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Harry’s Place – forever

Every city has it’s secret places. Harry’s Place in Copenhagen is one of them. You barely notice it when you pass it, but ask anybody in NordVest and they know Harry’s Place – the place to eat the perfect lunch consisting of a Danish red hotdog, a bøfsandwich (almost a hamburger, but it tastes much better), and of cause the cold chocolate milk… a classic combination.


Danish goldsmith Patricia Tind has taken the Harry’s Place concept and added a few new ingredients. A series of hand-made jewelry give instant street respect  – and show everybody that you are a true Harry’s Place  original.


The “Micro Børge” hotdog pin comes in several different colors and materials. This one is the classic “Rød Pølse” Made in sterling silver and red lack.


High-end hotdog! Go for the 18 carats gold pin with a sparkling diamond.


Nice wrapping makes the Micro Børge a perfect hostess gift.


This beautiful neckless is inspired by the paper hotdog plates (the corners). The design will create a fun contrast at the gourmet candlelight dinner… making you thoughts drift off to a place where you can get a proper meal – fast.


Patricia Tinds work is part of the Bodybuilding exhibition that was on display at the Normann Copenhagen store in Copenhagen.

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