From harbor to vase

Our new Nyhavn Vases are now available and will soon be in stores around the world. The vases are designed by the Danish designer Simon Legald who also designed our new Folk Candle Holders.

The shiny white neck of the vase and base with riffles contrasts beautifully with the dusty shades of the matte finished center. The vases look stunning by themselves and when placed together in various combinations.

The colors have been inspired by the dusty shades of pastel seen on the houses in Nyhavn harbor, Copenhagen. The three different sizes reflect the varying heights and widths of the houses. Nyhavn is a cozy harbor area in the middle of Copenhagen and is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions with a history dating all the way back to 1671.

Simon Legald says: ”My design is often characterized by an interplay between tradition and craftsmanship. I really like working with archetypes and this vase is no exception. I have based the design on the idiom of three different techniques and combined them all to create a recognizable yet new expression.”

The Nyhavn Vase are available in three different sizes and in two different colors for each vase: A small one in a pure white and a fresh coral, a medium one in classic light grey and sky grey and a large one in contrasting black and mineral grey.

Get your own Nyhavn Vases on our Online Store here.

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