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Menu: Normann Pizza

Our new Pizza Wheel has arrived! Pizza Wheel is a multi-functional kitchen utensil with a built-in bottle opener in the handle. The Pizza Wheel is a smart and space-saving object. It is ideal for frequent, everyday use and is a decorative addition to the dining table.

A relaxed dinner with friends
The designer Alessandro Busana drew his inspiration for the Pizza Wheel from the dining table. For him, this is an almost magical place where you can sit down with family or friends to discuss the events of the day over a relaxing dinner.

Alessandro Busana explains: ”Maybe it’s because I’m Italian, but when I think of an informal dinner with friends or family, a pizza with a cold beer or soft drink is almost a ritual. This observation quickly led me to the idea of having a bottle opener and cutting function in one and the same product. This means that you only have to remember to take one item with you to the dining table. This practical aspect is one of the reasons I really like to design objects that are multi-functional.”

Normann Pizza Event
In connection with the launch of our new Pizza Wheel, we asked a number of Danish journalists, stylists and bloggers to create their own dream pizza. Here are a few examples of what they came up with – enjoy!

Blogger Allan Torp from Denmark´s largest design blog bungalow5 made a classic pizza with tomato, bacon, mozzarella, olives and basil.

Living stylist and blogger from BoligciousMalene Marie Møller, challenged the senses and created a dessert pizza with rhubarb compote, goat cheese, acacia honey and fresh basil.

Kasper Foged Rasmussen, News Editor at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Bo Bedre, mixed sweet, sharp and fun flavors in his pizza with fennel, tomato, pine nuts, rosemary, salami Milano and radish.

Living Director at one of the leading Danish interior magazines Alt Interiør, Nicola Kragh Riis, made her favorite pizza with tomato sauce with basil, anchovies, sausage, Vesterhavsost, parmesan, fennel and sun-dried tomato.

Mette Helena Rasmussen, stylist and owner of Retro Villa, has created her pizza based on this motto is: “more is okay (sometimes!)”. Her pizza is with tomato, parma ham, sun-dried tomato, garlic, onion, gorgonzola, mozzarella and thyme.

See more images from the event here.

Invite friends & family and start baking…..
The Pizza Wheel is available in classic black, grey and sand as well as three appetizing colors drawn from the pizza world; a red inspired by tomatoes and bell peppers, an aubergine color and a dark green reminiscent of oregano and spinach. Whether you serve your own, delicious homemade pizza creations or you order directly from your local pizzeria on the corner, the Pizza Wheel is an obvious companion at the dining table.

Get your own Pizza Wheel here.


It’s almost time for the weekend and for relaxing. We certainly wouldn’t mind having a rest in one of our new lounge chairs, so we thought it was about time that we introduce the new Era Lounge Collection to all you readers here on the blog.

The essense of Era is its well-proportioned design; a unique mix of soft curves and sharp lines that give Era a contemporary feel which is completely its own. Designed by Danish designer Simon Legald, Era combines modern production techniques with traditional furniture craftsmanship in a timeless and characterful design.

Versatility and comfort

The Era Lounge Collection easily accommodates modern interior’s need for flexibility. With lots of different combinations to select from, it is easy to create the design that suits your taste and needs the best. You can for example choose between a high and low version, different types of legs and various luxurious upholsteries in either leather or textile. The wide, molded cushion and the curves along the back of the chairs ensure a fantastic sitting comfort.

A design to last

The Era Lounge Collection is designed to transcend generations and is just as at home with lovers of design or families with children, as it is with young couples or their grandparents. Aside from its timeless shape, Era also has an incredibly strong and durable construction with steel-reinforcement and textile intended for intensive everyday use.

Which is your Era?

So, which Era are you going to choose? Here are a couple of tips that might help you choose: The high-back version has added support for the neck, making it perfect for resting. The low version is ideal for smaller living spaces, as it takes up less visual space. The Era Rocking Chair has a uniquely calming effect and is a fun and unexpected choice for a lounge chair. For extra comfort and rest for the feet, you can get an Era Footstool that matches your chair perfectly and can function as an extra seating unit.

But rest asured, no matter which of the chairs you select, Era is comfortable for hours on end!

Visit our website to find out more about the Era Lounge Collection.

Normann Copenhagen in La Rinascente

Normann Copenhagen is happy to exhibit with our good friends in La Rinascente in Milan in the prime location at the end of the escalator to the design supermarket on floor -1.

The exhibition guides the consumer through the designers’ thoughts behind their designs. This allows the consumer to get a sense of the vision of the products. We visited La Rinascente in Milan to shoot these pictures. What do you think?

So if you are in Milan before the 28th of May, make sure to visit La Rinascente and check out the Normann Copenhagen exhibition.

Iconic design in new colors

Beautiful new colors for the iconic design of the Krenit Bowl will soon be available for all Krenit lovers. The original Krenit Bowl now comes in a mint, a clear yellow and a bold coral. Krenit is a perfect example of excellent Danish design and throughout the years it has become a classic in the Danish homes. With the addition of the new colors, the series now contains a total of 60 bowls in ten colors and six sizes.

As a tribute to this simple design, the three new colors are carefully selected, creating a sharp contrast to the black exterior of the bowl. The inspiration for the yellow and mint colored bowls was drawn from the original Krenit color universe. The clear yellow adds a touch of nostalgia while the cool mint creates a distinguished, Scandinavian expression. The strong coral is a bold feminine choice for the home.

Check out the wonderful Krenit Bowls at our website

The Art of Living

THE ART OF LIVING is an exhibition curated by the Italian Corriere della Sera Interior Magazine LIVING. The exhibition took place during the Triennale di Milano in April, and we’re happy to say that our Nyhavn Vases were selected to be part of it. Our friends at Corriere della Sera were kind enough to send us their beautiful pictures from the exhibition. Let’s just say that we’re in love – so much so, in fact, that we just had to share the images with you here on the blog.

Project and set-up Migliore+Servetto Architects, Styling Alessandro Pasinelli.


The curators about the exhibition:

“The exhibition aims to explain the dialogue between design and contemporary art. Design can be considered as an art form perfectly fitting together with contemporary artwork pieces and installations.

A double face story that marks the artistic origin of Made in Italy. Domestic spaces open the doors to contemporary art and its various expressive shapes that build an unprecedented tale utilizing historical and contemporary items of design and furniture. The Art of Living put up on a show ten authors’ interiors. The event ingredients: design icons, the most significant contemporary design items and artists’ sets. The suggestive combination between artistic installations and design products gives life to unique spaces”.


Dining Room

Domestic Spa

Home Office

In Out

Living Room


Reading Room


Like what you see? Then make sure to check out the bright candy-colored pictures that the talented stylists from LIVING created in collaboration with Italian retailer YOOX right here. Pssst… Did you spot the Nyhavn Vase in one of the pictures above?

Welcome colors into your living room

When decorating the living room, don’t be afraid to use colors. As long as you keep it in tones that compliment each other, you are good to go. We’ve gathered some inspiration on how to use colors and bring a little life into your living room.

Paint the walls in different colors to divide the room visually. Simple and matte finishes make the room look more exclusive, and mixing unexpected shades create a bold appearance.

For a calm contrast to colorful walls, opt for furniture pieces in grey or neutrals, or go all out and create a playful universe by using different shades of blue on everything from walls to furniture and accessories. Mix bold blue tones with fresh coral and soft pastels like nude.

If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge with brightly colored walls and eye-catching furniture pieces, there are lots of other easy ways to spruce up the living room on a smaller scale. Use accessories like the Cloud Cushion and Nyhavn Vase to create a coherent look, but don’t be afraid to be daring.

Thinking about going for a colored floor? We say: Go for it! But we recommend sticking to just a few colors of choice in the room to avoid it looking busy and unorganized.

A couple of neutral elements like the Norm 69 Lamp, the Solid Table and a Light House in white can be just the right contrast to the colors and can helps create a more tranquil atmosphere.

Get more colorful inspiration in our gallery pages.

Get graphical

We love using graphical elements in the décor. Graphic designs often have a way of catching the eye, and they are also a perfect way of adding a personal touch to the home.

Go to Normann Copenhagen's Website

Here the simple, graphic line in the Oona Carpet helps to direct the eye to the stacked Color Boxes filled with toys, while the red Circus Pouf creates a playful look in the room.

Shop Agnes

The Agnes Vases have a raw and graphical expression with a strong contrast. At the same time, they stand out as simple and clean. Use them in a combination with sweet pastels to soften the feel of the contrast.

Shop Sprinkle

The Sprinkle Quilt is a perfect example that graphic design doesn’t have to be sharp and straight but can have a more soft and organic expression. The Sprinkle Quilt has a beautiful abstract print inspired by various textures and pigments such as sand, pearls and confetti.

Sprinkle comes in a varied selection of subdued, calm tones and more contrasting, playful color combinations. Choose the smoke grey quilt for an understated elegance, or go for the blush quilt for a more vibrant and bold look.

Shop Normann Tea

The packaging of the Normann Tea has a dramatic and vivid feel that really draws the attention. The color explosion help underline the delicious taste of the tea. Normann Tea comes in 12 different varieties that include different types of rooibos tea, oolong tea, green tea, white tea and black tea.

Shop Geo

If you’re not that crazy about prints and patterns, don’t worry… You can still create a graphical expression by opting for items that have sharp lines, like the Geo Vacuum Jug, for example. The design of Geo is based on simple, geometric shapes; a mix of circles, cylinders, triangles, and squares. The graphic look is further emphasized by the daring color combinations.

Shop Brick

Brick is a cushion with a modern and elegant feel that plays with shapes, colors and materials. The contrasts are created  by the various shades and textures that are mixed together, while the different geometric shapes are reminiscent of patchwork, jigsaw puzzles and games such as Tetris.

Use the brightly colored cushions to spruce up a dark sofa, or create a more sophisticated look with simple colors such as creme and grey.

Find all the products here at our website.

Spiff up the office

Office Space

There is nothing like a clean and organized office space to kickstart an efficient workday. Everybody can get organized, with the right equipment, so we have gathered some inspiration, if you are thinking about uplifting your office or your desk at home.

Color Box

Color Box is perfect for storing books, magazines and other, smaller objects. Add a dynamic expression to the room and create your own look by mixing and matching the different colors. Color Box can be hung on the wall or stacked on the floor in various ways.

Another storage object is our new Pocket Organizers, which will be in stores soon. They will serve perfectly holding your pencils, paperwork and other office supplies. The Pockets are mounted on the wall with a sliding bracket so it’s easy to slide it off and clean.

Sign up and be notified when Pockets are available.



Side Table Lamp has a soft light that provides the perfect illumination in the office. Side has a modern expression that stands out and at the same time brings an attenuated feel.


Kabino has a simple design, that will fit perfect for storage in an office.  You can use it to keep your office supplies and paperwork in order and furthermore it’s stackable which makes it a multifaceted piece of furniture that suits almost every room and every need.

One of the its two sliding doors has perforated holes, giving it a visual elegance. The ash frame softens the feel and adds warmth.



The Just Chair is clean and simple with its classic expression. The slightly curved seat provides optimal sitting comfort which makes it perfect as an office chair since you often will be seated for a while.

Block Table

The Block Table is a versatile piece of furniture with many applications in the home. In the office it is well suited as an continuation of your desk to hold all your office supplies, so it’s possible to get extra space for your paperwork, where you are seated.

Get more inspiration for the office at our website.


The date of Mother’s Day varies around the world. In Denmark we celebrate our mothers on the 11th of May. Sending flowers to your mom is a classic move. But why not take it to the next level? Celebrate motherhood by giving your mom a vase for holding beautiful flowers throughout the year.

The Nyhavn Vase is available in three different sizes and in six different colors. Nyhavn is recognizable and distinctive with its well-rounded silhouette, designed by Simon Legald. The vases are both stunning by themselves and when placed together in various combinations – even without flowers.

Shop Nyhavn Vases here. 

A fun playroom

Thinking about redecoration the playroom? Then let your imagination run wild and get ready to create an inspiring and playful universe along with the kids. We have gathered some inspiration to get you started! Don´t be afraid of trying out daring combinations. Let your inner child loose and decorate with colorful furniture and acceccories that have a humoristic twist.

Use the Hang On Coat Rack as a ideal place to store dress up clothes. Remember to mount it on the wall low enough for the children to reach.

The Bau Lamp is a unique and fun addition to the kid´s room with its creative and geometric shapes . Bau is a self-assembly lamp with an almost scultural look. The light also creates decorative patterns on the walls and ceilings.

Inspired by drops of water, the Dropit Hooks are a great example of how a simple product with a simple function can make an impact. Hang a single drop on the wall or create a patterne with several Dropit Hooks. Comes in different colours as well as an wood version.

Circus Pouf is a Scandinavian Moroccan pillow with a naive and playful mode of expression. It is an easy way to add color to the décor. Circus is a multi-functional and decorative piece of furniture which is available in two sizes and four saturated color combinations.

Ducky is inspired by traditionel wooden toys. The design is full of nostalgia and character and adds an element of humor and enjoyment to the home. A timeless design object that can follow your kids throughout their lives.

Color Box is a multi-functional storage unit with an industrial feel. The Color Boxes can be hung on the wall or stacked on the floor in various ways, allowing you to create your won personal look. Combine all six different colors for a vibrant effect in the playroom. Perfect for organizing toys and books.