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A table to transcend generations

Meet the latest addition to our furniture collection. The Nord table has a simple yet incredibly stable construction that supports the solid oak tabletop in an elegant manner. Its classic lines and understated expression makes it fit seamlessly into most interiors.

The round Nord Table designed by Generous Design

The designer of the table, Generous Design, has used contrasting sharp and soft lines, adding both an edgy and warm look to the table. The tabletop’s faceted edges and the angle of the legs create help to visually lift the tabletop up and make it appear as if it is floating. This adds lightness to the otherwise robust design.

Claus C. Simonsen the designer of Generous Design

Generous Design says:” The table is a natural gathering place for nice experiences over dinner. A table is special, as it brings people together and creates both connections and room for them. I wanted to make a classic and contemporary table. It had to be durable and robust but also have an airy feel to it. The Nord Table is made for fellowship, for good friends and family across generations.”

The rectangular Nord Table designed by Generous Design

The Nord Table is available in a round and a rectangular version and will soon be available in stores around the world and on our website. In the meantime, perhaps you can find a little inspiration to redecorate your dining room in the images above.

Milan News 2014

Today, the biggest design event of the year; the international furniture fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan began. The fair takes place from the 8th to the 13th of April, and we’re thrilled to be exhibiting for the seventh year in a row. If you are in Milan, please drop by in hall 16, stand E46.

This year, we are expanding our ever growing furniture collection with a new high quality lounge collection called Era and a series of chairs and tables called Form as well as other novelties.

The design of the fair stand itself is of key importance when showing the novelties. The main objective has been to offer both space for exhibition concepts showing the variety of the furniture pieces, as well as making small home-like environments that inspire and encourage to try sitting down.

The Normann Copenhagen design team has made an impressive structure of pinewood beams with cool aluminum fittings in light grey. The aluminum fittings give a more industrial feel to the natural warm wood. Above the stand is added a net providing a more calm expression.

Some of the walls and floors have a linoleum surface – the same natural material used on the Form Table. This way Normann Copenhagen shows all 6 colors of the table in a cool way, as well as adding softness to the stand.

The new table lamps have their own seperate enclosed space emphasizing both the beautiful form and the lighting.

Form is a re-interpretive range of shell chairs and dining tables that combine a strong design idiom with an innovative industrial production. With its soft silhouette that merges into a rigid Scandinavian wooden frame, the Form Chair offers the makings of the perfect chair.

Era has a streamlined design and is a durable, long-lasting and versatile lounge collection that easily accommodates modern interior’s need for flexibility. The Era Lounge Collection is designed to transcend generations and is just as at home with lovers of design or families with children, as it is with young couples or their grandparents. Era exudes a sophisticated calmness and invites you to enjoy pure and unadulterated relaxation.

Amp is a sophisticated range of lamps. Amp is characterised by its high-quality materials of glass and marble that add a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness. The lamps have a nostalgic and at the same time, contemporary feel.


Flagship Store Fashion Department Reborn

After a long, dark Winter, we thought it was about time to create a lighter and brighter look in our Flagship Store Fashion Department. So we grabbed the white paint, the paint brush and the roller and got to work. Check out the finished result here.

We’re in love with florals – one of the biggest trends of the season, so we decided to incorporate the floral feel in the interior design by adding a staircase podium covered with beautiful wallpaper from Tapet Café. The wallpaper is designed by Helene Blanche, and the lovely people from Tapet Café were kind enough to do the wallpapering. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

On our Toj Clothes Rack you will find the Carven SS14 collection. If you’re planning on expanding your wardrobe with some floral pieces, Carven is definitely one of the brands to look to.

Lots of lovely clothing in classic neutral tones, bright blues, bold reds, fresh pinks and a hint of luxurious metallic fill the clothes racks in the department. Here the clothes are accompanied by our new Slice Tabletop, Buk Table Legs and Onkel Sofa in leather.

If you are in Copenhagen and in need of an injection of flower power, drop by and check out our reborn fashion department!

Meet Us at Salone Internazionale del Mobile

On Tuesday the 8th of April, the renowned furniture fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile is starting. We’re thrilled to be there presenting a new high quality lounge collection and series of chairs and tables as well as several other exciting novelties!

If you’re in Milan for the fair, make sure to visit us at our stand in Hall 16, stand E46.

We hope to see you there!

Spring Cleaning with Design Classics

If you haven´t already done your Spring cleaning, why not drive away the dirt in style? We’re introducing our iconic Washing-up Bowl & Brush and Dustpan & Broom designed by the Danish designer Ole Jensen in fresh new colors that make the boring task of making your home spick-and-span a little more fun.

The bright and eye-catching new red Dustpan & Broom accentuates its beautifully simple shape, whilst the lightness of the light blue adds a classic and discrete look.

An inviting mint color that oozes simplicity, cleanness and Scandinavian elegance is also joining the range of Washing-up Bowls. The distinguished mint is drawn from delicate mineral colors and complements both cool and warm, deep colors in the kitchen.

The story of the Washing-up Bowl began on a day when Ole Jensen was doing the dishes in his kitchen sink. He noticed the inflexible and hard design of the stainless steel sink and suddenly felt a great reluctance to putting his fragile china and fine glassware into it. The reluctance turned into irritation and out of this irritation the idea for a flexible washing-up bowl that adapts to its content was formed. Over the years, the innovative Washing-Up Bowl has become a design icon and is useful for many different purposes around the house.

The idea for the Dustpan & Broom came from the simplicity of the newspaper, and the simple design is exactly why Dustpan & Broom is just as relevant today. Ole Jensen elaborates: “Dust and dirt have a habit of constantly showing up – it never goes out of date. This product is an example of how design can be a language that transcends both time and cultures. The combination of plastic, wood and natural bristles makes the Dustpan & Broom very little susceptible to changing trends”.

Its decorative design makes it ideal for hanging in full view, as opposed to hiding it away.

Say goodbye to dust and lint and start washing away the Winter season!

Yoox + Living

We recently received an e-mail from our friends at Italian retailer Yoox. They have just presented a new exclusive collaboration with the Corriere della Sera magazine Living.

The collaboration has resulted in a series of photo shoots by major international photographers recreating an array of themes and settings featuring clothing and design objects, such as our Geo Vaccum Jug and Flag Candle Holder. You can find them in the pictures below.

The theme of this edition is a wedding party set in the slightly surreal home of a couple of newlyweds who have a hankering for pop inspired items.

We love it when people aren’t afraid to use color, and these bright candy-colored pictures have a positively magical feel about them! Don’t you agree?

Make sure to visit Yoox to check out the entire selection.

Two items, infinite possibilities

Today, we are sharing two new high quality furniture pieces; our Buk Table Legs and Slice Tabletop.

These two items in oak make adding a Nordic feel to your decor easy as a breeze. The table legs and tabletop are sold separately, which allows you to create your very own look.

Upholstered textile chairs

Go for a calm and natural style with a combination of Buk and Slice. Together the two products bring a classic, Scandinavian style to your home. Or maybe you prefer adding another tabletop or set of legs. By doing so, you can create infinite looks the suit your taste and style perfectly.

Get an industrial feel by combining metal or chrome table legs with the Slice Tabletop or choose a tabletop in charming pastels for the Buk Table Legs for a lighthearted appearance.

Buk table legs in oak

Buk Table Legs is a harmonic and rounded design made of solid oak. The table legs consist of three round rods and a crossbar. The legs are easily assembled without using tools and can be taken apart and stored away.

The legs have a simultaneously classic and new expression, and the simple lines and perfect proportions bring a tranquil and organic feel to the design.

Slice Table Top

The Slice Tabletop is designed by Normann Copenhagen. It quite simply consists of three long, wide planks in soap-treated oak that are supported by wooden cross rails. Two fine gaps between the planks add character to Slice. The overall impression is a contemporary design that is timeless, harmonious and has a stunning finish.

The Slice Tabletop is available in three different lengths, making it ideal as a dining table in the kitchen or dining room, as an alternative to a desk in the office or even for restaurants.

Read more bout Slice and Buk on our website.

A duck for life

Ducky is a wooden figure with a naive yet stylish and sophisticated look that makes it ideal for adults as well as children. Welcome Ducky into your home to add an element of humor and enjoyment.


Ducky’s minimalistic and classic look is full of nostalgia and character with its clear inspiration from traditional wooden toys. It comes in a refined grey color and in a light oak that lets you see the beautiful grains in the tree.

Ducky details

Ducky details

Place Ducky in a still life with plants, vases and candles to bring charisma to your living room, or use it as a toy in your child’s room. With its clean and simple silhouette, Ducky is an all-round item that changes character according to where it is placed in the home.

Ducky in the living room

The designer Dor Carmon created Ducky in the wake of his daughter’s birth. When we asked him about his inspiration for Ducky, he said:

“I love to design characters. To create something aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily need to be functional is a form of relaxation for me. It’s a nice break from my normal day where I work primarily with functional product design. Apart from that, I wanted to design a special item for my daughter. It had to be something timeless, emotive and irreplaceable that she could have with her throughout her adult life.”

Ducky in a child's room

Visit our website to read more. We look forward to seeing Ducky around.

Friendly Fabrics and Luxe Leather for Just

The Just Chair, designed by Iskos-Berlin, now comes in a new upholstered textile and leather version. The Just Chair adds a warm and a classic feel to the home, and is as beautiful when seen from below as from above.

Just Chair - Upholstered versions

The frame is discretely tucked into the chair’s molded shell, and the shell’s tapering thickness gives it a friendly and welcoming expression. These original trademarks have earned it an “Interior Innovation Award 2014 – Selection”.

Upholstered textile chairs, different coloursThe point where the legs and shell meet is done with incredible elegance and accentuates the high quality of the upholstering, while the many combinations provide countless ways of creating just the look and atmosphere you are looking for in the living room, kitchen, or office space.

Opt for a classic look with leather chairs, choose one of the crisp wool-blends in a bright color for a bold effect, or mix and match the colors and textiles to add a bohemian and personal expression. Only the imagination sets the limits.

Upholstered textile chairs around the dining table

All the materials are chosen specifically for the beauty and durability making all the chairs suitable for intensive, everyday use.

Upholstered textile chairs

The designer duo Iskos-Berlin say: “Just is not born out of the desire to design a different chair. On the contrary, we wanted to use innovative moulding and assembly techniques to achieve an elegant and subtle result, full of hidden details. Good design does not necessarily have to make a lot of fuss – those who want to will see the details.”

Upholstered leather chairs

Check out Just Chair on our website and get tempted by its minimalistic lines.

My new Onkel

A new member has been added to the range of Onkel Sofas; a leather version available in black or cognac. Onkel has a recognizable, Scandinavian design and is available in a 2 and 3 seater version. The eminent soft leather gives the classy and refined Onkel Sofa a whole new dimension.

Onkel Sofa 2 seater in Cognac leather

This design, created by Simon Legald, is an homage to two disparate centuries in this unique classic yet contemporary design. Onkel combines the simplicity of modern design with the soft curves from the middle of the century.

The sofa’s outer shell has a minimalistic and streamlined look, whilst the back cushion has soft curves created by beautiful deep-stitching. The back cushion is elegantly encapsulated by the outer shell. Lacquered ash wood legs in a matching color completes the design and makes the sofa stand as a unified whole.

Onkel Leather in a livingroom

The designer Simon Legald says about his design: “The sofa has emerged out of a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. With Onkel, I have utilized old craftsmanship techniques and used them in a new context. In this way, the details gives Onkel personality.”

Besides being beautiful to look at, we have selected the leather for its durability and to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. And because it is pleasurably easy to clean, your days of crying over spilled milk are over. Whether your style is minimalistic, colorful, classic or modern, there’s no reason not to invite this Onkel into your home.

Check out the sophisticated design on our website here.