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It’s like music in my ears…

Fusion noder
New traditions require new design. Sometimes you have to twist ideas, rethink and put together in a new way – it goes for music, design, food – yeah well all creative thinking.

The modern fusion kitchen draws inspiration from the entire world and mixes different cooking traditions together. Just like music. That is why Odoardo Fioravanti has redesigned a series of traditional kitchen utensils. Fusion Cooking consists of a palette, ladle and tongs, useful both for cooking and serving.

Fusion sammensat

Fusion odo

Odoardo Fioravanti explains: “My approach towards design is to observe people’s actions and behaviour, although they constantly change. This is the basis for any new concept. As to Fusion Cooking, I had noticed how people mix different food cultures together and I decided to develop some utensils aimed at the fusion kitchen. I wanted traditional utensils to have a new form, which had not been seen before – as if they had evolved and some new species had been created. The name symbolises both the inspiration behind the design, as well as the fusion in the combination of materials.”