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Kitchen Craftsmanship

Whether you are a master chef or a kitchen rookie, great tools can enhance your experience of cooking. The Craft Series oozes quality and adds luxury to your kitchen adventures. The series is now being expanded with a mortar with pestle and a rolling pin.

Cooking is all about using your senses and preparing a good meal can be almost meditative if you do not rush it. Be aware of your sensuous experience while cooking and enjoy the aromas and the tastes of the ingredients, as well as the feeling of the tools in your hands.

The combination of oak and marble used in the Craft Series gives it a special tactile quality. The marble ensures a solid grip and the wood is robust yet soft to the touch. The utensils have a comfortable weight which adds further pleasure to the user experience.


The craftsmanship of cooking should always be met with the craftsmanship of well designed tools executed in excellent quality. Craft is made in the best materials and designed to last. The salt and pepper mills are made with exclusive CrushGrind® ceramic grinders, which have up to 200 years of normal household use in them!

Craft has a classic timeless look while the use of materials gives it a modern expression. The raw natural materials and the simplicity of the design produce that special Scandinavian feel. Put the pieces on display and they will make a beautiful addition to the kitchen décor.

Get your hands on Craft at our webshop here. The mortar with pestle and the salt and pebber mills are already available, but you will have to wait a little while for the rolling pin which will arrive in December.

Now, let’s get cooking!

Normann Copenhagen opens store in hamburg

From Wednesday the 24th of September, all of Hamburg’s design lovers will have a new place to shop and get inspiration for the home. You see on this day, we will be opening our very own 200 m2 store in stilwerk, Hamburg’s high-end shopping center for design and furniture.

To celebrate the grand opening we will be giving the 50 first purchasing customers in our new store at stilwerk a free Normann Tea along with their purchase!

Find us here:

stilwerk Hamburg
Große Elbstraße 68
22767 Hamburg

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 10 am – 7 pm
Sat: 10 am – 6 pm

What to expect when you visit the store

In the new store visitors can expect to see a wide selection of the Normann Copenhagen collection. Our main focus it to introduce the citizens of Hamburg to our growing furniture range through minimalistically styled home-like environments which will range from living room and dining room to kitchen and hallway. The store will also include our versatile collection of home accessories and lighting.

Stilwerk is located in an old malt house in the industrial area by the harbor and our new store will be located in the shopping center’s rustic sub-level. The space is characterized by raw brick walls, arched ceilings and large steel pillars and we love how the setting adds an industrial contrast to the clean lines of our designs.


Normann Copenhagen + stilwerk – A natural partnership 

With shopping centers in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf og Vienna stilwerk has truly become a hot spot for International design and an natural partner for us. In fact, it isn’t the first time we’re working together with stilwerk.

This year marks the 350th Anniversary of the partnership between the area of Hamburg called Altona and Copenhagen. Stilwerk celebrated the occasion in August with the “Danish Design Weeks” where they created a large exhibition focusing on Danish design. The exhibition showcased design classics as well as new icons. We we’re of of course thrilled to be part of this with several of our products like the Norm 69 Lamp, the Block Table, the Swell Sofa, and the handmade ceramic Grass Vases, just to name a few. Check out the images from the exhibition here.

We can hardly wait until Wednesday when we open the doors to our new store and we hope you can’t either!

You can visit Normann Copenhagen at stilwerk in Hamburg until the end of February 2015, so there is plenty of opportunity to explore our collection.

Stay tuned for pictures here on the blog once the store has opened!


3 handmade vases

One of our favorite ways of bringing joy and beauty into our homes is something as simple as fresh flowers. The perfect bouquet can be everything from stunning flower arrangements brought home from the local florist to flowers handpicked in the garden or at the roadside. But you don´t get far creating that speciel cozy little moment without the right vase, right?

We have selected 3 of our handmade vases that speak to different tastes. Which one is your favorite?

A Masculine Twist

Vases often have a feminine expression in their form, color or decoration. Our new Still Vase has a simple, clean shape. In the grey version, Still also blends seamlessly into more masculine interiors.

The Still Vase is one of Normann Copenhagen´s Fall 2014 novelties

The characterful Still Vase is made of mouth-blown glass. The look is classic and elegant at the same time, making the vase very evocative. The essence of Still lies in the two cylindrical shapes that meet in soft arched curves. They create an organic and stringent mode of expression.

The Still Vase comes in two sizes and in two colors.

With its white interior and dense profile, in either clear or grey-colored polished glass, Still has a light feel while at the same time appearing robust and durable.

The white Still Vase has a true clean Scandinavian look.

This characterful vase is a timeless addition to the decor and looks beautiful both with and without flowers.

A Softly Curved Vase

The iconic Swing Vase is one of the first vases in the Normann Copenhagen collection. The essence of Swing lies in the uniqueness of each vase. The shape varies from vase to vase due to the fact that each one has been mouth-blown. The Swing Vase is decorative just in itself.

The Swing Vase comes in 3 sizes and many color options. The grey version brings a new modern twist to the classic Normann Copenhagen product.

Raw & Graphic Feel

The simple and contrasting range of vases named Agnes have been beautifully decorated with intense black brush strokes. The vases have been hand-painted which makes each one different and gives them all their own unique personality. The contrast between the fine white porcelain and the intense black brush strokes of the vases gives them a raw and graphic feel.

The Agnes Vases comes in 7 sizes. Each vase fits perfectly to different types of flowers.

The Agnes Vase is available in seven different sizes and is a beautiful piece either with or without content. Use one vase by itself, place several different sizes together or create your own look by combining the Agnes Vase with other vases from around the home.

Get inspiration for more vases here.

The new Geo Series is so much more!

This Fall our Geo Vacuum Jug has been accompanied by a whole range of complementing pieces. The Geo series consists of a tray, sugar bowl, milk jug and lidded jars.

The collection carries on the distinctive geometric feel of the Geo Vacuum Jug, with its masculine sharp edges and minimalistic mode of expression. The color range differs slightly from the one used for the jug, but complements it beautifully and creates an interesting play with colors.

The series’ obvious usage is the serving of tea and coffee. The different pieces can be combined to create a visually interesting setting that can give great pleasure to your daily routines and will also most definitely impress your guests!

The Geo Jars are perfect for small servings and the pastels will make everything you serve look appetizing and mouthwatering. Stuff them with colorful candy or snacks and enjoy that the dishwasher friendly material make them quick and easy to clean.


Besides for the purpose of serving, the Geo Jars can fulfill many other purposes around the house!

In the bedroom the Geo Jars can be used to keep jewelry and other personal belongings. In the office they are useful as containers for paperclips.

Use them in the kitchen for the storing of grains and nuts…

In the bathroom for cotton pads…

…Or in the hallway or living room for keys and coins and all the bits and bobs you have lying around and do not know where to put. We are sure you can come up with more ideas!

No matter what they keep, the Geo Jars are a decorative element in a modern décor.

Find the Geo Collection here!

New Designs for Everyday Pleasures

Last week we showed you some picture of our trade show stand in Paris, and today we’d like to share our new collection with you.

The new collection is inspired by life’s little moments and includes everything from new ranges of cushions, throw blankets, vases and storage boxes to decorative objects and kitchen accessories. The new collection is centred on shapes and materials that on the one hand are natural and organic and on the other hand are geometric, graphic and industrial.

The new Edge Cushion in the Era Lounge Chair.

For this collection, Normann Copenhagen has focused on how design can help to create daily pleasure by use, shape, color and being in the home. Like the quality time you enjoy when cooking or having a cup of coffee with good friends and family, or the sense of calm you enjoy when relaxing in the sofa with your favorite cushion, a throw blanket and a good book. Or simply when you find pleasure in something beautiful on the wall, table or in the windowsill.


Nyhavn now comes in an X-Large size in Plum and Creme

New hand made Still Vases

Autumn has officially arrived here in Copenhagen and the flowers outside will start to wilt soon. This is just all the more reason to buy yourself some fresh flowers to keep the summer feeling for a little while longer. With a new bigger size added to the Nyhavn range, you can buy a huge bouquet to enjoy looking at every day. Or opt for one of the new hand made Still Vases for a timeless addition to the decor. Both vases looks great both with and without flowers.

An abundance of colorful new Angle Cushions

The wonderfully woolen Ekko Throw Blankets

Besides being nice to look at, the Angle Cushions and Ekko Throw Blankets are just the thing to add a pinch of color and spice up a neutral sofa. The cushions have a firm feel, making them very comfortable and supportive to lean against. The throw blanket is ideal for wrapping up in on a late summer evening in the garden, as well as on a cold winter day with a great book.

The Craft Collection gets expanded with a rolling pin and mortar & pestle

The new Geo Series

Enjoying a nice dinner or coffee with friends is on the top of the list of favorites for most of us.  Nice kitchen utensils and serving pieces can help make that experience even better. Let the Craft Rolling Pin and Mortar & Pestle make your cooking a cinch. The new Geo series is easy to combine with your vacuum jug, but can also be used by themselves  for everything from serving candy and treats to storing cotton balls, office supplies and food in.

The new Brilliant Boxes

Brilliant is a range of small glass boxes designed to keep your valuable belonging safe. They are inspired by precious stones like diamonds and rubies which can be seen both on the faceted cut of the lid and the colors. Enjoy looking a them every day wherever in the home you place it.

Join us here on the blog during this Fall where we ask some of our designers what their favorites everyday pleasure is.

Maison et Objet Fall 2014

Starting from today, you can browse through our Fall´s novelties. We have been very busy getting everything ready for the fair. We always look forward to coming to Paris showing all our news.

Normann Copenhagen will present the new Fall 2014 collection in Hall 8, Stand E1-F2 from the 5th – 9th of September 2014. If you are in Paris, please stop by and see for yourself what will be in shops this fall. Find out more about each new product here.


Last week, we presented our new collection of furniture, lighting and accessories at the DesignTrade fair at Bella Center in Copenhagen and what a fair it was… We had a blast and can’t wait to go back there again in the new year! We invite you to take a little tour through our stand and catch a glimpse of our novelties.

And remember, we’ll be in Paris for the Maison et Objet fair starting on Friday and we’ll of course be sharing pictures of our Paris stand with you all as well, so stay tuned until then!

A lovely evening to you all!

Pocket Named as Best Storage of the Year!

Guess what just happened… We won an award for our Pocket Organizers!!!! What a wonderful surprise. 

In their new September issue, the Swedish design magazine Plaza Interiör has named the Best Designs of the Year within different categories and our Pocket Organizers have been selected at this year’s best storage solution.

A shot of the Pocket Organizers at the DesignTrade fair.

Plaza Interiör has named winners within 13 categories. You can find more details in the magazine.  

Here’s a look at the mention in the magazine.

Why did Pocket win?

The magazine writes: “What can offer better storage than the pocket of your shirt? Based on that idea, Simon Legald has developed a storage solution aptly named Pocket. With a particular fondness for anything that could be associated with beautiful men’s shirts we like everything about Pocket. Decorative, practical and can be placed all around the home. Moreover, they come in many sizes and colors, making them great for mixing.”

Thanks to Plaza Interiör for the acknowledgment. We really appreciate it!

Get your hands on your own Pockets here.

Upgrade your Kitchen

If you’re tired of always opening your kitchen drawers and cabinets to find nothing but a cluttered mess, then why not spend a little time getting your kitchen organized and updated? Here are three simple tips on how to approach it.

One Step Up Bookcases with various Normann Copenhagen products  

1) Open shelves can be a great way to store your various kitchen accessories. Fill the selves with the items you use the most, so you have easy access and can enjoy how they look on an everyday basis. Here our One Step Up Bookcases provide plenty of storage space for everything from vases and bowls to cookbooks, glasses and plates.

Pocket Organizers

2) How about utilizing your bare walls for added storage? Our Pocket Organizers are perfect for those small walls where there is not enough space to put a shelf. Create your own look by mixing and matching colors and sizes.

Top (from the left): Geo Vacuum Jug, Krenit Bowl
Bottom (from the left): Washing-up Bowl, Normann Cutlery

3) If you love colors of all sorts like we do, you probably know the feeling of going a bit color crazy once in a while. It can be a challenge to select a color palette and actually stick to it, but if you want a calm and clean look in your kitchen, this is definitely the way to go. Choosing items in neutral tones, like we’ve done here, is pleasing to the eye. If you’re not into the neutral shades, then opt for one or two colors instead to keep the style cohesive.

July Instagram Favorites

Every month we are so excited to see your pictures on Instagram. There is such an impressive amount of creativity. Here are our 4 favorite #normanncopenhagen posts from the month of July.

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