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Form – an uncompromising design

During the last couple of years, Normann Copenhagen has evolved into not only being a design company with accessories, lamps and textiles, but also with a large range of furniture pieces. Something we are very proud of and happy about.

Here at the Normann Copenhagen HQ, we are very excited these days. You see, we are launching our new Form collection.

Since the initial idea, it has taken 3 years to develop the Form series. During the process, angles have been corrected, curves have been adjusted, colors have been tweaked and more than 20 prototypes with various angles and material thicknesses have been tested in order to find the right solutions and achieve the best comfort possible.

The end result is an uncompromising design, which blends craftsmanship with design history. The Form collection is a reinterpreted range of chairs and tables that combine a strong design idiom with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial.

Formning Form

Form is the story of a design company and a designer with a vision of creating the perfect chair. Form is a new interpretation of the classic shell chair made of molded plastic designed by the Danish designer Simon Legald.

The goal was to create a chair with a cohesive and unified look as well as a natural integration between seat and base.

The Form chairs combine a strong design idiom with comfortable curves and an innovative industrial production technique. It is a fresh and sophisticated design with both familiar and new expressions. At the same time, the series is a tribute to form itself.

The chair comes with or without armrests and as a barstool in two different heights. The Form Chair is mounted with a classic base with an exceptionally strong build available in lacquered steel or FSC certified American oak or walnut.

The shells are all created of the highest quality polypropylene, and have been molded using one single injection. That way you achieve an extremely strong construction with the finest and clearest surface possible.

Normann Copenhagen has developed an innovative and sleek mounting solution consisting of 4 molded plastic connectors, which fit perfectly to the bottom of the shell. This almost makes it appear as though the legs are growing out of the seat.

The Form series also contains a linoleum dining table in two different sizes, which is the perfect companion for the Form chairs.


A tribute to form itself
Simon Legald has been ambitious in his design of Form and in this has challenged the traditional type of construction seen in a chair. The name Form reflects the designer´s inspiration drawn from the design of chairs throughout history.

Simon Legald explains the concept:

”I had an idea of what the ideal chair should look like, and I have had this for many years. I wanted to unite the frame and the seat in a way I had never seen before. I have analyzed hundreds of chairs from different periods during the design process. To me, form is the essence of design. Form is what makes a product recognizable and sets the design apart from other products. Form is the first thing you see, you then experience the function. Form is also where a designer can put his personal stamp on a piece of furniture or a product.”

Over the next period, we will be digging much more into the design concept, the production and the inspiration behind the Form collection on the blog and our social media platforms, so make sure to stay tuned for our Form frenzy!

Happy new year!

Christmas is successfully over and we are beginning preparations for the last big night of the year. Whether you are planning a wild party or a small cozy dinner make you guests feel welcome by paying attention to the details.


A beautiful setting

Lay the table carefully to create the very best starting point for a wonderful evening.

Beautiful tableware is the alpha and omega of a well set table. The harmonious and elegant design of our Cutlery makes it an exquisite addition to your table. Each item has been carefully designed and is perfectly balanced so that it looks attractive on the table and is perfect in use.

These Long Drink Glasses are perfect for water and, of course, for Long Drinks! Glasses are also great as an alternative way of serving desserts and the Long Drink Glass looks gorgeous with for example trifle as the slim and stylish shape makes room for the buildup of multiple layers.

Add some decorative pieces to enhance the festiveness of the table. A group of sculptural Heima Candle Holders combined with some fun and colorful decoration will do the trick and create a look that is both playful and stylish. By choosing candle holders in a simple, minimalistic design you will also get a lot of use out of them in the coming year. Vary the color of candles and the decoration and they will work all year round.


Welcome the new year

The highlight of the night is the point where we can flip the calendar to 2015, make our New Year’s resolutions and toast to the new year. Here are some essentials for the turn of the year:

Keep track of time with the Watch Me Clock. The vibrant colors make this watch a joy to look at while the playful expression and lack of numbers send the message not to take the concept of time too seriously. A pleasant reminder when you stand at the edge of a year and feel it has passed way too fast.

Finally, when the hands on your watch read midnight, make sure all your guests can jump into the new year from a cool and steady chair. My Chair is the name of this timeless chair. The chair is stack-able so you can easily store some extra chairs for guests without having to give up a lot of space. The smooth surface is easy to clean with a wrung-out cloth – quite convenient at festive occasions where high spirits can result in a spill or two.


The thoughtful guest

If you are the lucky guest of an attentive host or hostess then show your gratitude by bringing a small gift.

A Brilliant Box is a sweet way of saying thank you, especially when it comes to the hostess. Tell her that you appreciate her eye for details by paying attention to the details yourself. Fill the box with her favorite sweets and you have the perfect hostess gift.

We hope you will have a wonderful evening!

White Christmas

While we in Denmark will have to look far to catch a glimpse of snow this Christmas it does not stop us from dreaming of white winter landscapes covered in duvets of untouched snow, glittering in the sun. Due to the lack of snow, and because we simply love a clean, crisp white, we will brighten up the gloomy winter by adding some beautiful white and frosty pieces to our interior. Take a look below and maybe you will be inspired to create a white winter wonderland of your own.

 As still as a frozen creek

With its shiny surface and simple, elegant shape the Still Vase is almost like a small sculpture in itself. A classic vase with a harmonious and interesting shape that never goes out of style. Used it now with decorative, delicate branches or Douglas fir and in the spring time for fresh flowers.

Out on slippery ice

Ice can appear almost glass-like and therefore glasses work great to create a frosty feeling in your home. Here is a selection perfect for your holiday dinner parties. The Rocking Glass with its rounded bottom rocks from side to side like a bambi on slippery ice. The rocking makes the glass a fun and sensuous experience. The Cognac and Liqueur glasses have a beautiful tip which reminds us of icicles. The shape of the glass increases the intimate experience of drinking cognac by accentuating the deep color and movement of the liquid.

Ice Crystals

In this white color the Beater has a clean and minimalistic look which goes well with modern kitchen interiors.  A whisk is an essential part of your kitchen equipment and the clever design of the Beater makes it super functional and space-saving. The straws are gathered in the middle using a slid-able ring which functions as both an opening and closing mechanism as well as a hanging fixture.

Snow is falling

These Norm 69 lamps give a visual impression of giant snowflakes floating in air. The lamp consists of 69 folded pieces that you assemble yourself to give shape to this beautiful lamp. Since its launch in 2002, the Norm 69 Lamp has become a Danish design classic. A timeless piece that will give light to many dark winter nights to come.


Speaking of snow, Frost is the name of the color used for these minimalistic pieces  from our Geo Series. White is not just white but can have different nuances and the one used for Geo is just as you would experience the color of frost. The series is perfect for serving tea and home baked treats for your holiday guests.

Light up the dark

Our LightHouse greets you like an illuminated landmark in the night. Place the LightHouse at your doorstep to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Your guests will be guided by the light and find their way into you home in the most beautiful and inviting way.


Gifts for him

Still looking for the last gifts? To help you with your Christmas shopping we have made a selection of gifts for the men in your life, whether it is your friend, brother, father, boyfriend or husband you are looking to find something special for. There are gifts for many different types as well as different budgets. Have a look!

For the wine connoisseur

The Basic Series has a unique character with its industrial materials such as titanium-coated stainless steel and silicone. The coating makes the material extra strong and gives it an exclusive silky finish. He will love pouring a tasty glass of wine for himself and his friends using this unique range of wine accessories.

For the shoe enthusiast

The unique function of the Shoehorn is the slim, flexible yet robust tip, which adjusts to the foot and shoe. The magnetic mounting fixture included makes it easy to hang the Shoehorn on the wall. A clever design for the man who appreciates a great pair of shoes.

For the pizza lover

Our Pizza Wheel is the perfect companion on a boys’ night. Not only will it slice up his favorite pizza within the blink of an eye, it also functions as a bottle opener. The pizza wheel is dishwasher friendly.

For the hedonist

The handmade Whiskey Glasses convey an elegant expression and the entire experience revolves around how you hold the glass in your hand. Aroma, temperature and volume all come together and the wide opening completes the indulgence. A must-have for his bar cabinet.

For the gourmet

Craft is a series of  luxurious high quality kitchen tools that will make him feel like a master chef. The mortar with pestle (pictured) makes the most of his strength by effectively crushing spices and herbs to set free all the wonderful aromas. Share this fact with him and he will be overjoyed!

For the humorous

This quirky set of Friends Salt & Pepper Shakers plays on the double meaning of the Danish word ‘bøsse’, which means both ‘shaker’ and ‘gay’. The two friends come one with and one without a painted leather vest, letting you know the difference between the salt and the pepper shaker. Perfect for the guy who wants to add some humor to the dinner table.

For the well behaved

Has he been extra good this year? Then spoil him with something that he will be able to enjoy for years to come. Every man should have a comfortable lounge chair. With its streamlined design and high quality, Era is a durable, long-lasting and versatile chair that easily accommodates modern interior’s need for flexibility. Choose a black leather version to underline a masculine feel.

Interview with Jan Gustav Sørensen

Today we continue our series of ‘Everyday Pleasure‘ interviews with a Q&A with the designer behind our Angle & Edge Cushions, Jan Gustav Sørensen.

Jan Gustav Sørensen graduated as a Design Technologist from TEKO Design and Business School, Denmark in 2004. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Art Direction and Concept Development from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2013. He uses his experience of fashion and visual concept development when he creates designs, concepts and visual identities on a daily basis for Normann Copenhagen.

This season Jan Gustav Sørensen has made two new cushion designs for Normann Copenhagen called Angle and Edge. Angle is a colorful cushion with a cool, graphic feel. The bold color combinations make this pillow an easy way to add a fresh new look to a room. The Edge cushion has a more minimalistic design with a tone on tone look created by the combination of two textiles with different textures.

Angle Cushion in nuances of Jan Gustav Sørensen’s favorite color; blue. See more colors here.

Edge Cushion in blue. See more colors here.

Everyday pleasure

What is your favorite everyday moment?

I live in Copenhagen and when getting from A to B, I like to bike next to the lakes of the city (also if it means it’s a detour) and especially crossing the area around ‘Dronning Louise’s bridge’, makes me smile. 

What makes this moment special?

It’s my favorite spot in the city, because to me it captures the essence of the city. There is always life, a huge variety of all sorts of people, bikes (!!!) and what I think is the true Copenhagen feeling. In the summertime it’s the perfect place to meet up with friends for a drink. I love running around the lakes (along with the rest of the citizens), and going for slow walks there with friends while sipping coffee. No matter if the sun is out or not, the sight always has a calming effect on me.

The lakes in Copenhagen. Photo credit: iamkaspar

What inspired you to make the design of Angle and Edge?

Angle and Edge are both designed with the idea to create a small colorful space in a cushion, you would only dream of painting in your home. I love spaces, and especially retail design, so I often get inspired by the more dramatic, brave and futuristic material and color combinations you would see in a design shop, a gallery or the set-up of an event or party. We often choose to decorate our homes with clean and simple colors, but even if it’s the more classic or the more bold color combinations, Angle & Edge are an easy way to create a new feeling in your home and get those more exciting color combinations into your everyday life.

What is great everyday design to you?

When a product helps me with a problem I haven’t thought of how to solve myself. And then I often find myself shopping for everyday design items after having visited my parents or older family members, since they often have these old, simple and classic, functional pieces, for example within the category of kitchen tools. All the design is gone, there is more or less just functionality left. That is great everyday design.

What is on your wishlist this Christmas?

Because blue is my all time favorite color, I am wishing for this picture by Mathias Juel Christensen.

3664 Benson Street’ by Mathias Juel Christensen

Take your queue from Jan Gustav Sørensen and take a calming stroll around the lakes in Copenhagen. It is a wonderful way of taking your mind off a long Christmas to do list. If you do insist on gift shopping, you could swing by our Flagship Store near the lakes and get some colorful fluffiness to place under the Christmas tree. The Angle and Edge cushions are perfect for the purpose! You could also just stay on your couch and have a look at all the lovely color options here.

Danish design icons

We are thrilled to be included in the new book ‘101 Danske Design Ikoner’ (101 Danish Design Icons), which is a presentation of the most significant Danish design objects created. The book is edited by Lars Dybdahl from Design Museum Denmark and 32 of Denmark’s best researchers and communicators within the field of design have contributed to its making.

The chosen objects range from classic Danish furniture pieces and china to plastic bags and mail boxes. Their status as icons stems from them being known and loved by the Danish people. Therefore, it is a great recognition that, among these 101 Danish design icons, you will find 2 Normann Copenhagen products! Normann Copenhagen founders, Poul Madsen and Jan Andersen seem to have a certain flair for choosing great designs, and the pieces selected for this book are no exception. The selected Normann Copenhagen pieces are:

Washing-up Bowl

The Washing-up Bowl designed by Ole Jensen (in 2002).

It started with an idea about a simple rubber bowl for washing up. When doing his dishes, Ole Jensen felt the need for a more protective environment than what his zink or the more traditional plastic washing-up bowls could offer. The rubber used for the Washing-up Bowl adapts to the content and is gentle on your porcelain and glasses. The Washing-up Bowl has been honored with several design awards for its unique design.

Insiders fact: Today, the Washing-up Bowl has become an object which can be used for many other things than washing up. Among other things, it has been used as a wine cooler in the restaurant at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and for foot baths in selected hotels all over the world.

The Washing-up Bowl is available in black, red, grey and a refreshing mint which was released this year.

Krenit Bowl

The Krenit Bowl designed by Herbert Krenchel (in 1953).

Materials researcher and civil engineer Herbert Krenchel designed the Krenit Bowl back in the 1950’s. It was an instant success and found its way into many Danish homes, but in the 1960’s enamel was no longer the preferred material and the majority of the enamel factories closed down, including the one where the Krenit Bowls were produced. However, the Krenit Bowl was not forgotten and throughout the years it has become a collectors item. In 2008, the Krenit Bowl was relaunched by Normann Copenhagen to the great delight of its many fans. The bowl has a simple yet distinct design with a colored glossy inside and a black matte outside.

Insiders fact: The name Krenit is a combination of the name Krenchel and eternit (Danish word for enamel)

The Krenit Bowls come in a wide selection of sizes and colors, most recently the color range was expanded with the colors mint, yellow and coral (pictured).

Gift idea

The beautiful and widely illustrated book would make an excellent Christmas present for the design enthusiast. Combine it with a Krenit Bowl or a Washing-up Bowl for a cool gift kit. The book can be purchased at our Flagship Store and at book retailers around the country. The book is only available in Danish.

Count down to Christmas

We are almost there… December! A month of joy and warmth and of course that tingling pleasure of anticipation. Count down to Christmas with our Christmas Candle, which lets you burn away a stripe each day to keep track of how much of the wait is left.

Numbered Christmas Candles like this one from Normann Copenhagen is a beautiful, long lived Danish tradition and for the past years we have made a new design every year.

This year the candle is inspired by Paris haute couture, which is translated into an elegant graphic pattern. The stripes give off a chic vibe while the simplicity of the candle makes it fit into many different decors. Use the candle by itself, with the minimalistic Heima Block Candle Holder or make a still life by combining the candle with other decoration pieces and christmas ornaments.

Go get it now and be ready when we enter the month of December on Monday. The Candle is sold out online, but you can still find it in stores.

Psst..! If you are invited to any dinner parties this weekend, the Christmas Candle would make an excellent hostess gift.

Normann Copenhagen X Nordicthink

From time to time we have the privilege of collaborating with cool design shops from around the world to present larger product spaces and popup shops. For the past month the trendsetting Barcelona store Nordicthink has dedicated a 35 m2 space to introduce Normann Copenhagen’s growing collection of furniture and accessories to the citizens of Barcelona.

Until now, Normann Copenhagen has mostly been know in Spain for smaller accessories and glassware, but the collection is much more today and we thought the time was right to make the brand and our multifaceted product range better known to the public. 

CEO and Co-founder of Normann Copenhagen Poul Madsen says: “We are happy to be able to show our Spanish customers more of what we are all about. We are seeing an increased interest in Scandinavian design on the Spanish market and we want to take the opportunity to let people know exactly who and what Normann Copenhagen is and stands for. We are thrilled that our new friends at Nordicthink are helping us do this.”

The space opened with talks by Normann Copenhagen Sales Manager Iben W. Andreasen and Normann Copenhagen’s Senior Designer Simon Legald, who presented the Normann Copenhagen brand to the attending guests.

Nordicthink’s Normann Copenhagen space shows a selection of our pieces styled in small inspirational environments. A mix of furniture pieces, lighting and accessories was chosen to show the versatility of the Normann Copenhagen brand.  The space is kept in a simple, Scandinavian color range of black, white and grey with soft green and blue hues.

A cozy Normann Copenhagen living room is built up around an Onkel Sofa. In front of it is a dining area with the Slice Table surrounded by various Normann Copenhagen chairs and accessories.

A group of Bell Lamps light up the Nyhavn Vases placed on the table.

Pieces from the Geo Series placed on a Slice Table

A Toj Clothes Rack and Kabino Sideboard with Flip Mirror, Brilliant Boxes and Nocto Candlestick. To the right: Colorful Krenit Bowls on a One Step Up Bookcase.

Photo credit: Caro Adrover

You can visit Nordicthink at the address:

Consell de Cent, 412
08009 Barcelona


Chocolate & Licorice

Many wonderful things are happening at our Flagship Store this time of year. The Christmas decorations are up and we are officially ready for the countdown to Christmas. On November 22nd, we will kick-start the Christmas spirit with an event for everyone with a hankering for chocolate.

We have teamed up with chocolate connoisseur Maja Ambeck Vase (a.k.a. Maja Chocolat) and the licorice lovers from Lakrids by Johan Bülow to create something special for this Saturday afternoon get-together. In cooperation with Lakrids, Maja has developed three delicious kinds of filled chocolates, which she will hand out at the event.

Maja Ambeck Vase runs one of Denmark’s most popular chocolate and dessert blogs. She is self-employed and works as a food columnist, recipe developer, food photographer and cookbook author. Just recently, Maja launched a cookbook together with another Danish dessert blogger, Anne au Chocolat. A book that, of course, is all about the joys of chocolate.

Lakrids by Johan Bülow makes gourmet licorice of natural ingredients only.  The high quality, interesting flavors and cool packaging have made Lakrids by Johan Bülow an instant success. Johan Bülow’s licorice shop at the Danish island Bornholm has quickly grown into an empire and today the licorice is sold in metropolitans such as London and New York.

Macaroons and truffles presented in Krenit Bowls

Macaroons served in Brilliant Boxes

Maja has used her keen sense of aesthetics to style the images that appear in this post. The almost graphic imagery show her mouth-watering chocolate and licorice creations beautifully served on Normann Copenhagen bowls and dishes in a minimalistic set-up.

White chocolate covered Christmas trees surround a Geo Jar

Truffles on a coral Krenit Dish

Macaroons complement a Brilliant Box

If this post made you feel a tickle on your tongue, you should stop by the store and please your taste buds with the perfectly balanced symphonies of chocolate and licorice. This is also a great opportunity to find inspiration for your own Christmas confections. It will be possible to purchase Maja’s new book at the event.

Come join our chocolate adventure and remember to bring your family and friends!

When & Where?
November 22nd, 2014 from noon to 3pm

Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store
Østerbrogade 70
2100 Copenhagen

Join the event on Facebook here.

Ducky goes to Israel

The Ducks have been set free and they are out showing off! Our wooden figure Ducky is making an appearance at the Fresh Paint Fair, which is Israel’s largest, most influential annual art event. The 7th edition of the Fresh Paint contemporary art fair is taking place right now. The fair is open from the 4th to the 8th of November.

The nation’s top galleries as well as promising emerging galleries will present at the fair, and the special Greenhouse area will showcase the works of select, independent Israeli artists and designers. A small flock of parading Normann Copenhagen ducks can be seen at Dor Carmon Studio’s cool stand at the fair.

Photo by Daniel Lailah

Photo by Daniel Lailah

Dor Carmon is the designer behind Ducky. He is born in Israel and educated at the Holon Institute of Technology. Dor Carmon has the ability to define precise shape and proportions and create unique designs that really excite the user. He specializes in furniture and lifestyle products.

Ducky started out as a one of a kind piece made as a special gift for his daugther, but he quickly saw the potentiel in the design and refined the lines and proportions until he had the final product in his hands. The result is a decorative and humorous figure which looks great in many different settings.

If you happen to be in Tel Aviv this week you should check out the fair. For more information visit