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Gifts ideas for him

Not quite sure what to get the man in your life for Christmas?

We’ve put together a little inspiration for this year’s Christmas shopping. Whether you’re looking for a present for your brother, boyfriend, father, husband, son or uncle, we hope you’ll find just the thing!

If you’re looking for something for the mature man, our Cognac and Whiskey Glasses have, for example, been a big hit with the male customers and will fit nicely in any bar cabinet.

Christmas gift ideas, Normann Copenhagen

1. Cristal Carafe w. 5 cups, 2. Bottle Opener, 3. Stepp Two Ashtray, 4. Whiskey Glasses 2 pcs, 5. Krenit Bowls, 6. Block Table, 7. Geo Vacuum Flask, 8. Heima Candlestick, 9. Cognac Glasses, 10. Foil Cutter, 11. Cork Screw, 12. Pourer 2 pcs

Krenit Bowl, Normann Copenhagen

Krenit Bowl, red 

Wine Stoppers, Normann Copenhagen



For the younger man, items like the drop-shaped Dropit Hooks and the WatchMe Wall Clock will make fun and stylish Christmas presents.

Christmas present ideas for him, Normann Copenhagen

1. Hello Lamp, 2. Friends Salt&Pepper set, 3. Ballo Toilet Brush, 4. Hive Lamp, 5. Watch Me Wall Clock, 6. Toj Clothes Rack, 7. Butterfly Can Opener, 8. Dropit Hooks, 9. Stone Hooks, 10. Dustpan & Broom, 11. Tablo Table, 12. Color Box.   

Butterfly Can Opener, Normann Copenhagen

Butterfly Can Opener

Dropit Hooks, Normann Copenhagen

Dropit Hooks, black, blue and white

Learn how to wrap – in one minute!

Didn’t you get your gift wrapped at the store – don’t panic – help is right here.

If you are a skilled at wrapping gifts – nothing new here! But if you are like most of us, and don’t know the Zen of wrapping you might want to watch this video. In just one minute Peter Elmegaard – our Flagship store director  will show you how easy it is to gift wrap.


Trouble sleeping?

Ingmar's bedside tableThe best ideas comes at night and for those of you who, like me suffers from insomnia every now and then, there might be some  comfort in knowing that one of the greatest film instuctors ever, probably did too. All of the furniture from Ingmar Bergman’s house will be sold at an auction at Bukowski’s later in september according to his last wish.  I was amazed to find this little nightstand amogst all the designer furniture and I imagen Ingmar waking up with his head full of ideas and with no time to find a piece of paper, he scribbeled his thoughts down directly on his bedsidetable!

View other things from Bergman’s house here!

Spotted by Emma Margareta

Can you draw?


Very few adults claim they can draw. In fact we often hear the “but I can´t draw” – excuse.  In our world drawing has nothing to do with being able to make a beautiful photo realistic replication of something. It has to do with communication. That is also why we love Ole Jensen´s drawings. They are not perfect – but they tell us the essence of his vision.

So next time someone asks you to draw – just do it – you may be starting something that turns into an award winning product.


See the final product – click below

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