both stunning by itself and when placed together in various colors. Complete a well-set table with these vases filled with flowers. Your guests might be wowed by the beautiful contrasts of the dusty shades.


The archetypal knife, fork and spoon have been re-worked. With a contemporary expression, the Normann cutlery looks attractive on the table and is perfect in use.


The Krenit range is a contemporary classic combining functionality and aesthetics flawlessly. Choose your favorite among the 10 bright colors and 6 sizes to serve up any tapas, snacks, or delicious treats.

Get more table setting inspiration here. 

Do you know…..

…. what it takes to make a chair? Or a whole series of funiture? We love all aspects of the design world. We are especially fond of designs that look so simple in their shape, idea and execution, but where you just know that it takes so much more to make. You may have seen our new Form collection introduced in early January 2015.We would like to take you behind the scenes and share 10 facts behind this ambitious furniture design.

Fact #1
The Form project has taken 3 years from the designer Simon Legald´s initial idea until the final product has landed in the shops.

Form_Chair_Catalogue_16_500pxThe goal has been to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base. The aim was also to create a flexible design concept, that could be adapted to countless types of bases, including those that will emerge in the future.

Fact #2
More than 20 prototypes have been tested in order to find just the right solutions.

Form_skitser_miniature_sammensat_500pxSimon designed the whole series at once. He started with the shell with arms and then removed material to create the open shell and finally the shell for the barstool.

Form_Svejsning_Kopper_sammensat500pxPrototypes and models. Inspiration for production methods can arise from a lot of different fields. Simon Legald was for example intrigued by the welding methods used for the steel frame in old 50´s bicycles. The type of technique makes it possible to make a very smooth surface.

Fact #3
The steel base is welded together by hand, making the use of screws unnecessary and the construction more durable.

Form_Production_1_500pxRows of Form legs. Each leg has its own angles so it fits perfectly into the molded plastic connectors.   

Fact #4
The base is available in lacqured steel or FSC certified American oak or walnut.

Fact #5
The bases are assembled and sanded by hand after they are cut. The wooden bases are treated with two coats of matt varnish.

Form_Production_7_500pxDetails from the manufacturing process.

Skrue Side fra Form Catalogue_500pxForm details.

Form_Production_9_500pxDetails from the manufacturing process.

Fact #6
The shell is made of high quality polypropylene and have been moulded using one single injection, making the contruction extremely strong and creating a fine, matte and homogenous surface with minimal shrinkage marks.

Fact #7
It takes 2,8 kilos of polypropylene to create the shell, 5 kilos for the armchair and 2 kilos for the bar shell.

Detaljeside fra Form Catalogue_500px

Fact #8
The thickness of the shell varies from a 4 millimeters thin edge at the top, to 1 centimeter at the seat.

Fact #9
The small curve at the top makes it natural to grab the chair and pull it out from under the table. The same curve is made at the armrest for the Form armchair, making it easy to pull to the side!

Fact #10
The 6 timeless colors have been carefully deliberated and a lots of effort has been put into the coloring of the plastic connectors and the steel bases to make sure they match the shells perfectly!

Swan receives IF Design Award 2015

Yeah, it´s Friday! And a great one indeed!  We are happy to announce that our sculptural wooden bird Swan has received the acclaimed IF Design Award 2015.


Since 1953, the IF Design Award has been awarded more than 60 times and the design contest is today considered to be one of the most important in the design world. The jury, which consists of international design experts, select the best design based upon 11 criteria, including quality of design, choice of material and branding.

In 2015, the jury awarded the IF Design Award to 1,629 nominated designs within product design, communication design, packaging design, interior architecture and professional concepts.This year, there were 4,783 nominations from 53 countries; 53 international high-profile judges declared the Swan the winner of the prestigious award in the “household/tableware” category.

First collaboration

The prize-winning Swan is the first product Norman Copenhagen has launched in collaboration with the Norwegian design team Everything Elevated, whose design studio is based in New York.

Everything_Elevated_KYRRE_KRISTOFFERSEN_500pxEverything Elevated.

About the inspiration behind Swan, Everything Elevated says:

”Nature has always been a source of inspiration for people, and natural elements are often used in interior design. Birds are particularly fascinating because they are intelligent and can form very strong emotional ties with people. The Swan wooden figure is a beautiful, dream-like swan. It is enigmatic. It is distinguished. And it is exquisite to touch! A simple, elegant and reticent swan all at once”.

swan_behind1_500pxEarly prototypes from the design phase. Picture by Everything Elevated.

swan_behind2_500pxThe first Swan made in hand by Everything Elevated. When Normann Copenhagen´s CEO Poul Madsen first saw this, he became intrigued by its simple, yet powerful expression and thus began the collaboration. Picture by Everything Elevated.

Swan is a decorative figure made of oak. Its simple shape creates both a majestic and understated expression, as well as adding character and personality to any modern interior.

Swan is available in a classic black, and a natural wood version. Create a homey feeling by inviting the Swan wooden figure inside. Place Swan on the bedside table as a warm-hearted friend, allow it to welcome your guests in the hallway placed on a shelf or dresser, or let its graceful presence create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

1001_Swan_Oak&Black_1_500 px

Everything Elevated has created a design without any unnecessary details: just like a pictogram, the Swan exudes a distinct, almost nonchalant posture, inspired by its namesake. The piece is an unavoidable new collector’s item, as demonstrated by this award.

Get your own Swan right here.

Bring some Chocolate into your home

A little while ago, we brought you a blog post sharing a few of the things that we at Normann Copenhagen believe in this year. Luckily, trends in interior design are not as fleeting at those we see in the fashion industry, so there’s no need to be cautious here. Rather than trends we see it more as how interior design in Scandinavia is evolving right now.

After a long period of pure white and light wood like ash and oak, we think we are in need of a little variation that can create some contrast to the lighter palettes. We are looking to add depth and create coziness with a more saturated colors on anything from walls to furniture and home accessories, but if you aren’t a color enthusiast, you can still create the same effect by adding some dark, chocolaty brown nuances and warm walnut wood to the decor.


Craft salt & pepper mills in stained oak will make a luxurious contrast to a light dining table


Mix and match light and dark wood with Form chairs with walnut & oak legs


Continue the thought by combining light, medium, and dark wood candle holder like this group of Lumberjack Candle Holders


Dark and dreamy Era rocking chair for hours and hours of comfy relaxation

Check our more brown designs here.

Interview: Allan Torp

“If not now, then when?” For many years, this mantra has worked as a guidance for making both proffesional and personal choices for Allan Torp, founder of the Danish interior blog Bungalow5. This week, his latest project `Feast` premiered in Copenhagen. We sat down with him for a chat about the daily life of a blogger, the Feast concept, and where he accumulates inspiration for his own home.

Food_collage_500px Feast #1 dishes

What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work?

I am very fascinated by the whole sharing community. I have made home exchange a few times, which have taken me to a huge upper west side apartment in New York and a beachside condo on the 24th floor in Honolulu. This year, I am going to Los Angeles for three weeks and will stay in the most amazing down town industrial garage building transformed into an apartment. Living somewhat as a local, I find very fascinating and it gives me so many great ideas. I also meet many amazing people along the way. The best part about it is also the fact that I have a local to ask all sorts of questions prior to the trip.

Has anything you have seen recently changed your views on design?

Modern Scandinavian design is evolving – fast! The new generation of designers have taken the inspiration from their surroundings and taken ownership of their national customs. The ambitions towards a global success are obtainable through promotion of ones heritage – something that they really understand. This might not be something that have changed my views on design, but it has definitely made me see things differently. I love that after 15 years of mostly seeing re-launched furniture pieces from mid century designers, we are seeing many new ones blossom.

Normann_Pizza_Allan Torp_500pxAllan Torp, founder of Bungalow5

What originally made you want to work in the design industry?

I have always been fascinated by design in general, be it fashion, furniture, decor etc. I just like surrounding myself with new things.

How – and to what extent – do other creative fields influence your work and the projects you engage in?

I get a lot of inspiration from other creative fields, especially Instagram, which is my go-to place for getting ideas. I follow a bunch of very creative people taking pictures all over the world, which triggers my own ideas. I am good at taking action on ideas.

What does a typical day look like for a professional blogger?

Obviously, I spend a great deal of time researching and writing blog posts. I have this rule that I need to upload a post a day – that almost happens. I tend to get the blogging done while having my breakfast and coffee. If I do not have meetings or other press things I have to attend, then I spend the day Instagramming, planning the next project, exploring the city, Pinteresting, Tweeting and so on. However, at least half of my day goes with planning for new projects!

What brings you energy?

Getting other people engaged in my ideas! I just love “selling” an idea to other bloggers, brands or whoever I want to involve. Getting them on board gives me so much energy! In addition, of course, I do Crossfit at least 5 times a week – that is my break away from design!

Shopping_collageShopping groceries for Feast


Can you describe the `Feast` concept? What ideas lay behind?

Through shared meals and the act of cooking communally, I want to celebrate the traditions of food and community. The food is seasonally focused and market fresh. We work with food blogger Mira Arkin and recent South African transplant, François Botha from +simple – to create monthly dinners in our space.

Feast will take place in my private home. The dinner will be for a small group only and everyone will go home with a bag of all the recipes from the dinner. We cook, dine, and make a toast. From there our dinners should just evolve into whatever the night brings. The concept centers on simplicity and a love of food and great design.

FEAST-01-Web-Select-0771_500px Mira Arkin presenting the dishes

It seems the project is very much about sharing. Where did you find the inspiration for the project?

The last couple of years people have been enjoying sharing all sorts of stuff, their homes, and their cars, so why not share a meal. We have also seen many pop-up restaurants recently and we have seen similar dinner arrangements in other big cities, but nothing in Copenhagen, as far as I know. I read an article recently, that one of the trends this year would actually be in-house, pop-up, restaurants.

What are your goals with the ´Feast´ project?

My goal is to host one Feast every month for at least a year. All with different themes celebrating the seasons’ ingredients. We have many ideas for the coming Feasts. We are already talking with various magazines, TV shows about features, we want to do a cookbook, make Feast products, such as nice aprons, napkins and so on. We even want to create some feast-inspired soundtracks with DJs from Copenhagen and further afield.

FEAST-01-Web-Select-0790_500 px

You recently moved into your new apartment in Copenhagen. Can you tell more about how you went from empty room to a fully furnished home? Did you go for a certain style, atmosphere or color theme? What elements are important when you create your interior?

It has been awesome to move. I started with a clear canvas, as the apartment was recently transformed from an office building into apartments. Already before moving, I had a clear vision of what I was looking for. As I work mostly from home, I would need a place with room enough for a home office. As I found this apartment, which has a huge kitchen and living room space I came up with the idea for Feast. I am very much into the clean Scandinavian simple way of living but also the quirky colorful kind of chaos-like inspiration from the South. I am trying to combine those two – as of now, I pretty much have the base down, with all the bigger pieces of furniture – now the fun part, finding colorful accessories! Obviously, for Feast, I needed a large dining table with lots of chairs and one of the best suppliers for this in Denmark, in my opinion, is Normann Copenhagen.

billeder af normann box_500px

How often do you move around or redecorate – and why? What triggers your need for rearranging?

The base I do not change often. I try to find bigger pieces that work and then decorate with lamps and accessories, which is easier to change and move around, something I do often. I change the setting in bookshelves and the windows often; it is a very easy way to change the overall décor of your apartment. I find it fun and challenging to do – and of course, I have something new to show on @Bungalow5dk.

How do you balance aesthetics versus functionality in your décor?

I like when things have a purpose, especially the fundamental items. I do not have many arty pieces of furniture. If I get a lounge chair, it needs to be both aesthetic and functional, not just one of them.

FEAST-01-Web-Select-0684_500px Slice tables, Form chairs and Bell lamps creating the right mood for Feast

Why did you pick our Slice table, Form chairs and Bell lamps for your dining room?

I needed tables that would seat at least 16 people for Feast. Not many tables do that.  I also wanted something made in lighter wood. I love the Slice table and I decided to get two of them. I have placed them next to each other creating one big table, where everyone around the table can see each other and in theory speak to each other. I chose the new Form chairs because they are very comfortable and the design is amazing. I chose two different colors, white and green, to mix it up a bit. Finally, with a large table you need some statement lamps too, so I came up with the idea of hanging a cluster of Bell lamps.

The next Feast is already in the making. Visit Bungalow5 or @FeastCopenhagen on Instagram to get yourself a seat.

Reminder: Form exhibition

If you are in Copenhagen, you should pop in at Østerbrogade 70 to see our newest furniture venture. The entrance hall of our Flagship Store has been transformed into an exhibition space showing our new Form Series designed by Simon Legald.

When you look at a piece of furniture you often forget the extensive work that lies behind. This exhibition lets you in on the thoughts and choices of the 3 year long process of developing Form – from the initial idea to the finished product.

The exhibition is divided into four sections that show different aspects of the process.

Forming Form introduces the design concept. Every curve and even the smallest details of the design have been corrected and adjusted a countless number of times to achieve the best possible result. Compromising was just not an option. For example, Normann Copenhagen and Simon Legald had to develop a unique plastic connector in order to attain the desired smooth jointing of the shell and the frame of the Chair.

Creating Form offers an insight into the production methods used for Form – from industrial techniques to traditional craftsmanship. This part of the exhibition is filled with interesting facts about the many procedures that it takes to make a Form Chair or Table.

Expanding Form is about the Form Table and how its design relates to the chairs. The Form Collection includes a table, a chair, an armchair and a barstool. In addition there are three different types of frames for the chairs and 6 colors to choose from. See some of the many different combinations at the exhibition.

Last but not least the section One company, one designer, one vision unfolds the story of a young designer whose graduation project developed into a furniture series for Normann Copenhagen.

The colors of  linoleum used for the Form Tables are displayed on one of the exhibition’s walls. Linoleum is a natural material with self-healing and antibacterial properties.

Form Chair shells in a stringent set-up. A Form shell is molded using one single injection of polypropylene, resulting in an extremely strong construction.

Form Chairs lined up, here with oak bases. The wooden bases are made by highly qualified furniture craftsmen who assemble and sand them by hand.

The Form Table compliments the Form Chairs whilst still having its own distinctive expression.

A view through the exhibition space with a blue  Form Chair in front. The base of this chair is made in steel with a durable powder coating.

Small showcase windows display pieces from the design process. Here some sketches.

Miniature models of Form Chairs.

You can take home some cool graphic Form posters from the exhibition.

We hope to see you at the exhibition. You can look through the different pieces in the Form Collection on our website.


In the Navy

Black is a favorite that never goes out of style whether it´s within fashion or interior design. Perhaps that is also one of the reasons why so many of us opt for black when selecting items for our home. But why not take a small leap and bring a little dark blue into the decor? We say go for it!

Dark blue has the same function as black in the sense that it is an ideal choice for creating interesting color contrasts in the home.


 Onkel 2 seater

The Blue Onkel 2 Seater has a subtle play of nuances and textures with a plain-colored frame, a slightly lighter melange textile on the seat and back cushion and a lacquered base in a matching tone. If you’re looking to replace you old sofa, go for a blue one and have it be your statement piece. 




Box table

You can also start out on a smaller scale by placing a deep blue side table next to a more neutral sofa. Go for a table that you can move around and re-purpose in other rooms.


Whiskey glasses


Timber trivet


Basic wine accessories

At the dining table you can create a stunningly deep and dramatic table setting using a navy table cloth. Make the look luxurious with exclusive glasses, warm metallic colors and wooden accents.





Cap table lamp

Whether it’s the sculptural shape or the contrast between the darkness and the light, there’s just something about a dark lamp that really draws the eye. With the midnight blue Cap table lamp you can adjust the shade to give you just the amount of light you want.

If you haven’t got any plans for the weekend perhaps its time to get a jump on a little spring cleaning and do some brave blue redecorating.

Era in the spotlight!

Last week, we were ecstatic to reveal that our Era lounge collection was awarded with a German Design Award 2015 – Special Mention. This week, we´re still on cloud nine! All winners were celebrated at an award ceremony and via the “German Design Award 2015 – Excellent Product award exhibition”. Both events are held during the Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt from the 13th to 17th of February 2015.

FullSizeRender3_500The exhibition showcases all the winners in the product design categories at Galleria Nord on the exhibition grounds.

IMG_1291_500 Era lounge chair shown here in a low green version with legs in walnut side by side with the other 2015 winners.

IMG_1292_500The 15 members of the Jury 2015 are all experts from different disciplines, from business, science and the design industry.

FullSizeRender_500The German Design Council make the German Design Award 2015 catalog which is a hard-back with illustrations and short texts on the winning products and contact details of the nominated participants.

FullSizeRender2_500The catalog for the German Design Award 2015 was also published in February 2015.

Thanks again to the German Design Council for awarding our Era lounge collection and big congratulations to Simon Legald on this beautiful design.

If you want to check out more versions of the Era lounge chair, you can visit our homepage here.