Guess a Designer?

At Normann Copenhagen we love great design, also if it is not our own. Can you guess who the designer behind these lamps is?

Mirror Ball are plastic spheres that are metallised internally to give a mirrored finish. The metallic design focuses the brightness from the bulb, projecting a soft, broad beam of light. Mirror Ball has been sold in Normann Copenhagen for several years.

These Beat Light pendants are inspired by the water carrying vessels that are still carried on heads all over India. They are made from hand beaten brass, using vanishing skills from Indian master craftsmen, and the patina black external surface is created by aging. We at Normann Copenhagen also checked them out in London, when the designer opened his new showroom.

Jack is a sitting, stacking and lightning thing which was designed to explore the use of plastic and prove that industrial manufacture was still possible in the UK. It is inspired by the 70s pop, and created in 1994. It comes in white with light, black or the designer’s signature colour fluoro orange.

The designer is:

The British designer Tom Dixon is the originator of these lamps. From August 4th to September 10th his products will be displayed and sold in the Normann Copenhagen flagship store, and he will be visiting us at an event on August 12.

Do you want to know more about Tom Dixon? Follow us next week.

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