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Glamping at Roskilde Festival


Roskilde Festival – the largest North European culture and music festival opens once again.

The festival has gotten older and bigger – and so have we!!! Sure we have taken our share of being wet, cold and hungry… but never ever thirsty! This year we want to party in style – Glamping style (Glamour + Camping). Here are a few then and now from our own collection.

  • No more plastic cups – we use Cognac glasses
  • We will of course bring our own Ballo toilet brush… just in case!
  • No sitting in the mud – our throne will be the Memory chair
  • Don’t lay on the ground (or mud) – enjoy a nap on our Camping leather daybed
  • Mud everywhere – we bring our own Grass
  • Our soft Dahlia rug will keep dirt outside the tent
  • Dirty smelly feet – we will be keeping ours clean using the rubber washing-up bowl for a refreshing foot bath
  • No fast-food – we will be eating from Mormor!
  • Left in the dark? – not us, we will illuminate the night with our LightHouse

– and if you do choose to smoke at the festival, please use a proper ashtray  – thank you.


The Making of Camping


This video is not for everybody. It is made for the ones that not only cares about the final result – but who loves to see how things are made. The video is recorded at Kvist – who has been producing furniture out of wood since 1896.

Vacation tip #1 – Compact travel

We will post a series of travel tips during the spring. The first in the series is all about less is more.

If you prefer to bring your own home when traveling, there is only one way to do it.
Go Airstream.


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Can you feel it?

We love the internet. We love being able to communicate with design lovers all over the world and we love that it is so easy to find what you are looking for in seconds.

But we hate that the internet is still a 2D world – a well connected Television. Right now we are looking at the new Daybed from the Camping collection. If you were standing next to us, you could smell the wood, feel the leather, follow the beautiful curbes and most important you could try it out… but until the teleport has been invented, please settle with these “the making of” images.


Camping is produced by Kvist, one of Denmark’s oldest wooden furniture factories dating back to 1896.



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It´s all in the hands!


Some of us sit in front of a computer all day – and that is probably why we have small, skinny and pale hands. Paperclips are about as dangerous work tools as we encounter from 9 to 5.  

The hand on the picture belongs to Finn Olsen. He has been crafting wooden furniture’s all his life. Right now he is working on the chair Camping, which is going to be part of the New Danish Modern collection. The chair is made out of beechwood and core leather – all done by hands.



We are amazed and impressed by the beautiful details Finn can make with his hands.