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Environment: Check – Design: Check


We spotted this cool looking urban two-seater micro car. It is powered by hydrogen fuel cells – so you wont get much greener. However, what really gets our smiles wide is the stylish carbon composites black body. Finally, someone has managed to combine environmental thinking and design. Made in the UK by a small company called riversimple.

Hugo Spowers, if you are listening in on this channel, we would love to exhibit your car in our Flagship store in Copenhagen during the COP15.

Dear, turn off the light please!


Saturday evening at 8.30 pm (local time) people across the globe will turn their light off for an hour. We think its a great way to put focus on our enviroment and of course to have fun in the dark!

Don´t want to be left in the dark? – Head for our homepage where we have prepared a live demo with two of our most popular lamps. The Norm 69 lamp and the Norm 03. See you in the dark

Are you Green?


We Danes love to to ride our bikes. But a bike is not just a bike in Copenhagen. Take a look around town and you will discover all kinds of bikes, the furry one, the VIP one, the trendy family one as well as the extreamly limited and extreamly expensive gold one.

We thought we would join the race against CO2 and show you how to go green in style. Four different and very trendy bike brands will be on display in our Flagship store during the next couple of months – so come and pick the one that fits your personality.

p.s. if you are not ready to take the big green step, go easy by downscaling your CO2 monster to this cute little fellow…  will be parked right in our store in two weeks time.