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The world may not be flat!

- but a lit should be!

That was the idea behind Ole Jensen’s prototype for the Familia pots and pans. The only problem was that Ole’s lit prototype was made out of clay and in real life, a steel lit would bend.

This is normally where the art of compromises kicks in. The production team tells the designer that it would be much easier to build a space rocket…and cheaper. But you don’t tell Ole Jensen this kind of trivia…you keep trying until you come up with a solution.

After numerous prototypes the production team came up with the brilliant idea of welding two layers of steel together.
Not the easiest nor the cheapest solution, but a unique design that has won several international design awards.

So next time you lift a Familia lit you know why it’s heavier than other lits and why we ask our designers to go all the way.

Now you know

It runs in the Famila…

Familia Kitchen Series and Famila Tableware, designed by Ole Jensen, are nominated for the
German Design Award 2009. The Familia dinner service previously won the IF Product Design Award 2008, and in 2007 the Familia kitchen series won the red dot design award and the Good Design Award.  

Here is a beautyful Boffi kitchen which just looks better with Normann Copenhagen’s Familia Kitchen series on top. Spottet at Iannií Interior Design, Reggio Calabria, Italy.