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The date of Mother’s Day varies around the world. In Denmark we celebrate our mothers on the 11th of May. Sending flowers to your mom is a classic move. But why not take it to the next level? Celebrate motherhood by giving your mom a vase for holding beautiful flowers throughout the year.

The Nyhavn Vase is available in three different sizes and in six different colors. Nyhavn is recognizable and distinctive with its well-rounded silhouette, designed by Simon Legald. The vases are both stunning by themselves and when placed together in various combinations – even without flowers.

Shop Nyhavn Vases here. 

A fun playroom

Thinking about redecoration the playroom? Then let your imagination run wild and get ready to create an inspiring and playful universe along with the kids. We have gathered some inspiration to get you started! Don´t be afraid of trying out daring combinations. Let your inner child loose and decorate with colorful furniture and acceccories that have a humoristic twist.

Use the Hang On Coat Rack as a ideal place to store dress up clothes. Remember to mount it on the wall low enough for the children to reach.

The Bau Lamp is a unique and fun addition to the kid´s room with its creative and geometric shapes . Bau is a self-assembly lamp with an almost scultural look. The light also creates decorative patterns on the walls and ceilings.

Inspired by drops of water, the Dropit Hooks are a great example of how a simple product with a simple function can make an impact. Hang a single drop on the wall or create a patterne with several Dropit Hooks. Comes in different colours as well as an wood version.

Circus Pouf is a Scandinavian Moroccan pillow with a naive and playful mode of expression. It is an easy way to add color to the décor. Circus is a multi-functional and decorative piece of furniture which is available in two sizes and four saturated color combinations.

Ducky is inspired by traditionel wooden toys. The design is full of nostalgia and character and adds an element of humor and enjoyment to the home. A timeless design object that can follow your kids throughout their lives.

Color Box is a multi-functional storage unit with an industrial feel. The Color Boxes can be hung on the wall or stacked on the floor in various ways, allowing you to create your won personal look. Combine all six different colors for a vibrant effect in the playroom. Perfect for organizing toys and books.

Sprinkle it like confetti

You might have seen the graphics of Sprinkle in the magazines already. The Sprinkle Quilt and the Sprinkle Bed Linen will be available in stores during the summer.

Bo Bedre April Issue 2014, Cahetu Spring Issue 2014, Bolig Magasinet January Issue 2014, Mad & Bolig April Issue 2014, Couch May Issue 2014, Alt Interiør February Issue 2014.

The Danish designer Anne Lehmann has designed this range of decorative bed linen and quilts for Normann Copenhagen. She has drawn her inspiration from various textures and pigments to create a beautiful abstract print with a light and vivid feel.

The motif consists simply of a spot that is repeated in different sizes in casual yet ordered manner. This creates sensuous wavy lines between the two complimentary background colours. The soft, organic character of the print makes Sprinkle both welcoming and pleasing to the eye.

Anne Lehmann says: “I’m fascinated by the volatile, movable attributes of, for example, sand, sprinkles, pearls and confetti. The patterns and lines created when scattering these materials gives both a fixed and lightweight appearance, as though the wind could come at any time and whirl it all up into completely new and unexpected formations”.

The Sprinkle Quilt is a reinterpretation of the classic quilt that has been added a simpler and more contemporary feel. The quilt is perfect as a lightweight summer duvet, to keep warm on the sofa on a cold winter night, for a picnic or a trip to the beach or as a play blanket for kids. You can also use it as a bedspread for the end of your bed, allowing your favourite bed linen to be seen.

The Sprinkle Bed Linen is made of satin weaved cotton with a soft and smooth quality, making it incredibly comfortable to sleep in. The varied selection of subdued, calm tones and the more contrasting, playful color combinations provide ample opportunity to add a sprinkle of casual elegance to the bedroom.

If you want to be the one of the first to lay your hands on the decorative Sprinkle, then sign up for the waiting list:

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Happy Easter everyone

The Easter Holidays are just around the corner. For many of us it is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with our friends and family.

Prepare an exquisite Easter feast for your loved ones and enjoy each other’s company surrounded by cozy and stylish décor.

Easter Inspiration from Normann Copenhagen


We wish you a Happy Easter with this Easter egg made especially for you.

A table to transcend generations

Meet the latest addition to our furniture collection. The Nord table has a simple yet incredibly stable construction that supports the solid oak tabletop in an elegant manner. Its classic lines and understated expression makes it fit seamlessly into most interiors.

The round Nord Table designed by Generous Design

The designer of the table, Generous Design, has used contrasting sharp and soft lines, adding both an edgy and warm look to the table. The tabletop’s faceted edges and the angle of the legs create help to visually lift the tabletop up and make it appear as if it is floating. This adds lightness to the otherwise robust design.

Claus C. Simonsen the designer of Generous Design

Generous Design says:” The table is a natural gathering place for nice experiences over dinner. A table is special, as it brings people together and creates both connections and room for them. I wanted to make a classic and contemporary table. It had to be durable and robust but also have an airy feel to it. The Nord Table is made for fellowship, for good friends and family across generations.”

The rectangular Nord Table designed by Generous Design

The Nord Table is available in a round and a rectangular version and will soon be available in stores around the world and on our website. In the meantime, perhaps you can find a little inspiration to redecorate your dining room in the images above.

Milan News 2014

Today, the biggest design event of the year; the international furniture fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan began. The fair takes place from the 8th to the 13th of April, and we’re thrilled to be exhibiting for the seventh year in a row. If you are in Milan, please drop by in hall 16, stand E46.

This year, we are expanding our ever growing furniture collection with a new high quality lounge collection called Era and a series of chairs and tables called Form as well as other novelties.

The design of the fair stand itself is of key importance when showing the novelties. The main objective has been to offer both space for exhibition concepts showing the variety of the furniture pieces, as well as making small home-like environments that inspire and encourage to try sitting down.

The Normann Copenhagen design team has made an impressive structure of pinewood beams with cool aluminum fittings in light grey. The aluminum fittings give a more industrial feel to the natural warm wood. Above the stand is added a net providing a more calm expression.

Some of the walls and floors have a linoleum surface – the same natural material used on the Form Table. This way Normann Copenhagen shows all 6 colors of the table in a cool way, as well as adding softness to the stand.

The new table lamps have their own seperate enclosed space emphasizing both the beautiful form and the lighting.

Form is a re-interpretive range of shell chairs and dining tables that combine a strong design idiom with an innovative industrial production. With its soft silhouette that merges into a rigid Scandinavian wooden frame, the Form Chair offers the makings of the perfect chair.

Era has a streamlined design and is a durable, long-lasting and versatile lounge collection that easily accommodates modern interior’s need for flexibility. The Era Lounge Collection is designed to transcend generations and is just as at home with lovers of design or families with children, as it is with young couples or their grandparents. Era exudes a sophisticated calmness and invites you to enjoy pure and unadulterated relaxation.

Amp is a sophisticated range of lamps. Amp is characterised by its high-quality materials of glass and marble that add a visual fragility and sensuous heaviness. The lamps have a nostalgic and at the same time, contemporary feel.


Flagship Store Fashion Department Reborn

After a long, dark Winter, we thought it was about time to create a lighter and brighter look in our Flagship Store Fashion Department. So we grabbed the white paint, the paint brush and the roller and got to work. Check out the finished result here.

We’re in love with florals – one of the biggest trends of the season, so we decided to incorporate the floral feel in the interior design by adding a staircase podium covered with beautiful wallpaper from Tapet Café. The wallpaper is designed by Helene Blanche, and the lovely people from Tapet Café were kind enough to do the wallpapering. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

On our Toj Clothes Rack you will find the Carven SS14 collection. If you’re planning on expanding your wardrobe with some floral pieces, Carven is definitely one of the brands to look to.

Lots of lovely clothing in classic neutral tones, bright blues, bold reds, fresh pinks and a hint of luxurious metallic fill the clothes racks in the department. Here the clothes are accompanied by our new Slice Tabletop, Buk Table Legs and Onkel Sofa in leather.

If you are in Copenhagen and in need of an injection of flower power, drop by and check out our reborn fashion department!

Meet Us at Salone Internazionale del Mobile

On Tuesday the 8th of April, the renowned furniture fair Salone Internazionale del Mobile is starting. We’re thrilled to be there presenting a new high quality lounge collection and series of chairs and tables as well as several other exciting novelties!

If you’re in Milan for the fair, make sure to visit us at our stand in Hall 16, stand E46.

We hope to see you there!

Spring Cleaning with Design Classics

If you haven´t already done your Spring cleaning, why not drive away the dirt in style? We’re introducing our iconic Washing-up Bowl & Brush and Dustpan & Broom designed by the Danish designer Ole Jensen in fresh new colors that make the boring task of making your home spick-and-span a little more fun.

The bright and eye-catching new red Dustpan & Broom accentuates its beautifully simple shape, whilst the lightness of the light blue adds a classic and discrete look.

An inviting mint color that oozes simplicity, cleanness and Scandinavian elegance is also joining the range of Washing-up Bowls. The distinguished mint is drawn from delicate mineral colors and complements both cool and warm, deep colors in the kitchen.

The story of the Washing-up Bowl began on a day when Ole Jensen was doing the dishes in his kitchen sink. He noticed the inflexible and hard design of the stainless steel sink and suddenly felt a great reluctance to putting his fragile china and fine glassware into it. The reluctance turned into irritation and out of this irritation the idea for a flexible washing-up bowl that adapts to its content was formed. Over the years, the innovative Washing-Up Bowl has become a design icon and is useful for many different purposes around the house.

The idea for the Dustpan & Broom came from the simplicity of the newspaper, and the simple design is exactly why Dustpan & Broom is just as relevant today. Ole Jensen elaborates: “Dust and dirt have a habit of constantly showing up – it never goes out of date. This product is an example of how design can be a language that transcends both time and cultures. The combination of plastic, wood and natural bristles makes the Dustpan & Broom very little susceptible to changing trends”.

Its decorative design makes it ideal for hanging in full view, as opposed to hiding it away.

Say goodbye to dust and lint and start washing away the Winter season!

Yoox + Living

We recently received an e-mail from our friends at Italian retailer Yoox. They have just presented a new exclusive collaboration with the Corriere della Sera magazine Living.

The collaboration has resulted in a series of photo shoots by major international photographers recreating an array of themes and settings featuring clothing and design objects, such as our Geo Vaccum Jug and Flag Candle Holder. You can find them in the pictures below.

The theme of this edition is a wedding party set in the slightly surreal home of a couple of newlyweds who have a hankering for pop inspired items.

We love it when people aren’t afraid to use color, and these bright candy-colored pictures have a positively magical feel about them! Don’t you agree?

Make sure to visit Yoox to check out the entire selection.