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It’s oh so Danish…

Say hello to Mormor (Danish for Grandma). Mormor is designed by the young and very talented designer Gry Fager and consists of 17 pieces.


A (not so) unique pattern
Every Dane knows the blue pattern above. It is the pattern used on the most common dishtowels, and boy have we been washing dishes!


Mormor is much more than just a blue pattern. It also consists of the Ribbed and Squared pattern.


Again most Danes will know these patterns very well. However to the rest of the world we may need to explain it. In Denmark we don’t use a sponge at the kitchen sink, we use a dishcloth.


We spotted Gry Fager’s design even before she completed her training at the Danish Design School in 2008. With the introduction of the Mormor series it is the first time that Gry Fager has had her designs put into production.

Evolution of the Washing-up bowl!

You may have seen our Washing-up bowl, but do you also know the story behind the product?


One day back in 2002 Ole Jensen was doing the dishes in his kitchen sink. He noticed the sharp and hard surface of the sink and he suddenly hesitated putting his fragile china and fine glasses into the sink. This hesitation turns into an irritation and out of this irritation the idea of a flexible washing up bowl that shapes according to its content is born.


In early production days the washing-up bowl was glued together from several pieces. This was not only a slow production method but also resulted in a less sturdy product.


Ole Jensen explains: ”In the beginning the washing up bowls were black and red with an unmistakeable reference to rubber as we know it – car tires, bicycle tubes, gaskets etc. The washing up bowls then came in bright yellow and pure green and suddenly they were no longer just for the washing up but also a useful object for many other things around the house. Inside and outside – everyday and on holiday.”


Last summer Ole Jensen made a King size version that will hold a man (the-one-of-a-kind prototype costs 10.000 euro).


A few facts about the washing-up bowl:
Made out of rubber. 28 x 28 x 14 cm. Very popular on boats since it folds.
Approved by FDA for food… used as a wine cooler at MoMA in New York.
Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, Black and Brown.
Black is the most popular across markets.
Awarded Design Plus in 2002.

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