1257 hours of Time to design

The time has finally arrived to reveal the winner project of Time to design 2011! As part of the price won with the Time to design award in September, the young german designer Milia Seyppel has been working on her project during the last three months at the Danish Art Workshops here in Copenhagen.
The project will be exhibited from the 24th of November until the 8 of December at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store.

Did you know:

-that  you can pave the way from Copenhagen to Hamburg with the amount of metalplates used for Milias project.

-that the weight carried around by Milia during the 85 days of work at the Danish Art Workshop amounts to 650 kg in total and an increase of Milias right arm of 2 cm can be measured.

-that Milia has spent a total of 1257 hours working on the project. The calculation made by Milia looks like this:

85 Days x 24 hours= 2040 hours – (9 hours of sleep x 85 days=765 hours) = 1275 hours – (lunch break 1 hour x 85 days=85 hours)= 1190 hours – (cake and wine on fridays in the National Art Workshops 1 hour x 12 fridays=12 hours) = 1178 hours – (chatting with other artists 1 ½ hours a day x 85 days = 127,5 hours) = 1050,5 hours + (construction plans during dreaming phases 3 hours a night x 85 days= 255 hours) 1305 – (time of going out, phoning with friends and family 14 hours a week x 12 weeks= 168 hours)=1137 hours + ( talking about my project while going out and phoning with friends and family 10 hours a week x 12 weeks =120 hours)

TOTAL= 1257 hours

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