Reminder: Time to design opening

These days, the winner of Time to design 2013, Sanghyeok Lee, is working on the final details of his project before showing it in our Flagship Store.

Join us for a cozy afternoon on Thursday November 21 at 3-5 pm and be the first to see Sanghyeok Lee´s products. Enjoy a glass of bubbling champagne together with Danish licorice from Johan Bülow and licorice flavored mini-cupcakes. Find out more about the event here.

For the last three months, the young designer has been experimenting, exploring and finishing the details on his project `Useful Living`. The result is three stunning furniture pieces.

We met with Sanghyeok Lee and asked him a few questions about the design process, the outcome and what it has meant to him being the winner of Time to design 2013? Here is what he answered.

Q: In your opinion, is there a big difference in the way South Korean and Danish designers work?

A: I don´t find the design process itself that different. The difference lies more in the final outcome. I try to find my own way of working and to have my own approach to design. Of course I am influenced and inspired by Danish designers. It has been really interesting to see how much they devote themselves to design. And I admire how carpenters work with their own philosophy together with the designers.

Q: Can you describe how your project ´Useful Living´ has evolved during your stay at the Danish Art Workshops?

A: It has been a journey of exploring and experimenting. It has been a huge inspiration to see how Danish designers and carpenters think about materials and details, about furniture and design. I have used this in my work mixed with my own design culture where details and the making of the objects are important. And of course it has been a challenge to work on more products at once and taking the project even further.

Q: What has winning Time to design 2013 meant to you? What is your next step?

A: I feel very honored to win the competition. I have had such a wonderful time and experienced such great working conditions in Danish Art Workshop. I have met and talked with many interesting people. I have learned a lot from the Danish Art Workshops and other artists, designers and partners behind Time to design. In the future, I´m sure I will bring this energy and feeling with me wherever I go, and it will become fundamental for my future career. I feel confident in my field again. So I want to continue my work and design nice products. That´s my next step.

Congratulations again to Sanghyeok Lee for winning Time to design 2013. We wish him all the best in his future career and hope to see you all on Thursday for the exhibition opening.

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