The secret behind Danish design revealed today


How come that a very small country in the cold north has managed to produce some true icons within architecture and design (e.g. Sydney Opera house and the Egg chair). Well today is the day where we reveal the Danish secret – we open up the closet and let you peak into the wizards lab.

The secret formula:

1. Start at a very young age
2. Give the kids plenty of Lego
3. Surround them with design icons
4. No other toys… which will teach them minimalism
5. Teach them to appreciate the light… comes very natural when you live in the dark for 5 months every year.
6. Teach them about humor and having fun


Okay, we admit it there is no secret formula, we just wanted you to see this must-have playhouse. A scale 1:16 version of Arne Jacobsens own house located at Gotfred Rodes Vej 2 outside Copenhagen. More info about the playhouse on the Minimii homepage.


Your typical Danish kidsroom filled with mini Egg, Swan and Series 7 chairs… so cute  ;-)

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