Kindle = 1 step forward – 2 steps back


We love the idea of the E-ink book reader, Kindle. The concept of downloading all your reading directly from Amazon is just brilliant, and a perfect match for a (everything for sale) bookstore. Today Amazon launched the next version Kindle DX – faster, bigger, stronger, brighter… you know the tech. song. However the design still reminds us of something a doctor would use in a C-grade sci-fi movie. Yes it’s white and simple… but it is also  – oh – so – boring to look at.

Amazon  has managed to squeeze all the books in the world (almost) into one device. But they have also managed to forget that books is also about the joy of holding something beautiful, soft, almost warm and often covered with interesting design and print.

Our suggestion to Amazon is quite simple. Give your white plastic screen to designers, artists and skilled bookbinders all over the world and see what happens. One thing is for sure. You won’t get a plane white result.


Bookcover for Lord of the ring – designed by the Queen of Denmark, crafted by Co’libri – Denmarks oldest and most skilled bookbinder.

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