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Unique Pieces

With roots in Nordic traditions Danish Fashion company HANSEN has designed a series of unique pieces which are available in our Flagship Store. The pieces are hand-made and designed by Åse Helena Hansen.

The HANSEN jacket is made with embroidery on “klede” which is high quality fabric. The designer has made her own interpretations with the embroidery of the “Bunad” – the Norwegian national costume.

Åse Helena Hansen explains: ““Klede” is made of rough and sturdy wool which is felted hard to obtain unique strength and durability. Even though the material is study the preparations method gives the fabric a smooth and fine surface. “Klede” for men is particular strong and qualities like this is made to last a lifetime. ”

The pants are made in “Worsted Tweed” found on the shelves of Hvidberg – one of oldest tailoring companies inDenmark. HANSEN has made only 10 pairs of pants.