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Surrender to soft pink

The upcoming Valentine’s Day has got us thinking rosy thoughts, so we’re dedicating today’s post to soft shades of pink. Rose is traditionally associated with femininity, charm, tenderness and romance, but right now these pale rosy hues make us think warm thoughts of spring!

If you too are feeling spring creeping up on you, here are a few pale pink items that will help you add a little springtime freshness to your home until the weather catches up!



Floe Tealight Holder in clear, rose, coral and smoke


Tea Eggs

Rose accessories_flip


These icy pink and blush accessories are indispensable helpers around the home. From the left: Krenit salad set, Shoehorn short, Pinch chesse grater & Beater


Go big or go home! While a pink sofa may not be for all, we love the bold statement made by the Swell sofa in this color. 

Era wins the prestigious German Design Award 2015

We couldn´t be more proud! Normann Copenhagen’s new lounge collection Era has barely come on the market before it is honored with the prestigious German Design Award.

Era has won the German Design Award for 2015 in the category of Home & Decoration. The award is given for outstanding product design. Not only did Era win in its category, the range was also bestowed with an additional honor from the jury, a so-called Special Mention, for its exceptional design quality.

billede til bloggen_ERA_500pxEra lounge chair low version in black leather and grey textile with black legs. 

The award is presented by the German Design Council, who has represented the German design scene for the past 60 years. The German Design Award is a highly respected international award and only designs nominated by the council can be taken into consideration. A jury of international experts from various fields within the world of design then choose the winner.

The winner Era, is a range of lounge chairs designed by Normann Copenhagen’s in-house designer, Simon Legald. Era was created in the cross field between modern production methods and traditional craftsmanship. The versatility and durable construction of the range makes it suitable for both public and private environments. It is a timeless, distinctive range with the potential of becoming a classic and on top of this Era can now also be call an award winner.

We sat down for a cup of coffee with Simon and asked him a few questions about Era:

1)   What does it mean to you as a designer to win the German Design Award 2015 for the Era lounge collection?

It is always fantastic to receive acknowledgement for the work one does. As someone who is still relatively new to the design business, getting a pat on the back from well-established design institutions is a great honor. I am happy that the jury behind the German Design Award believes in Era and see that it sets itself apart from other lounge series on the market.

Era_Nude_GridYou can get five different types of bases; chrome, black, rocking (chrome), walnut or oak veneer.

2)   Where and how would you use the Era lounge chair yourself?

For me the goal of creating the Era lounge collection was to design a series that fit many kinds of environments and serves many purposes. I live in a typical small Copenhagen flat and I would either use it in my living room as an extra seat next to the sofa or as a reading chair in my bedroom.

602862_Era_Lounge_Chair_High_Chrome_Breeze_Fusion_Rose_1_500pxSimon Legald has also designed a matching foot stool, making Era a complete family. 

3)   Which details of the chair are you most fond of?

There are different details that I really like but I am very happy that the Era series has become like a family. The high chair and low chair with different bases share the same design features. At the same time the differences are also what make each chair its own.

I really like the natural meeting of the bases and shell. It almost looks like the steel base moves its way up the back and embraces the shell. It gives an industrial and stringent look. On the other hand the wood bases provide warmth and a more soft expression. It is the same chair but the small variations lets it function in many types of environments.

Era_production_gridSimon Legald inspecting and correcting early prototypes of the low version of Era.

Big congratulations to Simon!

Era_Grey_GridEra comes in both a high and a low version. 

The official award ceremony will take place during the Ambiente International Frankfurt Fair in February, 2015.

Trends in Stockholm

One of the things that we also really enjoy when we take part in different trade shows is seeing what talented stylists from around the world create for the special trend exhibitions. These exhibitions are an important part of almost every fair.

Currently in progress, the Stockholm Furniture Fair is no exception. For this edition of the fair four prominent Scandinavian interior designers have been invited to share their vision of spaces spanning from the home to public environments. The result is a hotel lobby, a lunch room, a home office and a bedroom that blurs the lines between public and private.

We were thrilled that Normann Copenhagen was represented in all four rooms with more than 18 of our products such as the newly launched Form chair, the Cap table lamp and the classic Whisky glasses.

Join us here for a look at their trend predictions.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015040Spinkle quilt, Brilliant box and Watch Me wall clock
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015039Shorebird and Nabo tray

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015038Brilliant box

The Bedroom – Scandinavian maximalism

Color expert Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth’s has created a bedroom with the theme “Scandinavian maximalism”. In this room Dagny has broken away from Scandinavian minimalism and created a relaxed look. She has mixed expensive items with products at lower price points and added deep saturated colors. She believes that we will be seeing a lot more of this more maximalist Scandinavian style in the future.

Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, is an Oslo-based color expert whose work includes color and trend analyses and concept development for various brands.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015027Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015033Normann cutlery

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015031Cap table lamp

The Lunchroom – slow motion
Designer Johanna Asshoff’s lunchroom is bright and uncluttered, with large, clean surfaces that create a clear space and leave room for the small details. In the design, she uses mainly natural materials, with green plants and luscious shapes embracing those entering the room.

Johanna Asshoff is trained as an interior designer and designer at Carl Malmsten’s School and has run the Stockholm-based Asshoff & Brogård design studio since 2008.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015036Form chair, Nabo tray and Pocket organizers
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015037Brick cushion

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015034Form chair

The Home Office – new simplicity
Trend expert Stefan Nilsson has created a home office that can switch between the private and public. For 2015 Stefan believes in “reduction” and “new simplicity” and his aim has been to create a relaxing and aesthetic atmosphere which also allows plenty of room for an efficient work day. One of the ways he has achieved this is by incorporating lots of storage space.

Stefan Nilsson is a Swedish design and trends expert. He founded the Design Gallery design works in Stockholm in 2008.

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015026Lumberjack candle holder,  Brilliant box, Geo tray, Geo milk jug and Whisky glasses
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015022Lumberjack candle holder and Whisky glasses
Stockholm Furniture Fair 2015023Geo milk jug, Geo tray and Brilliant box

The Hotel Lobby – luxury and grandeur
Danish stylist, concept developer, design journalist and writer Lene Ostenfeldt invites you to have a break in her luxurious lobby that seeks encourage people to step out of their comfort zone of traditional Scandinavian decorating:

“In my design, I would like to raise our Scandinavian roots to a new global level. The space should exude luxury and extravagance and convey a warm, comfortable feeling. For some years now, the color white has ruled and minimalist design has been popular, but I want to work with a sensitively selected color scale. More color is on the rise and I hope to inspire more courage in décor”, says Lene Ostenfeldt.

Visit Stockholm Furniture Fair’s website to read more about the trend exhibition.

Lunching with Normann Copenhagen

The Maison et Objet fair might be over for now, but we are thrilled that we can look back on this edition of the Paris fair as our best one yet! As a great bonus, helping to put this fair over the top, we were invited to be part of two of the lunch cafés at the fair.

Milk Decoration Café

For this Maison et Objet the Milk Decoration Café in Hall 6 went for a geometric and playful look with a colorful mix of triangles and bold orange accents as the theme for their lunchtime hangout. Our Circus Poufs and coral Ding Tables fit perfectly into the theme, adding a three-dimensional take on the concept.


Photo courtesy of Milk Decoration


Photos courtesy of Milk Decoration


Photo courtesy of Milk Decoration

Marie Claire Maison Café

A well-known fixture in Hall 8, the Marie Claire Maison CAfé is always a very popular place for visitors to rest their tired legs and have a lunch. This time, the café was lit by a cluster of our Amp Lamps.

Marie Claire Maison Objet 2015035

Marie Claire Maison Objet 2015036


Visit the websites of Milk Decoration and Marie Claire Maison.

Check out the products on loan on our website here.

New Year, New Catalogs!

Our launch of novelties is often accompanied by a new catalog and this time is no different. We have made no less than three new catalogs: one for furniture, one for accessories and another one focusing exclusively on our new Form furniture collection.

Our creative team loves the process of making a stylish and inviting visual presentation of our products. They always strive to create an atmosphere that feels fresh and new but still in tune with Normann Copenhagen’s visual identity.


They have worked with minimalistic set-ups in order to let the pieces stand out and tell their own tale. This streamlined approach is also clearly reflected on the cover art.

3520_Krenit Salad_Set_ALL_1

Textiles are a key element in the styling of the new images in the soft pink accessories catalog. They function as a backdrop for the products, softening and contrasting the clean shapes and adding warmth and texture.


In the blue furniture catalog the love for fabrics continues with upholstered furniture pieces styled in a wide range of home environments. The catalog takes you on a tour through the home one room at a time.


Last but not least, we have dedicated an entire catalog to our new furniture collection Form. This catalog is filled with inspirational images and text telling the story of the new collection – all the way from initial idea to finished product.

Need a little break? Then lean back, relax and get inspired by the new catalogs. You can read them all here.

Simon and the stool

Familiar yet different. Our in house designer Simon Legald often takes his starting point in archetypal furniture pieces which he reinterprets, breathing fresh air into everyday objects. This is also the case with our new Tap Stool designed by Simon. Tap is a classic stool with subtle, unexpected details. The stool is just about to hit stores and in that connection we have asked Simon to share his thoughts on the design.

Why did you decide to design a stool?

To me a stool is the simplicity of seating and since it is so simple, I wanted to focus on the connection of the seat and the legs and also find a material that could provide a fresh and unexpected touch to the stool. The PUR foam, that the seat is made of, looks like a hard density, but when you touch it, you will experience an “upholstery” like feel that surprises and pleases.

Tap in walnut with black seat

Some of Simon’s sketches of Tap

Is there a specific detail of the design you are particularly fond of?

The way the legs are integrated into the seat. Functionally speaking this makes it easier to stack more stools, but I also think it adds something extra to the visual experience of the stool. I like how the smooth transition between the seat and legs elegantly unifies the two parts.

Detail of the Tap stool

Stools can fulfill many purposes. How do you use yours?

I use them for extra seating. In the corner of my living room, I have a stack of 6 stools. When not in use, they take up very little space. 

With a stack of Tap Stools you are always prepared to seat extra house guests.

Tap comes in a warm color scale of Black, Grey, Aubergine, Olive and Spicy Orange with walnut or oak legs. Choose a single color or mix them up for a more vibrant looking stack. Find out more about Tap here.

Home decor – What’s new in 2015

Recently the Danish paper Jyllandsposten did an interview with our Brand Manager Britt Bonnesen about the trends of 2015 for their Sunday supplement JP Living. To keep you on the cutting edge of this year’s trends we have summed up her predictions in this post.

Britt Bonnesen, Brand Manager at Normann Copenhagen

Britt believes the inspiration from the 1950’s which we have seen in 2014 will continue this year. Focus will be on craftsmanship and high quality. Overall we will pay greater attention to tactile qualities and materials will be mixed and used in new, surprising ways. Marble, which could be seen everywhere in 2014, will stay trendy, but colored versions will replace the white.

2015 will be a colorful year. All though the colors will be soft, we will see more of them and combine them more daringly. Besides plenty of white and gray hues, the color range for 2015 will include blush, rouge, navy blue and bottle green.

The colors bottle green and blush will be big in 2015

The Amp Lamps mix the high quality materials marble and glass in a nostalgic yet contemporary design. The colored marble and mix of materials make these lamps perfect for a 2015 interior update


Transparent glass, as seen in the Amp Lamps, will be one of 2015’s trends, Britt predicts. Transparent elements add lightness and glass is an easy way of bringing it in to the decor. In Normann Copenhagen’s new glass pieces the delicacy of the glass is balanced with chunky shapes.

This small glass box called Brilliant excites the curiosity with its translucent sides that reveal just a little bit of what is inside

Floe is a small candle holder in inviting colors. The transparent glass will reflect the flame and create a beautiful play with light


Britt Bonnesen believes we will see a lot of textiles in 2015’s interiors. Upholstered furniture, curtains and maybe even tapestry or walls covered entirely with fabric. If you are not ready to jump into textile walls, then paint them instead. Soft exclusive nuances can create a feeling of matte texture similar to that of textiles.

Bring some textile into your home with Era, a series of lounge chairs upholstered in exclusive fabrics by the Danish company Gabriel

Shiny surfaces

Another trend, Britt believes in, is metallic materials and high gloss finishes. Metals like copper and brass have long been a big hit, but for 2015 several different types of shiny surfaces will find their way into our homes.

The Basic Series in titanium-coated stainless steel and soft silicone is a beautiful representation of the metallic trend. The coated steel material has a silky finish and the silicone is soft to the touch

Lacquered steel, for example, which has an almost glazed paper-like appearance that looks great in contrast with more matte materials.

 The Stay Table is a small side table made of lacquered steel in fashionable colors

Dark wood

While lighter types of wood like ash and oak have dominated our homes in recent years, Britt foresees that darker wood species like for example walnut will be back in 2015. At Normann Copenhagen we welcome the dark wood which we think gives a pleasant warmth and depth to light Scandinavian interiors.

Take in the dark wood trend with the new Form Chair which is available with a walnut frame


Geometric shapes with subtle references to the 1950’s are another of 2015’s trends. The symmetry and simplicity go well with minimalistic interiors and create a stringent yet playful expression.


The quirky Cap Lamp has a geometric feel and comes in this intriguing midnight blue color which matches the color scale of 2015 perfectly

Add some geometric shapes with the Geo Series in blush and nude

New spring 2015 accessories

Our calender for the first months of the year is booked with fairs were we will present our Spring news. We are always eager to show you the new additions to our product range and this time we have some smart and functional accessories coming up, mainly in the kitchen department. Read on for a quick overview and stay tuned because we will share their many lovely features with you throughout spring.

Krenit Salad Set in new colors

The Krenit Salat Set that matches the Krenit Bowls has been part of our collection for quite some time now. But while the Krenit Bowl comes in a wide selection of colors the Salad Set has so far only been available in black and white. Those days are over, because now we expand the color range with no less than five new ones! Three appetizingly bright hues; rose, red and turquoise and two that are more toned down; blue and grey, have been added to the range.

Pinch Cheese Grater

The new Pinch Cheese Grater has a simple but clever design. A flat piece of plastic is folded and attached to the blade forming a collection pan that gathers the grated cheese. No more cheese spills on the table! This little fellow is the perfect companion for eating pasta to top up with cheese at the table, but the grater also works well with ingredients like nutmeg, chocolate and lemon zest.

Pin Peeler

New to the kitchen drawer is also the Pin Peeler which is a reinterpretation of the classic vegetable peeler. Pin has a slender, minimalistic, almost futuristic, look which is accentuated by the vivid color range. The blade is rotatable, making Pin suitable for both right and left handed users. The silicone coating provides a good, comfortable grip.

Craft Mills in stained oak

Our popular Craft Series has been expanded with a new version of the salt and pepper mills in stained oak with white and brown marble. Craft is an exclusive series of high quality kitchen tools. The mills are made with a ceramic CrushGrind® grinder, which has been tested to grind salt and pepper for an equivalent of up to 200 years of normal household use without showing any notable signs of wear.

Play Coat rack

This playful coat rack with the fitting name Play is a charming and practical addition to the hallway or children’s room. The grain structure of the solid oak is visible through the painted pegs, giving the coat rack a warm and natural look. Play comes in three colorways which have different expressions. Choose between the cute Candy in inviting pastel hues, the cool Shadow in variations of grey or Oak with unpainted pegs for a classic look.


Visit our Paris stand

Friday, January 23rd the bianual Masion et Objet trade show in Paris started. This fair always gets us excited and we love the atmosphere, all the nice people we meet and of course the lovely city of lights.

We exhibited in Hall 8 which, according to Maison et Objet, is the hall where the new generation of designers is playing with forms and mixing styles with talent and inventiveness. In the very front of the hall visitors can find the Normann Copenhagen stand.

Scroll down to see how our stand looked!

Overview of the Normann Copenhagen stand

Form chairs and barstools on display

Our Era lounge collection providing bold blue and yellow comfort for visitors’ tired legs. 

Rows of versatile tables for the home – top from left: Tablo, Block. Bottom from left: Box, Stay

 The new Tap stools with their colorful and surprising, soft seats. 

A royal blue Swell sofa, Circus poufs and Block table teaming up for an eye-catching cozy corner. 

Natural wood dining room highlighted with a deep green linoleum wall

Bar area with Form barstools make for a comfy place to have a chat with guests.

Swing by the Normann Copenhagen Facebook page to see even more picture from the stand.

Our week

We have had an eventful week with lots of international guests, meetings, inspiration and fun. Thank you to all that came to Copenhagen and joined us at the Northmodern fair, in our Flagship Store and for the Form Exhibition. Get behind the scenes of Normann Copenhagen this past week.

Northmodern Fair 18-20 January 2015

Our week started a bit earlier than usual when the Northmodern fair kicked off Sunday the 18th of January. Northmodern is a new Scandinavian innovative lifestyle and design trade show based in Copenhagen and this edition was the very first.

New Form Table and Armchairs looking good together with the Pocket Series, also designed by Simon Legald.

One of the spring 2015 novelties, the popular Craft Series in a new stained oak version with brown and white marble.

CEO & Co-founder Poul Madsen being interviewed about Normann Copenhagen´s participation at Northmodern.

The Tap Stool comes in 5 colors with a choice of two bases in either oak or walnut.

Another of the spring 2015 news is this colorful and eye-catching Pin Peeler.

Stand seen from above!

The Pinch Cheese Grater was also presented for the first time. Will be in shops later this spring.

See more images from Northmodern here. 

Normann Copenhagen x Northmodern Cocktail Party

Monday night we hosted a cocktail party at our Flagship Store. Normann Copenhagen has worked closely with Northmodern to make the fair special with exciting new initiatives and events. This cocktail party was one of them. 500+ guests came to celebrate the launch of Northmodern, turning a grey Monday night into something special. Again thank you to all the wonderful people who joined us!

See more images from the party here. 

Designer of Form speaks about the design

Tuesday our in-house designer Simon Legald spoke at the fair about our new Form Collection. Form was actually Simon’s graduation project from the design school and it earned him top marks. As an in-house designer, Simon has been closely involved in the process of making the Form Collection, not only when it comes to the design, but also with the many choices regarding the advanced production of the furniture pieces.

Form was also exhibited in the grand entrance hall of Northmodern. The exhibition explored the process of making Form with details about its history, design and production. If you missed this exhibition, you still have the chance to experience Form at our Flagship Store where a similar exhibition will be on view until 13 March 2015.

Form Chair with legs in steel, creating a more slim profile and tone-on-tone look. 

The white industrial plastic shell gives a nice contrast to the warm natural walnut base.

Form Chair consists of 25 individual pieces. 

We hope your week has been great too!