Peeler Peels Perfect Potatoes

We say it’s time to make peeling potatoes more fun! That’s why we’re happy to show you our new addition to our range of kitchen accessories – the Peeler!

This user-friendly vegetable peeler has an organic mode of expression and comes in six warm and lively shades that highlight each other beautifully.

Peeler is created by the designer duo HolmbäckNordentoft. Their goal was to make a simple, everyday utensil with a unique design.

They explain: ”The inspiration for the potato peeler’s shape is derived from the professional kitchen. We have created a cheerful, accommodating and softer looking design instead of the usual hard and cold expression found in the classic potato peeler.”

Peeler has a matt silicone covering which makes for a pleasant grip, and its sharp blade makes it easy and fun to peel your potatoes and make ultra thin vegetable peels for your dishes.

Peeler is now available on our online shop here.

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