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Design award is now open for submissions

Six years ago, Normann Copenhagen helped create the Time to Design – new talent award. The award is design award aimed at young design talents in the beginning of their career, and we are happy to announce that this year’s competition is open for submissions from today – the 4th of April 2013!

Time to Design winner projects from the last five years.

The prize includes a three month residency at The Danish Art Workshops, 50.000 DKK sponsored by TA, the Danish Association of Wood and Furniture Industries to cover material costs, individual career coaching by OeO and a two week exhibition in the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store.

From last year’s exhibition opening at our Flagship Store.

Last year, it was the British designer Catherine Aitken who won the price with her project Fade. She exhibited colorful stools and a bench made of cotton cord, plywood and powder-coated steel. Catherine’s beautiful stools are now available online here.

Deadline for submissions is the 14th of June, 2013 at the Time to Design website. The winner will be announced at a press event at the end of August. The residency at the Danish Art Workshops starts from the 1st of September and runs until November 21st 2013 when the exihibition open at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store.

Read more about the design award here.

Time to Design – Work is progressing

At the end of September, the Scottish winner of this year’s Time to Design, Catherine Aitken, arrived back in Denmark after exhibiting at the London Design Festival. She is already hard at work on her project “Fade” at the Danish Art Workshops. We paid her a little visit last week to see how her work is progressing.

Catherine will be exhibiting her work at the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store from the 20th of November to the 6th of December 2012.

Her project ‘Fade’ is all about exploring a gradual change in intensity through increasing and decreasing levels of color and light or altering the presence of a particular material or pattern. To do this, Catherine is working with different types of cord as well as other materials.

Here is some early prototypes of a couple of lamps that she has been working on.

Catherine explains: “The project is well on its way, and is developing from day to day. At first, I was planning on showing lighting only, but now, it looks like there will be some other pieces as well. It’s important to me that the pieces I show convey my concept and approach to materials and that they are executed to a high standard.” We can’t wait to see the end result!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more about Catherines Aitken’s project.

You can read more about Time to Design here and follow her progress here on our blog and on the Time to Design Facebook page.

Read more about Catherine and her work at her website 

And the Winner is…

The British designer Catherine Aitken won the Time to Design Award yesterday. Her project ‘FADE’ was selected from a large number of entries from creative designers from 57 countries around the world.

Catherine graduated from The Royal College of Art in London in 2011, where she specialized in textiles. Today she has her own design studio. Aside from the title, Catherine was awarded a three month residency at the Danish Art Workshops, where she will be working on her project ‘Fade’, 50.000 DKK donated by the Danish Ass. of Wood and Furniture Industries, career coaching by OeO, communications coaching by The Danish Architectural Press, and a two week exhibition period in our Flagship Store from 22nd November to 6th December 2012. Read more about Time to design here.

We invited the Danish Minister for Culture, Uffe Elbæk, to present the award for Catherine at the Danish Art Workshop.

Prior to the annoncenment the guest Jury members had a panel discussion on the importance and impact of design today and tomorrow. The jury stressed that the award provides the winner with time for immersion. An important aspect to become successful in todays busy world.

The project ‘Fade’ is all about exploring a gradual change in intensity through increasing and decreasing levels of color and light or altering the presence of a particular material or pattern.

We met Catherine for a little chat after the announcement. She told us that until she met her Art Teacher in high school, she didn’t think of Design as a career option. She recommended her to try it out – and she has been sure of the decision to do so ever since! She also told us that she loves to organize things in her apartment and when she was younger she put everything in order in her mom’s kitchen cabinets to create more space. Today she thinks a lot about how space reflects the room when she designs a new object.

We can’t wait to see how the final project is going to look like. You can follow her developing process on our blog and the Time to Design Facebook page here.