No pole-dancing in Swedish trains!


We spotted this pictogram on a train in Stockholm last night. But what does it try to communicate? Does it have something to do with dancing…in the rain or maybe that you are not allowed to stand on one foot when waving to your friends… we don’t know. 

Making pictograms is probably one of the most difficult graphic design assignments one can get – so we really respect the designers (like Ole Søndergaard) that master the art… but something went very wrong in Stockholm. Please help interpret the next couple of examples. 

pictogram-2Our suggestions are: 1. A strange new moon cart. 2. You are allowed to use a fitness ball on the train. 3. Bike with one small and one large seat. 4. Something with Marilyn Monroe. 5. Don´t smoke cigarets in the wrong end!

1 Response to “No pole-dancing in Swedish trains!”

  • Hahaha!
    Those were funny signs indeed.
    I think that one of the secrets of creating good pictograms is to not try to invent anything that it’s already known by everyone.
    Number 2 is good example to illustrate this thought.

    Great blog. Keep up with the good work.

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