NormannCPH Treasure Hunt 2.0

UPDATE: The Normann Copenhagen Treasure hunt 2.0 is over. Thank you for participating.

Do you remember going treasure hunting when you were a kid? Well things has changed and now we invite you to be part of the Normann Copenhagen Treasure Hunt 2.0. A new product to win – every hour – for 24 hours.

- But this time it’s much harder!

First of all you need to be on Twitter. You find us here:

Sounds like fun? – learn how to participate below.

What to win?
We have selected 24 of our most popular products. If you want to see our entire product range, please drop by our homepage.

If you are the first to Tweet the link to the given product, you win it! It’s that simple.

The gameplay

  1. Every hour for 24 hours we will upload a new product picture to our NormannCPH Twitter profile
  2. Identify the product in the picture*
  3. Go to our new Online Shop and find the product page where the picture is located
  4. Copy the URL (the link in the browser) and Tweet it along with the hashtag  #NormannCPH

Did I win?
You are welcome to try every hour for the 24 hours the treasure hunt lasts. After a few days we will announce the 24 winners via Twitter. We will DM (Direct Message) the winners.

The fine print
The prizes will be sent directly to the winners, free of charge. You cannot choose a different product, color or size. It is the correct link (to the right product) that first appears in our search stream including the #NormannCPH hashtag that wins. You can maximum win 4 prizes… giving more people the chance to win.

*it must be the right color, size even though we don’t necessary show you the whole picture, so look carefully, only true design lovers will win.

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