A chair of its own


Meet Memory, a unique armchair designed by Danish designer Ole Jensen for the New Danish Modern collection. 

Ole Jensen´s idea
”We all have special objects that refresh memories – things that have a meaning and create the pleasure of recognition.  I wanted to design furniture that arouses immediate recognition in both design and use. ’Reversed perfection’, the Memory chair has an immediate freedom in manufacture and details. 

Drawing by Ole Jensen

The chair consists of patches as in a patchwork quilt, which gives it a somewhat home-made character, without allowing this to compromise the quality. 

Ole Jensen in his first prototype

The making
Memory may look simple but in fact it is very complex. The frame is made out of wood which has been upholstered with several different kinds of foam to give perfect support to the body. 


More than 120 individual tailored pieces of the highest wool fabric (Hallingdal 130 from Danish Kvadrat) has been sewn together to give the chair the unique patchwork look. The only machine used to make the chair was a sewing machine…


The feeling
The chair was shown to the public for the first time on the Stockholm furniture fair a month ago. We were very surprised of how people reacted to it. Normally most will just pass by, but somehow everybody had to try it out. 




More info on our homepage: normann-copenhagen.com/memory

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