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Share food and drinks with your love

Food and drinks are powerful tools! They are essential parts of our lives used on all kinds of occasions. Whether it is a family get together, a meeting with a friend, a celebration, or even a date, we use them to create the setting for the things we do together with other people, and especially with the ones we love. It makes us comfortable and brings us closer together, as we all take part in the greatness that lies within sharing a meal. Some might even claim that great food and drinks taste better if you have someone to share them with!

But it is not only the food and drinks on their own. The way you serve them plays a huge part in the enjoyment as well. The shape and color of the tableware can attribute to the whole experience of the meal. Wine and liquids are especially influenced by the way they are served, as using the right shape of glass is important if you want to bring out all the taste nuances.

We strive to make designs that contribute to the enjoyment of sweet indulgences, whether you share them with your loved one or enjoy them just by yourself.

2014.11_Lakrids_Event_4 kopi
Make your food more decorative with the Krenit dish. The color from the inside of the dish creates a nice contrast and highlights the food. You can get the Krenit dish in 10 different colors.


The Wine & Bar pourer makes your wine serving a little more elegant. It has different functions – not only does it ensure you a drip free serving, it also works as a cork for your bottles. Practical and stylish!

The elegant Whiskey Glasses make you drink ooze with sophistication. With the minimalistic and clean look, the whiskey will show itself from the best side.

2014.11_Lakrids_Event_5 kopi
Brilliant! That is how your sweets would look when being served in the Brilliant box. You can get a glimpse of the delicious treats through the colored glass lid. Brilliant comes in 2 sizes and 6 different colors.

Summer equals picnic

Picnic time is one of our favorite things to do during summertime; there is something magical about sitting on blankets in the sunlight and sharing great food, wine and talks with the people who are important to you. It is around the blankets you laugh together, drink homemade fresh juice, share you best summer memories, and tell secrets and stupid stories when the wine hits the blood.

We already packed our baskets and can’t wait for a summer full of picnics and memories.

If you want to come along, below you can find inspiration on what to pack for a perfect picnic.



Ekko throw blanket and Sprinkle quilt are perfect for a relaxed atmosphere

First of all you need a basket, a tote bag or backpack is fine, but a basket makes it all the more elegant. A small radio or speaker is always a good idea so you can relax and listen to music and perhaps do a little dancing to some fresh summer tunes. You will need a carafe, we recommend one with cups in different colors, this will make it easy to tell which cup belongs to who. Don’t forget a knife to cut the cheese, salami, and fresh fruit. Most important of all are a couple of blankets to sit on. Layer a few in different colors and the sitting will automatically feel more warm and cozy. A bonus is the bigger space to spread your picnic out on – which means more friends can join.


Our Cristal Carafe with five cups in different colors makes it easy to separate your cup from your friends’

It is all about minimal prep. Make tasty sandwiches with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella before you leave home. Don’t forget the drinks. Make a fresh ice tea drink which is enjoyable for the entire family. Use a teabag in a carafe full of water, let the tea chill for a couple of hours, and the result will be a fresh and perfect cooling summer drink.

Remember there are no rules for when to picnic, you can do a picnic breakfast, picnic dinner, picnic party. In the park, the forrest, the beach or in your backgard. As long as you have packed the basket right, nothing can stop you from picnic all day and everywhere during the summer.


You can never go wrong with the Geo series, and some tea to make a cooling summer drink. 

We can’t wait to picnic with you!

Don’t tell it – Don’t show it – film it!

This is the story of our Rocking Glass. It’s a glass that… you probably guessed it… rocks. Its curved bottom allows it to rock without spilling over.


Designer, Britt Bonnesen explains. “I conceived the idea of the Rocking Glass after watching an old movie about propeller aircraft. The old aircraft produced a lot of vibration therefore the glasses and tableware were designed not to spill. That’s how the idea of the Rocking Glass arose.”


It didn’t move for years!!!
The picture above has been shown in design magazines all over the world. It’s a nice picture, but it didn’t  really tell the rocking story very well. Moving products and magazines don’t really go together!


More pictures
We took more pictures of the glass, told the story of how it was used on MoMA for desserts, as a candle holder. We even used it to tell the story of a real Danish earthquake! But little did it help. Most people just saw a nice glass… it didn’t rock them.

So we made a 38 seconds super slow motion video and all of a sudden the idea behind the glass came to life. The video has been seen by more than 28.000 on Youtube [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSPl4bwgPLk] 

Bonus info. The Rocking Glass makes a beautiful card holder… click below to see it

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Blue Lagoon


2 parts Rum, 1 part Pineapple vodka, 1 part Blue Curacao

    Mixer: 2 parts Orange juice
    Garnish: Ice
    Glass: Cognac Glass… more 

    Coffee bike – to go!

    We love our bikes here in Copenhagen but we also love coffee. The other day I spotted this amazing ”coffee bike” in Copenhagen. Great idea. Notice the mailboxes (Post) on the side… how does that work…do you know?

    Get a grip!

    Our Familia Cup has a quite unique handle. Yesterday the designer Ole Jensen showed our Japanese friends from Scope different ways to hold the cup.

     Click on the link below to see the five grips.

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