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Backflash 2011

We would like to wish you a very merry christmas and happy holidays from the Normann Copenhagen Headquarters

We like to end this year with a backflash on some of the past events of the year.

So here it goes! In 2011 we:

had a flood  

lit up the city  

had a drink

named it dropit

got new friends

Things we have learned

This year we have learned many interesting things including:

1.  that Pole-dancing is not allowed on Swedish trains! Learn why

2. it takes a woman to paint – in style! See the pictures

3. the secret behind Danish design success. See the formula

4. that you can build a robot – which can build itself. Proof

5… and finally that this song still makes us dance. Watch

Déjà vu – best of 2009

Today is the 1st of December – the 1st day of the last month of the year.

For the entire month the advent candle are burning  – counting down to Christmas. We will sum up on the past year;  looking back at best of the good, the bad and the ugly  from 2009.

So, to kick of the “best of”- the Spotted by Normann Copenhagen 2009 playlist is:

Fold like the hotel proffesionals – learn how to fold the Tile Towel with  The perfect fold blogpost.