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Everybody needs good neighbors

We are serving up another new product on the blog today. This time it is our new serving trays called Nabo designed by Danish designer Simon Legald.

Their design is clean and minimalistic with a friendly and naive expression. The carefully considered details give each Nabo tray an individual character, and the variations among them make the series both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The large tray has openings at one end, letting the water run off easily when you rinse it. The medium tray is ideal for storing oils and spices while the high edges of the smallest trays make it ideal for carrying glasses and bottles on.

Simon Legald says: “I thought it was interesting how you could vary the few elements of an archetypal tray to retain similarity while the expression changes – a bit like neighbors in a residential neighborhood where the houses have the same basic shape, but windows, doors, gardens and decor are different.”

Nabo comes in a set with three trays and is available in three different color combinations – a dusty green, a rich red and classic grey version. The trays are dishwasher-safe, making them practical for everyday use.

Get your own set on our online shop here.

December’s Instagram Favorites

December’s #normanncopenhagen Instagram #favorites! Thanks to @nordkraftstore, @heimelig_designshop, @janki74, @kvart_interior, @sofiemeds, @petrinerigmor, @annemarie_jepsen, @eliarose89 and @kvart_interior. Keep up the good work and #MerryChristmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! #december #Instafavorites

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Winners of our Instagram competition

Congratulations to the four winners of our Instagram #normanncopenhagenwish competition.

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From harbor to vase

Our new Nyhavn Vases are now available and will soon be in stores around the world. The vases are designed by the Danish designer Simon Legald who also designed our new Folk Candle Holders.

The shiny white neck of the vase and base with riffles contrasts beautifully with the dusty shades of the matte finished center. The vases look stunning by themselves and when placed together in various combinations.

The colors have been inspired by the dusty shades of pastel seen on the houses in Nyhavn harbor, Copenhagen. The three different sizes reflect the varying heights and widths of the houses. Nyhavn is a cozy harbor area in the middle of Copenhagen and is one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions with a history dating all the way back to 1671.

Simon Legald says: ”My design is often characterized by an interplay between tradition and craftsmanship. I really like working with archetypes and this vase is no exception. I have based the design on the idiom of three different techniques and combined them all to create a recognizable yet new expression.”

The Nyhavn Vase are available in three different sizes and in two different colors for each vase: A small one in a pure white and a fresh coral, a medium one in classic light grey and sky grey and a large one in contrasting black and mineral grey.

Get your own Nyhavn Vases on our Online Store here.

Let’s get together

Our new range of timeless candle holders have just arrived! Danish designer Simon Legald has made the Folk Candle Holders to be combined in many ways. The range consists of four different candle holders and a tray with a simple, minimalistic feel.

The silhouettes, which are neither round nor square, give the Folk range their character and own unique expression.

Simon Legald‘s design is often characterized by his carefully thought out attention to detail. He has worked on the shapes, sizes and edges of Folk, so that the small candle holders fit perfectly into the trays.

The asymmetric positioning of the sticks on the bases are a discreet detail that makes the design more dynamic to look at.

Simon Legald explains: ”I wanted to create a little family of cohesive products. Each candle holder should have its own expression but share the same DNA. It was important for the different pieces to be able to function by themselves as well as together with the other candle holders in the set.”


Each piece in the Folk range is available in two different colors ranging from three classic shades of grey to light blue, burgundy and yellow.

The colors have been chosen to add diversity to the range and make it easy to combine the candle holders according to one’s taste and decor.

Get your own Folk Candle Holders on our online shop here.

Inspriring design at Blickfang

Last weekend, the blickfang International Design Exhibition visited Copenhagen. 7000 visitors came to shop, explore and get inspired by all the talented up-and-coming designers. See our impressions from the fair here.

The Normann Copenhagen pop-up exhibition.

A nice crowd at the beautiful Øksnehallen on Friday evening.

Humoristic stools by Hanna Ernsting.

Silvia Terhedebrügge at the blickfang Selected stand.

Lexx Pott vases at the blickfang Selected stand.

There were also lots of wonderful fashion brands at the fair as well. Here we droppped by the Muuse and Minka Toeth stand.

Great craftsmanship and a few Normann Copenhagen products at Anonym Design. Can you spot our Strainer and Wine & Bar Corkscrew?

Edgy jewellery at the stand of the talented RebekkaRebekka.

On Friday, the MINI Design Award was also given out to the Danish furniture designer Maria Bruun and the jewellery brand IOIA from the Netherlands for their innovative and original designs. Congratulations!

We dropped by to say hi to Maria Bruun at the fair. Check out her lovely product MirrorMirror and pictures displayed on our Solid Table.

Thanks for a great fair! We already look forward to next year when blickfang will visit Copenhagen again.

A Classic Lamp with graphic details

The season of light is almost here, so what better time than now for our new Ikono Lamp to arrive?

Simon Legald has designed Ikono – a beautiful pendant lamp with a pure and simple feel. The lamp has a cone-shaped glass cylinder and two colored steel shades in matching tones which rest on the glass. Together, these features go to make up a classic pendant lamp. The light is directed by the top shade while the lower shade ensures anti-dazzle.

Ikono is based on the Danish lighting tradition, but the designer Simon Legald has stripped the design down to its essence and eliminated any unnecessary components and screws. The sharp edges of the shades are softened by curves where the shades meet the glass. The glass cylinder itself adds a visual lightness to the lamp. This gives Ikono both a graphic and soft feel.

Simon Legald says: ”I like to go into depth with the details of my designs. As the designs are often simple, the details are usually the place where I add my own expression and give the products character. With the Ikono Lamp this can for example be seen in the interaction between materials and color shades. Each component is harmonically balanced with sensory details that help make the lamp dynamic to look at.”

Ikono is available in four colors and two different sizes. It is well-suited for almost anywhere in the home. Use the large one for the dining table or hang the large or small one above the coffee table for cozy ambiance lighting. The small Ikono Lamp is also perfect over the table top in the kitchen.

Buy the small Ikono Lamp on our online shop now and sign up to be the first to know when the large one arrives.

Mini interview with Simon Legald

The Nabo Tray and Folk Candle Holder designed by Simon Legald.

The Danish designer Simon Legald has created several new products for Normann Copenhagen this year. We asked him five questions about his approach to design.

When Simon graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts he had already gotten several designs put into production. Today he works as Senior Designer at Normann Copenhagen.

1) When and how did you know that you would have a career in design?

I always thought I would work in advertising. When I was about 14 years old I got an assignment for school to make an analysis of a commercial for a chair. This was my first meeting with the concept of design. After highschool I went to Krabbesholm College where I took a semester in art and after that in product design. I realized there that I really wanted to use my time on making products.

Lumberjack Candle Holders designed by Simon Legald. Here in ash, oak and stained oak. 

 2) Who is your favorite designer?

I have many – but I really like Sam Hect (Industrial Facility), Barber Osgerby, Benjamin Hubert  and Jasper Morrison.

The Cloud Cushion with references to the Onkel Sofa – both designed by Simon Legald. Cloud is available in two sizes and several colors.

3) What defines a well designed product? 

Products that have a classic modesty with a contemporary touch.

Simon Legalds popular Block Table was launched in the Spring of 2012. This fall we have expanded the range with three new colors – black, white and coral. 

4) What is your favorite design classic?
I love Hella Jongerius´ Polder Sofa from Vitra. It is from 2005, so it is a newer design classic.

Polder Sofa designed by Hella Jongerius for Vitra.

 5) Where and when do you get inspired for your designs?

The best inspiration is when I don’t look for it but come across it by coincidence. I don’t have a specific way of collecting inspiration, but I tend to always photograph things I see and like.

Craft Salt & Pepper Mills designed by Simon Legald. They are made in solid white and black marble and oak wood. Craft will be in stock in 2014.

The Folk range consists of several candle holders which Simon Legald designed to be combined in different ways. Folk will be in stock in the beginning of December 2013. 

 Read more about Simon Legald here.

Cozy mornings by candlelight

We love those cozy mornings when there’s time to wake up slow with a cup of coffee in a dark living room illuminated only by candlelight, and our new Nocto Candle Holders are perfect for that occasion.

Nocto is a minimalistic candlestick with a contemporary design and a strong visual expression.

The Swedish designer, Pontus Ny, has reinterpreted the classic chamber candlestick and stripped the design to the bone. In this way, he was able to focus on the relationship between the candlestick and the candle itself.

It was the candlelight’s ability to add ambience to its surroundings that fascinated Pontus Ny and helped form the idea for the design of Nocto.

Just like the classical chamber candlestick, Nocto has a handle that makes it easy to move around.

Pontus Ny explains: “Candlelight has a special kind of timeless energy and aura that I find very inspiring. I wanted to highlight that in this candlestick. It was important for me to give the design time to rest for a period to be sure that such elements as proportions, angles and radii were exactly as they should be to give the proper effect.”

Nocto is available in discreet white and black, bright green and blue, and inviting rose and mint. With these six exciting colors to choose from it is hard not to want to start a collection.

Head over to our website and sign up to be the first to know when Nocto arrives.


Flip is a Finalist!

Yeah! Today the finalists of the Best of Year Design Award was announced online on Interior Design Magazine´s website.  Our Flip Mirror designed by Javier Moreno Studio has made the cut, and is one of the four finalists in the category “Accessories”. Congratulations to Javier for his great design and a big thank you to everyone who voted for us.

The winners will be selected by Editor in Chief Cindy Allen and a jury of design leaders, and will be announced live on December 5th, 2013 during a celebration in New York City.

We will of course keep you posted!