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Help wanted! Name our next product

UPDATE: Thank you very much for all the super creative names. We will announce the new name on monday the 1st of February.

A coat rack named???
This is our next product. It is a coat rack and its name is… well, this is where we need your help. Normally we keep the name process to ourselves, but this time we thought it could be fun if you – our dear reader – would help us. We have a few name suggestions, but are still looking for that “now why didn’t I think of that” – name.

Think – but think fast
You only have until monday the 25th of January.

The prize
If we choose to use your name suggestion, you will be rewarded with one of the very first Normann Copenhagen coat racks. We do not promise that the best suggestion will actually be the name of the product.

How to submit your suggestion?
Write it in the comments field above, send a mail to blog(at)normann-copenhagen.com, or Twitter the name followed by the hashtag #NameANormann

More pictures of the coat rack below.

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