And the winners are…

We got so many creative and imaginative suggestions for our Be Creative and Win challenge, and it was very hard to choose the winners.

We printed all the proposals out to deliberate, and in the end we agreed on the two lucky winners. One for the most creative idea and one for the best craftmanship.

So…  the winners are:

Winner of most creative idea 2012 is:

Anette Carlsen

Congratulations! We couldn’t resist this cute little owl. We fell in love with it immediately. Anette has used our Norm69 Lamp for the body, the Norm06 Lamp for the head and ears, a blue Dropit as beak, the Wine & Bar bottle opener as eyes with black Dropit as pupils and Timper as the branch the bird is sitting on.

The winner for best craftmanship 2012 is:

Maia Roikjær

Congratulations! We really love the pattern and the colors coming out of the Bell Lamp. Maia also made a video of how she made this cool illustration. You can see it below:

The winners will be contacted by mail.

We want to thank all the other participant in this competition. We really appretiate your effort. This year’s entries are in this file on our Facebook page. Enjoy :)


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