Cubes & pluses on my mind

Designer Anne Lehmann, has created four beautifully minimalistic sets of bed linen for Normann Copenhagen. Instead of having the usual flowery designs or big and colorful prints, often seen on a lot of bed linen, Anne Lehman has created the Plus and Cube bed linen which has a minimalistic look and soft touch.

Plus Bed Linen, nude and grey

Cube Bed Linen, mint and blue

The graphic expression of the bed linen, made out of pluses and cubes gives it a discreet feel while still making a strong visual impression. Due to its stringent graphic design and simple pattern, the bed linen is neither solely masculine nor feminine which makes it ideal for the bedroom whether you are a couple or single.

Plus and Cube are made of 100% satin weaved cotton making them incredibly soft, smooth and comfortable to sleep in. One of Anne Lehmann’s main focus areas when designing the bed linen has been to ensure a streamlined look with a simple finish.

The designer explains the importance of understanding and accepting the bedroom as a unique space to relax in: “It should be a place where it is both peaceful and enjoyable to be. Therefore, Plus and Cube have repetitive patterns with a simple and calm feel.”

The Plus Bed Linen comes in a sandy, warm grey and a discrete nude. Cube is available in an inviting mint and a cool, subdued blue. The simple graphical patterns and dusty colors make Plus and Cube ideal for most homes. The bed linen is available in 140 x 200 cm and is now available on our online shop. Get Plus here and Cube here:

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