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Amp spotted at Hatoba restaurant!

If you are into Japanese food, you should pay a visit at the Japanese restaurant Hatoba in Copenhagen. Here you can enjoy modern Japanese cuisine in beautiful surroundings that include our Amp lamp! This pendant distributes a warm glowing light that is perfect for creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

HATOBA27171 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500

The decor of the restaurant was created by the Danish design duo HolmbäckNordentoft, who are also the designers behind several products in the Normann Copenhagen collection. HolmbäckNordentoft’s design philosophy is to create products or solutions in a sustainable design that you keep, use and care for until they are used to bits and pieces. We clearly see this executed at the Hatoba restaurant where deep and dark classic color shades are combined with Nordic wood and glass accents.

HATOBA27141 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500The Amp lamp fits perfectly into the warm yet industrial look of Hatoba.

Restaurant 5 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500Amp has a nostalgic and at the same time, contemporary feel. Use it alone or mix and match the different sizes and colors for a personal touch. 

HATOBA27173 photo credit Philip Ørneborg-500

Hatoba is located on Store Kongensgade 60, in the center of Copenhagen.

Photo Credit: Photo by Philip Ørneborg

Bring gifts instead of flowers!

It is always a great gesture to bring a little host gift to the person who is hosting. A bunch of flowers will always be well received, but unfortunately, they cannot be enjoyed forever, as they will eventually wilt. So why not try to give something that last for a little longer next time?

Read on to get inspired, as we have found 5 suggestions on a gift for your host or hostess:

1001_Shorebirds_Group-500Shorebird comes in 3 different sizes and legs in the color-options: black, white coral or sea blue.

If you need a gift that will suit anyone, our Shorebird is a perfect choice!  This decorative bird works as a great accessory for every home, as it fits into all rooms and styles. As Shorebird is available in different sizes and colors on the legs, it gives you the opportunity to find one that suits exactly the recipient’s taste!



1020_Agnes_Vase_BlackWhite_all_Group-BPAgnes is available in 7 different sizes.

Instead of bringing flowers, why not bring a beautiful vase to put flowers into. Maybe you can even bring both? The Agnes vase is an excellent choice for this, as it has a simple and elegant look that will enhance the colors of the flowers. The combination of white and fine black brush strokes creates a simple and minimalist design that fits into every home décor.

120951_Brilliant_Box_Small_Smoke_2-BPBrilliant box comes in 6 different colors and is available in 2 sizes.

This may be a gift for the women, but the idea is brilliant! The Brilliant box is an elegant jar that can be used for all kinds of small objects. Use it for example as a jewelry box or for special treats. The clear colored glass will make it possible to get a glimpse of the objects inside.


352560_Krenit_Bowl_Turquoise_Ø8.4_TrueToSize-BPThe Krenit bowl comes in 10 differen colors and is available in 6 different sizes.

If you want to give a gift that will last for many years, the Krenit bowl is a great choice! With its classic expression and timeless design, the Krenit bowl is a safe choice when selecting a hostess gift. The wide selection of size- and color options makes it possible to find one that will match your host or hostess personality or needs!

120800_Rocking_Glass_4pcs_Perspective-BPThe Rocking glass comes in a giftbox with 4 pieces.

If you want to impress your host or hostess with a gift, you should go for the Rocking glasses. The round bottom of the glass creates a feature where it can “rock” from side to side, but without ever spilling over! You can use it for soft drinks or maybe to serve a tasty dessert?

For more gift ideas visit our Galleria site.

Tap and Form win German Design Award!


Hurraaay! We are very excited to announce that Normann Copenhagen has won a German Design Award for two of our designs – the Tap stool and the Form collection! Not only have these two designs won an award, they have also received a “Special Mention”, which is an exceptional recognition of a product’s design.

The German Design Award is an internationally recognized award that seeks to discover, present and acknowledge unique design talents. This is the third year in a row that Normann Copenhagen receives this award, with the Geo collection in 2014 (designed by Nicolai Wiig Hansen), and the Era lounge series in 2015 (designed by Simon Legald). Both also with a Special Mention.

We are very proud and honored to receive another design award for our furniture designs. We are especially pleased that this year we received two awards from the German Design Awards 2016 for the Form family and Tap stool. Furniture, in particular, is something that we have invested heavily in over the last 5 years, and it is a product group that is becoming an increasing part of our business. We are looking forward to what the future will bring,” stated Poul Madsen, founder and co-owner of Normann Copenhagen.

The Tap Stool


Simple but classic – the versatile Tap stool has received a very warm welcome.

The design is a reinvention of the classic three-legged stool, but with added attention payed to the details. One main feature of the stool is the legs, which almost looks like they disappear into the seat. Another great detail is the seat made of flexible foam, which makes it very comfortable to sit on and gives it a warm and welcoming look. Tap is stackable and thus a perfect stool for extra seating or as a footstool when you need to relax your feet.

It comes in 5 different colors and is available with legs in oak or walnut.

The Form Collection

Simplicity, aesthetics and functionality characterize the Form Collection.

The collection consist of molded shell chairs, armchairs, barstools, and dining tables. The great variation makes it easy to mix and match the products according to your style and needs. Form is crafted in materials which are easy to maintain. Create a classic, unique and contemporary decor with Form.

All products in the Form collection comes in 6 different colors and the chairs are available in oak, walnut, or steel. 

The designer

simon 2_0112Simon Legald is the designer behind both Form and Tap. This is the second time that his designs receive a German Design Award.

The designer behind Form and Tap is the young Danish design talent, Simon Legald. Simon is also the designer behind Era, a lounge series for Normann Copenhagen, which also won a German Design Award in 2015. Simon’s design vision is to create pieces that are simple in their expression. At the same time he focuses on innovation and comfort.

Together with Normann Copenhagen, he has created designs that unite the contemporary and the innovative. The German Design Award is a huge recognition of this work.

We congratulate Simon with this amazing recognition!

Happy Halloween!

Booo! Halloween is just around the corner and it’s time to decorate your home with pumpkins, spiders, cobwebs and anything else that will create that spooky atmosphere that Halloween is all about. In addition to the spooky stuff, you can also create a Halloween-like atmosphere by using the colors black, white and orange. We have gathered some of our suggestions on products which will definitely help you achieve a Halloween full of horror, fun, and style!

_34V0771_2-BPLight House is for both indoor and outdoor use and comes in white or black.

On October 31st, it is the official night of Halloween. Many kids go out trick-or-treating and you might want to create a dim light outside your house for a spooky entrance. Our Light House is perfect for this purpose, as you can put a candle into it and it will not blow out in cause of the gloomy weather! You can also use the Light House for decoration inside, maybe with some small pumpkins and a spider inside of it?

2015_Summer_Salad_352024_Krenit_Salad_Set_Red_2-BPThe Krenit bowl comes in a great variety of colors and sizes that fit every purpose.

If you’re having guests over during the Halloween time, why not serve your food in the colors black and orange for a consistent theme? The Krenit bowl in black and orange fits perfectly into the theme. You can use it for a salad or maybe candy for the kids who come for a treat.

5021_Amp_Lamp_Group_Black_1-BPThe Amp pendant comes in smoke/black or gold/green and is avaiable in 2 sizes.

If you want to create a more dim light inside for a scary feel, you should go for the Amp lamp. It lights up, but the smoked glass holds on to the dark look. You can use them in a corner or maybe at the dinner table.

3820_Pocket_Organizer_5Colors_On_Row-BPThe Pocket organizers come in 6 colors and is available in 4 different sizes.

Pocket Organizers are a great way to store all kinds of things that you would like to hide away but still have nearby. But you can also use them for decorations of all kinds. Decorate them with spiders and cobweb and go for the orange and black colors to top off the effect!

3720_Flip Mirror_All_Group_On_orange-BPFlip mirror comes in the colors black, white, or sand.

If you’re one of those people who are going out trick-or-treating, you will need to dress up like a zombie, a witch or some other scary creature! Hence you will need make-up. The Flip Mirror is perfect for this, as it can be turned up and down and rotated 360 degrees.

Have a frightfully wonderful Halloween out there!

Normann Copenhagen at LOFT Gastrogrill


An industrial New York feel rarely seen alike and a spectacular window section overlooking the neighborhood of Ørestaden in Copenhagen create a unique atmosphere for the new restaurant LOFT Gastrogrill.

_MG_0272_500 px

Located on top of the largest shopping mall in Denmark, LOFT is taking the restaurant experience to another level, allowing for great gastronomy in inspiring surroundings. While the cuisine is a fusion of Latin American, Italian, classic American, and Asian, the interior has its roots in Scandinavian design traditions.


_MG_0349 Panorama_cropped_500px

At LOFT you are met by a informal and casual atmosphere where simplicity and quality is at its highest. This is also so when is comes to the design chosen for LOFT. Clean lines and surfaces create a minimalist expression that accentuates the industrial feel and modern New York mood.

The combination of function, aesthetics, and simple design of the sleek Form barstools underline the contemporary feel of the restaurant, while sophisticated black Knot chairs fill up the main floor, adding great craftsmanship and a Scandinavian look.



Between the casual atmosphere and the comfort of the Knot chairs and Form barstools, you can sit for hours enjoying the New York mood and stunning view of Copenhagen.

LOFT Gastrogrill is designed in cooperation with architect

Salt Recipes in Hong Kong

If you’re planning a visit to Hong Kong, you should drop by the new Scandinavian inspired restaurant named Salt Recipes. Salt Recipes got its name because of the Scandinavian tradition to use salt as the main spice in most of the dishes. If you are not able to make it to Hong Kong, take a tour with us here: 

41-BPMarked by Scandinavian food traditions, mainly seafood are on the menu.

Almost everything in the restaurant has a Scandinavian touch; the food, the furniture, the decoration and even the menu is in Danish!

13-BPThe Form chair and the Ikono lamp are to be found in the restaurant.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlay Coat Rack fits into every room, also in the kitchen. Here it is used for the chef’s aprons.

Scandinavian design has become extremely popular in Asia and now the interest goes for the food as well. Salt Recipes is located in the Homeless interior shop in Yoho Mall, right in the centre of Hong Kong. Several Normann Copenhagen products are to be found in the restaurant, which all contributes to give the restaurant an atmosphere of contemporary Scandinavian design.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Washing Up-bowl in mint creates a perfect twist to the more neutral colors of the wood and stone materials.



Credits: Photographer Leo Kwok

Glow in the dark

When the winter is closing in and it is slightly getting darker outside, we will need some lights to glow up our rooms in the dark. But lights are not just lights. You can get a lots of different types, each for different purposes and styles. You can find a lamp for all your needs in our collection – take a look at these selected beauties. 

Pendants are great for spreading light over the dinner table, but they can also be used to light up a corner or to spread light over a drawer. A new trend is to have several pendants hanging next to each other. Mix the pendants in different sizes or colors to get a trendy and personal look.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (120)_ekstra-BPThe Bell lamp is perfect for spreading light over the dining table as well as for lightning in the kitchen or in the hallway. It comes in 4 sizes and in the colors grey and sand. Bell is designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck. 

5021_Amp_Lamp_Group_1crop-BP1Create a stylish industrial look with the Amp pendants. The faded glass and marble gives it a contemporary but at the same time, nostalgic feel. It comes in the colors smoke/black and gold/green and is available in two sizes. Design by Simon Legald. 

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (11)-BPIkono is a beautiful pendant lamp with a pure and simple feel. This also makes it suitable for almost anywhere in the home. It comes in two sizes and is available in the colors; green, mint, red and white. Designed by Simon Legald.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (118)-BPNorm 69 is the classic lamp of Normann Copenhagen. It was designed by Simon Karkov, back in 1969, and with its decorative and classic design, it has since become one Normann Copenhagen’s bestsellers.

Floor lamps
Floor lamps are perfect fit if you want a direct light easy to relocate. You can place one floor lamp next to your couch or armchair for a reading light or maybe next to a drawer to light up the surface.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (41)-BPHello is a floor lamp that adds light and character to its surroundings through its simple, clear and playful character. Hello is designed by the Swedish designer Jonas Wagell.

Table lamps
If you want some cozy lightning that doesn’t light up the whole room, you should go for a table lamp. They are great for creating cosy corners or if you are in need of a reading light.

NC Furniture Catalogue 2014 (90)-BPShelter is a simple, characterful table lamp that emits a cosy light onto its surroundings. It comes in 3 nature inspired colors; black, white and limestone. Shelter is designed by HolmbäckNordentoft and is one of our fall 2015 news.

505044_Cap_TableLamp_MidnightBlue_7-BPCap is a functional table lamp with an adjustable shade, which allows you to get the light in the direction of your choice. It is designed by the German design duo KaschKasch and comes in 4 happy colors.

Find more lighting inspiration on our homepage.

A new elegant office bin in wood


Normann Copenhagen is excited to present Tales of Wood; a classic and well-proportioned office bin, that will add an elegant and stylish look to both the home office and the workplace.

Designed in 1984
Denmark has a proud tradition of using moulded wood for furniture, and this elegant office bin is no exception! It was designed in 1984 by master cabinetmaker Bent. G. Nielsen. His vision of the office bin came to live together with his son Jan Nielsen, also a cabinetmaker, who made the moulds needed for production.

We are happy to be able to include this beautiful design into our collection.

3800_Tales_of_Wood_Office_Bin_ALL-BPThe Tales of Wood office bin comes in oak or walnut.

A piece of wood history
Tales of Wood is made of molded veener and is created with deep respect for the cabinetmaking craft. The design is very simple, as everything unnecessary has been removed. This contributes to enhance the natural material, where you can see the fine strokes of the grains that tells the story of the year-long process from newly planted tree to finished design.

341021_Bold_Wall_Clock_Grey_2 - BP

For both the home and work office
With the Tales of Wood office bin, you don’t want to hide your office bin anymore. Its classic and elegant design adds an exclusive and stylish look to both the home office and the workplace.

Era in Hotel Le Parisis

22PARISIS-TRI15-078674-500If you are planning a trip to Paris you might want to check out Hotel Le Parisis, a new welcoming hotel located only a few minutes walk from the Eiffel Tower!

Normann Copenhagen is very excited to have the Era lounge chairs as part of the interior in all the rooms. With a minimalist yet very comfortable design, the Era chairs fit perfectly into the welcoming atmosphere in the rooms. The interior at Hotel Le Parisis is characterised by a combination of contemporary design and graphic architecture.

57PARISIS-TRI15-099719-500By the windows, you can sit down and relax in the Era lounge chairs while enjoying the amazing view of the Eiffel Tower.

The hotel is former known as the Ramada Hotel which has just been through a complete renovation. It accommodates 45 rooms of which 2/3 of them have views of the Eiffel Tower. For more information on Hotel Le Parisis go to their website.

19PARISIS-TRI15-078669-500Era lounge chair in soft tango leather has a very minimalist look that fits into every room.




Photographer: Gille TRILLARD

Stylist: Agence WE DESIGN

Location: Hôtel Le Parisis Paris Tour Eiffel

The Perfect Armchair


Form armchair is the result of a vision of creating the perfect chair! Its uncompromising design blends craftsmanship and design history leaving a contemporary expression of a chair you want to stay seated in.

A perfectly curved armrest integrated with the molded seat lets the Form armchair stand as one cohesive unit with a unified appearance. Its smooth surface and elegantly executed design leaves you with a seamless and contemporary armchair perfect for every modern home.

Form_Chair_Catalogue_24The Form armchair looks very stylish at the dining table but are just as beautiful standing by itself in the interior.

The soft and welcoming silhouette ensures you comfort and support for long gatherings around the dining table. While the seat provides a freedom of movement the curved armrest allows pure relaxation. Have a seat and you would want to be seated for hours on end.

Let your Form armchair stand beautifully by itself in your interior or let several accompany each other around your dining table.




Form_Chair_Catalogue_19-500Form armchair is available in the colors; white, grey, black, blue, green and red. It comes with legs in oak, walnut or steel.

You can buy your Form armchair here.