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These products will Move you!

Always on the move? – we got a few suggestions for updating your traveling accessories. A series of personal objects, designed for the minimalist lover.

The Move credit card holder is made of brushed steel and will securely protect 6 credit cards even if you happen to sit on it.

Don’t leave home without your pills! Our Move pill box will protect those important pills in a food approved container.

Always bring cash! – and keep them neatly together using the simple Move money clip.

The tube key hanger will ensure that you always have the most important keys right at hand… you know… for home, the car, the office and of course for the yacht.

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New – old style bills in Denmark


Yesterday the Danes got a new version of the 50 krone banknote. We are sad to see that the design once again looks like something that was designed 200 years old. Why do we have to have a banknotes that makes our country look like something from the Stone Age. The colors, the graphic elements the fonts and even the motive…  an old bridge and things found from the antiquity. Damn, it’s so boring.  A bridge may be a nice metaphor for connecting people, but still we live in the twenty first century. We think the new bills doesn’t represent a country full of design lovers. Dear Nationalbank, next time you upgrade the Danish banknotes, please give the assignment to a bunch of young Danish designers and let them show the path to the future of paper money.

New award for young designers

What do you need when being in the beginning of your career as a designer?

- Professional facilities and guidance in well equipped workshops?
- DKK 50,000 to cover material costs?
- Show the public your design in one of the best exposures in Cph?
- The attention that comes along with winning an international award?
- Time to design?

Time to design – New talent award offers you this. Submit before 15 June 2008!

More info www.timetodesign.eu