Win the Krenit series

Krenit series (6 sizes) retail value of € 286

A Bike and a Bar series
This year has been a great design year with lots of new products like the Bob Game, Ballo – toiletbrush, Chop knife, Heima -candlestick series, Hang On – coatrack, Kula-hooks, Light Tower, Mormor series, Normann Bike, Normann Cutlery, Rainbow Trivet, Valdemar chair, Watch Me – clock, Wine & Bar series and last but not least the Krenit series.

Everybody loves Krenit
We have been blown away by the massive interest in the Krenit bowl and are very proud to be the company Herbert Krenchel choose to continue the production of his iconic bowl.

The Danish magazine Bo Bedre used the Krenit bowl on the cover of its very first issue (1961)

How to participate
Now you have the chance to win the entire Krenit series (6 sizes) in the colors of your choice. Go to our Facebook page and click Like on the products you wish for Christmas… and you are automatically in the game to win the Krenit bowls at a retail value of more than 280 Euro. →Visit Normann Copenhagen on Facebook.

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