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Christmas glimpse by Agnes Fries

Christmas decorations are a great part of Christmas in most parts of the world. Whether indoors or outdoors, old or new – Christmas decoration will always generate a cozy Christmas feeling!

This week, we chat with Swedish designer Agnes Fries, who designed the elegant Agnes Vase perfect for Christmas flowers.

Agnes Fries is a product designer specialised in high quality ceramics.

The Agnes vase is perfect to use with the flowers of the Christmas season, as for example the poinsettia. Which flowers do you think work best in a beautiful Christmas bouquet?

My favorite Christmas flower is hyacinth because of the fragrance. When the house smells of cookies, hyacinth and spruce it’s finally Christmas. Other favorites are hellebore and amaryllis – seasonal classics and beautiful as white stars or snowflakes indoors.

Do you have any Christmas traditions special for your country that you would like to share with us?

From December 1st, every window in every Swedish home has an advent star or advent candlestick – or both. It’s quite touching how everybody has agreed to help one another through the darkest time of year by keeping the lights on in every street, road and alley of the whole country. I have a wrinkly old paper star that has been with me since I was a little and I’m very picky with the shape of the candlestick. I’m also the last to take mine down since I love having lights in the window when it’s dark outside.

In my family we wrap our own gifts and write poems or riddles to go along. It’s a nice way of giving someone a special thought and the wrapping of gifts has always been my favourite moment of Christmas, probably because it’s a relaxed and playful way of designing something for a loved one.

Processed with VSCOcam with n3 preset
Agnes’ favourite Christmas flower is hyacinth. Photo by Agnes.

What is your favorite Christmas decoration and why? 

If you can call the Christmas tree a decoration that’s my pick. How marvelous to have a tree indoors, and dress it with candles and ornaments! We get our tree from a friend’s forest and each year he chooses one for us and we go pick it up the day before Christmas – that’s when it begins. Most of our ornaments come from my childhood or from my parents or even grandparents, so each of them is a memory. It is not at all stylish but somehow becomes a well-composed mishmash slightly over the top, which is how I like Christmas.

Do you make your own Christmas decorations? If so, do you have any tips for making a personal Christmas decoration?  

Another way of letting the candles shine a little extra is to mount pieces of metallic paper on the walls behind them and create small displays. You can cut circles, stars or any shape and play around with placing a candle and a flower or something else in front. I enjoy placing decorations in random places and suddenly turn a spot into something Christmas.

My family has a lot of Christmas traditions and one of them is decorating the candlesticks with paper cut frills. It’s a simple way of making the candles more festive but of course you have to monitor them very carefully so they don’t catch fire, and they have to be exactly right to be elegant.

Step by step on how to make the paper cut frills for candlesticks. Photo by Agnes.

The frill is made by folding two sheets of different color tissue paper, cutting it very carefully and then turning it inside out. It should go twice around the candle and fit into the candlestick.

Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset
The result. Photo by Agnes.

About the Agnes Vase

Agnes Fries has designed the Agnes Vase, a simple and contrasting range of vases with a minimalist touch. The vases have been beautifully decorated with hand-painted black brush strokes, which gives them all their own unique personality. Because of its very minimalist look, the Agnes vase works great with all kinds of flowers, as it really enhances the colors.

Buy Agnes here.

The Agnes vase comes in 7 different sizes.

Christmas glimpse by Ole Jensen

The Christmas season is full of traditions. For many of us these traditions also include preparations of all kinds like cleaning and decorating our homes for cozy winter days!

This week, in our Christmas series of designer interviews, we have reached out to Danish designer Ole Jensen, the man behind the iconic and classic Washing-up Bowl.

Ole_05-500Ole Jensen sitting with a stack of his iconic washing-up bowl, which has won several design awards for its innovative design.

The washing-up bowl is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone who loves great design. What Christmas wishes do you have yourself this year?

New woolen socks – yet again this year. Preferably my mum´s hand-knitted version. In our family socks have a tendency to, over the year, end in a miserable and unmanageable condition in a large box, and almost all with holes! New socks reminds me it’s Christmas.

Do you have any special handcraft-traditions during Christmas time?

We are a family of two ceramicists, both me and my wife, so our yearly production of confection has the nature of a modelling project, only it’s in marzipan. Clay and marzipan have almost the same attributes! Sometimes for our yearly Christmas dinner with friends and colleagues, we have been modelling confection in marzipan and made small ‘copies’ of each others´ designs. It is always a lot of fun! In particular to see, if we can all recognize our own designs. I would like to do that again this year!

What do you think is the best thing about Christmas?

A re-listen of the Mariah Carey Christmas CD, which is usually ‘forbidden’ material. I also enjoy the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, where I have a nice relaxed feeling that everyone else is doing just as little as myself!

If you were to decorate a Christmas tree, what would characterize it?

I would be decorated with a lot more yellow than what goes for a normal decorated Christmas tree. But I guess that I will not have the time this year when I also have to do the marzipan!

1-500Ole Jensen has a tradition of modelling small copies of design products with marzipan. Can you guess what these are?

5-500Small marzipan ‘copies’ of a selection of Normann Copenhagen’s designs. From left: Tablo table, Washing-up bowl and Geo vacuum jug.

Learn more about Ole Jensen.

Swan on display

In the spring, we got the wonderful news that our wooden Swan, created by the design duo Everything Elevated, had won the acclaimed IF Design Award. As a result, the Swan is now flaunting its feathers at the prestigious IF Design Exhibition in Hamburg.

Swan is an elegant sculptural design piece made in solid oak. Everything Elevated has created a design without any unnecessary details: just like a pictogram, the Swan exudes a distinct, almost nonchalant posture, inspired by its namesake. And apparently, we are not the only ones charmed by the features of this little bird.


Swan won the IF Design Award in the category “Household/tableware”. With a total of 21 categories, IF strives to honor the very best within the diverse field of design, from automobiles and architecture to packaging and communication. The IF Design Award is one of the most coveted design awards in the world. It has been awarded every year for more than six decades and receives entries from more than 60 countries from all over the world.

U8A8353_151112_500pxU8A8481_151112_500pxU8A8366_151112 500 px
Images from the exhibition in Hamburg

The designs, which have been recognized with an IF Design Award, are exhibited at the grand IF Design Exhibition in Hamburg. If you have an interest in design, this exhibition is a must-see. Find information on location and opening hours here.

You could also get your very own Swan to put on display in your home. Find it here!

Christmas Glimpse by Böttcher Henssler Kayser

Winther time is high season for hot drinks. There is a cosy feeling about drinking something hot, whether it is alone or in company with others, and Christmas is all about cosiness!

This week we talk to the German designteam Böttcher Henssler Kayser, who are the designers behind the innovative Tea Strainer.

Böttcher Henssler Kayser_B-W-500

Do you have any unique Christmas traditions special for your country you would like to share with us?

Sören Henssler: “In Northern Germany there is the “Christmas Boßeln” with neighbours. A kind of bowling on the street, in which everybody drinks a lot of Krog, a beverage of hot water with rum, to get warm.”

The Tea Strainer is perfect for brewing a nice cup of Christmas Tea. What is your favourite hot drink during Christmas? Why?

Nikolaus Kayser: “Of course tea! It’s the only time in the year I really like drinking hot tea. It makes you feel even more warm if you put a small shot of high-proof rum and sugar candy inside. Cheers!”

Sören Henssler: “Just the smell of mulled wine makes me think of the winter time, since you can find this on any Christmas market in Germany.”

 What do you love about Christmas time?

Nikolaus Kayser: “We love mandarins! It is kind of the flavour of Christmas. And meeting all my big family from all over the world around Christmas for sure.”

Moritz Böttcher: “We love to share these calm days at home with our families and friends.”

Sören Henssler: “To come down and enjoy the days off with the family. If you’re lucky, then there is snow and the Christmas atmosphere is perfect.

Which elements do a traditional Christmas Eve dinner consist of in your opinion?

Nikolaus Kayser: “It’s very classic in my mind. I need the roast goose with red cabbage, potatoes and lots of gravy.”

Moritz Böttcher: “For Christmas Eve dinner there must be cosy candle lights, good wine and the traditional colours like white, red and green. Beside the traditional goose, some families prefer to serve carp or salmon. Alternatively some love to keep it simple with sausages, potato salad and beers.”

250458_Tea_Strainer_samlet 2-500

About Tea Strainer

Böttcher Henssler Kayser designed the Tea Strainer, as they needed a solution to the problem of where to put the strainer without spilling. What is great about the Tea Strainer is that it retains the heat and flavour while the tea is brewing, and when it is ready, the small built-in handle makes it easy to take out of the cup without burning your fingers. Like the brim of a hat, the folded silicone prevents dripping.

Buy Tea Strainer here.

The recipe for a typical German “Glühwein” (hot mulled wine):

Ingredients (serves 2-3 persons):

1 bottle of dry red wine (750 ml)

1 lemon

2 sticks of cinnamon

3 cloves

3 tablespoons of sugar

Some cardamom (or ginger)


Heat the red wine in a pot (do not boil). Cut the lemon into slices and add to the wine. Then add the cinnamon, cloves, sugar and a little cardamom (to taste). Heat everything for about 5 minutes – do not boil – and let stand for about an hour. Before serving, reheat and strain. Serve in pre warmed glasses or mugs.

Christmas Glimpse with Francis Cayouette

Christmas time also means time for some candlelight! Especially in Scandinavia, we have a tradition for using a lot of candles during the winter season whether it is inside or outside, on the table or on the Christmas tree.

In preparation for Christmas, we have asked 5 of our designers to share some of their Christmas moments with us over the coming weeks. This week, we’ve spoken to Francis Cayouette who is the designer behind the Heima collection of candle holders.

Francis-Cayouette-300dpi-500Francis Cayouette is Canadian but has been living in Denmark since 1999.

The Heima 4-armed Candlestick works perfectly as an Advent wreath for Christmas. How do you decorate your home for Christmas?

I must admit that it is mostly Anne Marie, my wife and designer as well, who takes care of the Christmas decorations at home. BUT, Heima has a very special place and every year it is decorated in a new way for the Advent. I find the Scandinavian way of decorating for Christmas very unique and charming, with a lot of natural elements and calmness. I also really like when we combine modern elements with traditional elements decorations we inherited from our childhood and the generations before us.

Candlelight is a substantial part of the Christmas season. How do you use candles in your own home during Christmas?

At home we always use candlelight during Christmas. For example in Denmark there is a tradition to use the calendar light, where every morning through the month of December a calendar candle is turned on at the breakfast table. A very important ‘’count down’’ function when the kids were younger, but today it is still there as one of many Christmas traditions. In the afternoon and the evening we use both tea lights and candles which bring a lot of coziness, together with the wood stove we have in our living room. Also we light a new candle every Sunday throughout Advent.

151122 Heima 1-500Francis always uses the Heima 4-Armed Candlestick as an Advent wreath for Christmas, which is decorated in a new way every year. Photo by Francis.

Heima has been created for company and cozy atmospheres. What, in your opinion, is the best and most cozy thing about Christmas?

I have been living in Denmark for more than 15 years and being in Denmark at Christmas time is always very special. Even if the month of December is a very busy period, it is also a very nice month with a lot of get-togethers with friends and family. Also when Christmas arrives and the shops close on the 24th, I really enjoy some relaxing Christmas days, always with a lot of candlelight.

What are the main differences between the Canadian and Danish way of celebrating Christmas?

The celebration of Christmas itself is not so different. It’s time for family reunions, exchange presents and lots of food! But the Canadian Christmas season is a bit different. There is the snow, lots of outdoor activities like skating and skiing, and decorations are very much colorful and flashy, more like it’s time to get excited, compared to Denmark where it’s more a time to get cozy and relax… if you want it to be!

4-500Lit candles are an important part of Christmas for Francis and his family. Here the Heima tealight holders are gathered to create a cozy winter feeling. Photo by Francis.

151122 Heima 4-500The simple design of the Heima collection makes it perfect for decorations, as you can style it in a lot of different ways. Photo by Francis.

About the Heima collection:

Heima is a series of cast iron candlesticks designed by Francis Cayouette. The idea behind the design is to make a series of candles that creates company and time for coziness. The minimalist candlesticks are sculptural and make an elegant and stylish accompaniment to both modern and classic decors. A great feature of Heima is that the collection gives you the opportunity to mix and match the different candles according to your own style and needs.

Buy Heima here.

Heima-all-together-white-candles-300-dpi_grey-500The Heima collection.

Stay tuned for next week where the design team Böttcher, Henssler, Kayser amongst other tells us about how they keep themselves warm during winter!

Christmas glimpse by Troels Øder Hansen

The Christmas season is here already. We are busy preparing for this magic time of the year including decorating, buying presents and get-togethers with friends and families. We all have different traditions and activities that we like to do during the Christmas season. We have asked 5 of our designers to share some of their Christmas moments with us for the coming weeks!

This week, we talk with Troels Øder Hansen, who is the designer behind the Friends salt & pepper set.

1. Troels +ÿder Hansen-Husk Mit Navn. Foto Anette V+ªring-500Troels Øder Hansen and his co. partner HuskMitNavn

Friends is a perfect Christmas gift for the man with humour. What is the funniest Christmas gift you have ever received? 

When we were younger, Husk Mit Navn and I used to meet Christmas eve (after the family dinner) and buy each other drinks instead of presents. That turned out quite fun sometimes…

Does your creative background reflect the way you are decorating for Christmas or are you very traditional in this area?  

I have re-discovered Christmas after having kids. For me it is most important that it is fun to do and that we have a good time doing it.

Friends is also a great accessory for the Christmas table. What else must also not be missing on a Christmas table in your opinion? 


What is the most creative Christmas present you have ever given, and whom did you give it to?

It´s Friends – all of my family got it. I have to figure out something new this year : )

130505_Friends_ALL-500Troels Øder Hansen has designed Friends salt & pepper set together with the anonymous artist, HuskMitNavn.


More about Friends

Friends Salt & Pepper Set is fun, friendly and eye-catching, and it will surely bring a smile on the receivers face! The design plays on the double meaning of the Danish word ‘bøsse’ (which means both ‘shaker’ and ‘gay’). The two friends come with or without a painted leather vest, signifying either the salt or the pepper shaker.

Buy Friends here.

Stay tuned for next week where designer Francis Cayouette amongst other tells us about why living candles is a must for him to get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Countdown!

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to decorate your home for this special time of year. Today, Christmas decorations come in all shapes and colors, and there is lots of room for being creative.

We love celebrating Christmas with items that have clean lines and a minimalist look. You can use them either alone as they are or combine them with your favorite Christmas decorations in order to get a personal Christmas look.


Spread the Christmas cheer in your decor with Normann Copenhagen’s Christmas candle 2015, designed by Anne Lehmann.

A main feature of this Christmas candle is the motif, which consist of rows of numbers printed all around the candle. The number 24 is highlighted at the bottom of the candle to emphasize the big day. Besides adding a clean expression to the candle, it also allows you to enjoy it from any angle of the room!

Combine the Christmas candle with the Heima Block candle holder for a simple and stylish look!


The Pocket organizers are a great way of storing your Christmas decorations! Use them on the wall with your favorite Christmas gear, or make an Advent calendar as we have a tradition for in Denmark. The different sizes and colors makes it easy to mix and match them to suit your personal style and preferences.

The Pocket organizers come in 4 different sizes with the colors white, light grey, black, dark green, spicy orange and golden yellow.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (28)-500

Heima is a series of candle holders made of cast iron. This gives the candle holders a minimalist yet characterful look. The simple and timeless design makes them perfect for decoration all year round and for all occasions.

The Heima 4-armed candlestick works great as a minimalist alternative to a classic Advent wreath. Use it on top of the Heima Plate, simply as it is, or decorate it with pine and cones mixed with your favorite Christmas decorations!

We’re ready to let the countdown begin. Are you?

Living small but great!

There are a lot of options for furnishing a small home with furnitures that still looks great and that are able to make room for alle the stuff you need to fit in. Go for furniture that are versatile, space saving and have room for storage. This way, you will have room for more stuff without going on promise with a stylish decoration.

602981_Era_Sofa_Walnut_BreezeFusion_4801_9-500-1Era comes in a wide selection of colors and with legs in oak, walnut, steel or crome.

The Era sofa is perfect for the small home! This 2 seater sofa has has an elegant and light look that will fit perfectly into a smaller room without making it seem crowded. What characterise Era is its wellproportioned design, sharp silhouette and contemporary expression, which all makes it able to fit into any home.

Era is also available as a lounge chair.

6022_Block_Table_All_3-500Block table comes in the colors black, dark grey, light grey and white.

With the Block table you have a versatile piece of furniture with a countless number of applications! The four wheels on the table makes it very mobile and thus easy to move around. This is a very practical solution if you are in need of more storage, but don’t have room for more shelters or cupboards.

Use it for extra storage in the kitchen, for books and a table lamp in the living room or maybe in the bedroom for clothes and other personal accessories.

602253_Tap_Stool_OakAubergine_4-500Tap is comes in the colors; black, grey, aubergine, olive or orange, and is availbale in oak or walnut.

If you are living in a small home and are in need for some extra chairs, when you are having guest over, the Tap stool is the perfect solution! This versatile chair doesn’t take up much space and is very practical as you can stack it together.

Tap is designed by Simon Legald and has just won the 2016 German Design Award – Special Mention for its exceptional design.

6000_Toj_ClothesRacks_1_ekstra-500Toj comes in the colors grey or white and is available in two sizes.

If you need some storage for your clothes, shoes or bags, but don’t have enough room for a closet, Toj is a perfect alternative!

With its simple design that enhances the colthes hanging on it Toj is a practical and decorative way to solve your storage problems.

Even though you are living small, there is no reason why it can not be great! Visit our homepage for even more ideas for living small.

Amp spotted at Hatoba restaurant!

If you are into Japanese food, you should pay a visit at the Japanese restaurant Hatoba in Copenhagen. Here you can enjoy modern Japanese cuisine in beautiful surroundings that include our Amp lamp! This pendant distributes a warm glowing light that is perfect for creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

HATOBA27171 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500

The decor of the restaurant was created by the Danish design duo HolmbäckNordentoft, who are also the designers behind several products in the Normann Copenhagen collection. HolmbäckNordentoft’s design philosophy is to create products or solutions in a sustainable design that you keep, use and care for until they are used to bits and pieces. We clearly see this executed at the Hatoba restaurant where deep and dark classic color shades are combined with Nordic wood and glass accents.

HATOBA27141 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500The Amp lamp fits perfectly into the warm yet industrial look of Hatoba.

Restaurant 5 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500Amp has a nostalgic and at the same time, contemporary feel. Use it alone or mix and match the different sizes and colors for a personal touch. 

HATOBA27173 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500

Hatoba is located on Store Kongensgade 60, in the center of Copenhagen.

Photo Credit: Photo by Philip Ørneborg

Bring gifts instead of flowers!

It is always a great gesture to bring a little host gift to the person who is hosting. A bunch of flowers will always be well received, but unfortunately, they cannot be enjoyed forever, as they will eventually wilt. So why not try to give something that last for a little longer next time?

Read on to get inspired, as we have found 5 suggestions on a gift for your host or hostess:

1001_Shorebirds_Group-500Shorebird comes in 3 different sizes and legs in the color-options: black, white coral or sea blue.

If you need a gift that will suit anyone, our Shorebird is a perfect choice!  This decorative bird works as a great accessory for every home, as it fits into all rooms and styles. As Shorebird is available in different sizes and colors on the legs, it gives you the opportunity to find one that suits exactly the recipient’s taste!



1020_Agnes_Vase_BlackWhite_all_Group-BPAgnes is available in 7 different sizes.

Instead of bringing flowers, why not bring a beautiful vase to put flowers into. Maybe you can even bring both? The Agnes vase is an excellent choice for this, as it has a simple and elegant look that will enhance the colors of the flowers. The combination of white and fine black brush strokes creates a simple and minimalist design that fits into every home décor.

120951_Brilliant_Box_Small_Smoke_2-BPBrilliant box comes in 6 different colors and is available in 2 sizes.

This may be a gift for the women, but the idea is brilliant! The Brilliant box is an elegant jar that can be used for all kinds of small objects. Use it for example as a jewelry box or for special treats. The clear colored glass will make it possible to get a glimpse of the objects inside.


352560_Krenit_Bowl_Turquoise_Ø8.4_TrueToSize-BPThe Krenit bowl comes in 10 differen colors and is available in 6 different sizes.

If you want to give a gift that will last for many years, the Krenit bowl is a great choice! With its classic expression and timeless design, the Krenit bowl is a safe choice when selecting a hostess gift. The wide selection of size- and color options makes it possible to find one that will match your host or hostess personality or needs!

120800_Rocking_Glass_4pcs_Perspective-BPThe Rocking glass comes in a giftbox with 4 pieces.

If you want to impress your host or hostess with a gift, you should go for the Rocking glasses. The round bottom of the glass creates a feature where it can “rock” from side to side, but without ever spilling over! You can use it for soft drinks or maybe to serve a tasty dessert?

For more gift ideas visit our Galleria site.