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The Making of Camping


This video is not for everybody. It is made for the ones that not only cares about the final result – but who loves to see how things are made. The video is recorded at Kvist – who has been producing furniture out of wood since 1896.

100% focus




We shot these tree pictures at the Salone del Mobile. But what are they doing. Click below to find out.

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Boys VS Men


When Jesper K. Thomsen designed the Play Soapbox Cart it was intended as a toy for kids. However, it has been awesome to see that some grownups still got that inner child, like the driver in the middle – Mr. Ruggero Melgrati who won at Sebring 12h GTL in 1993 and 24h at Daytona WSC in 1994. Respect.

We did a small study among our testdrivers to find the “who smiles the most in an Soapbox Cart” . The battle was won by the…

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More glue less tattoo


At Normann Copenhagen we  don’t advertise in magazines, on TV or even on the web. We try to get our message across by other means –  like the Plane Takeoff Party and Woofy around the world.

This year we posted more than 5000 manila marks on everything – and everybody in Milan.

We call it “Personal advertising” – it’s a less permanent/painful version of last years  “True branding


Status report from Milan

Yesterday Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan opened up the doors to the most important design and furniture fair this year. Everybody who has something to do with design is there – and so are we – for the first time with our very own furniture collection; New Danish Modern. 

Camping daybed
Everybody loves Camping for its simple design and beautiful craftsmanship. Here Jan – one of our two CEO´s is catching a few ZZZZ´s  on the Camping Daybed.

Spotting all the new designs is hard work, so our new BOB game has proven to be the perfect “less work more fun” excuse.



A simple shape, a traditional material and a modern decoration is the essence of Nicholai Wiig Hansen’s table, NW1. With it’s Nordic colors, Without Title is part of our New Danish Modern family. We will be showing the unique tables in Milan this week.


The designer  was inspired by Nordic paintings (like Lundstrøm and Munck) and the colours are applied with a fine brush – just as one would do on a canvas.

Turn off the power – turn on the fun

Forget all about which computer game is the coolest or whether  Wii, Xbox or Playstation is the most fun. Do the new thing – turn them all off – its time to get back to basic fun – together.


The gameplay is simple, the rules are negotiable (no official rules yet) and the design is typical Danish minimalism.


No plastic controller here – but a wooden stick that is smooth, smells great and feels awesome. BOB, welcome to the New Danish Modern family – where everything is handmade, designed by Danes and Made in Denmark.


If you are attending the design week in Milan drop by our stand A25 in Hall 8 around 5 p.m. where we will be playing for the prestigious BOB-Master title.


Hours of fun – guaranteed

This drawing may not help much, but we promise you when you get to play with the final product you will have hours of fun. Designed by the newest member of the New Danish Modern – class of 09, Nicholai Wiig Hansen. We will launch the product at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milano on the 22 of April.

Nicholai Wiig Hansen in the making of our latest New Danish Modern product.

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Once upon a time…

Stakit - our mobile seat in front of Rosenborg Castle

Once upon a time – a thousand years ago – there was a king of Denmark named Gorm the Old. All through the years his family has ruled the oldest kingdom of the world, and the present queen Margrethe  II is a descendant of the old king Gorm.

Stakit may not have as long a history, but it still comes from a very fine family in Denmark. Stakit was born as a part of  Snedkernes Efterårsudstilling and later on was adopted by Danish Craft, where it became a distinctive part of the CC11 + CC12 family.

Stakit is now a part of our New Danish Modern family.

It looks oh so easy…


Okay, we admit it, we have clay on our minds these days!!! But when you get the chance to see how someone turns a 4 kilo lumb of clay (more info here)  into the most fantastic and useful piece of craftsmanship we grab our camera and head for the road. In this case it took us to the seaside of Juelsminde, Denmark.