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A bit of female touch

One day in his workshop, Ole Jensen became irritated at all the dust and clay that constantly was laying around the place. He swept the floor holding a folded newspaper in one hand and sweeping the dust into the newspaper with the other one. A simple and straightforward movement which created the basic idea for a new kind of dustpan that was both functional and aesthetic. This was more than 8 years ago. Since then the Dustpan & Broom has been a part of the Normann Copenhagen collection with no changes to its design or colour. But things change, and so do we.

Today, we are pleased to add a bit of female touch to the iconic design of Ole Jensen which are now produced in Pink, Green and Purple. Buy Dustpan & Broom now →

The new Dustpan & Broom colour palette

Since we like Purple so much we couldn’t help also giving the classic Washing-up bowl a colour “brush up”. The bowl has been spiced up with a cool purple, which will add a bit of fashion to the everyday life.