Normann Cutlery at Nam Nam

If you are planning on eating Asian food in the near future, the Singaporean restaurant Nam Nam in Copenhagen is a great choice. And we’re not just saying that because you’ll find Normann Copenhagen Cutlery next to your plate.

The theme of the restaurant has been built around a Singaporean expression called “Makan Kaki”, meaning “eating together”. It is a call for acquaintances, friends and family to gather around the table, eat together and enjoy each others’ company, and we love how the decór of the restaurant invites you to do just that.

Nam Nam has chosen the Normann Copenhagen Cutlery to accompany the traditional Asian chopsticks. The cutlery is simple in its shape and each item has been carefully designed to be perfectly balanced and comfortable when you hold it while also looking elegant and attractive on the table.

The Nam Nam kitchen is a melting pot of different tastes and scents from several Asian cooking traditions.

If you’re suddenly finding yourself in the mood for Asian cuisine, then check out Nam Nam´s website here.



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