Be creative and win!

Dolly salt shaker designed by Ross McBride for Normann Copenhagen

Would you like to win a Normann Copenhagen product? Draw something fun, crazy, odd, or beautiful on one of our product pictures and you might win it.

How to participate?
1. Download a picture of a Normann Copenhagen product from here or here or take a picture yourself
2. Draw something fun, cool, ugly, hip or strange on it
3. Name your drawing with a title
4. Mail it to: blog(at)normann-copenhagen(dot)com
– Deadline is 16th of December

Submissions from Be creative and win - 2008

What happens next?
- We will upload all appropriate* pictures that we receive.
– Among all the uploaded pictures we will pick a winner that will be announced here on the blog.
– The winner will receive the product he or she has drawn on.

*no pervert, political, or other stuff that might offend other people.

All our pictures are under the creative commons license – by submitting your picture you accept that we will publish it under the same license on Flickr.

P.S.  Call us cheap, but the New Danish Modern collection is not part of this competition, so no winners of a +6.000 euro Memory chair

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