Iconic vase in new colors

We have just expanded this popular series with three new colors; orange, grey and turquoise. The essence of Swing lies in the uniqueness of each vase. The shape varies from vase to vase due to the fact that each one has been mouth blown.


Influenced by the world of fashion, the three new colours are a natural extension of the series. The classic, neutral grey was inspired by the natural rawness and crudeness found in rocks and mountains. The vibrant turquoise and orange colors add contrast to the more delicate colors of the décor.

Originally, the design came about from a dialogue between the glass blowers. It was decided that each Swing vase produced should form itself into a unique shape while cooling down. In this way no two vases would be alike.


Britt Bonnesen says: ”The three new colors of the Swing vase are a natural extension of the series inspired by the world of fashion. The new colors go together beautifully by themselves but also compliment the series’ existing colors. The classic red, for example, goes really well with the orange while the intense green gives a cooler feel when seen next to the turquoise and grey vases.”

The Swing vase has been a part of Normann Copenhagen’s collection since 2002. Over the years it has become an icon in the world of international design.

The Swing vase, in new colors, are now available in our webshop here.

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