The Collapsible Lamp

At Normann Copenhagen, we refuse to settle for the ordinary. Take a look at Hive, one of our newest lamps: At first sight, this might look like a regular lamp, but closer inspection will reveal an unusual structure. Despite its cast shape, the lamp is actually made of 5 different pieces of steel, making it fully collapsible.

Hive Lamps, Normann Copenhagen

Hive Lamp knocked down, Normann Copenhagen

According to its designer, Nicholai Wiig Hansen, Hive is an example of a lamp that derives from using industrial techniques in the design process in order to create its particular expression. He wanted to design a lamp with a durable design and noticably classic shape contrasted by a few, simple details.

Hive Lamp, Normann Copenhagen

Nicholai Wiig Hansen says: “For me, it is the shape of Hive that is interesting. It has the archetypal shape of a lamp and looks like a beehive, but with the extra little detail that it is collapsible. The various layers make it both simple and decorative.”

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