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Easter is knocking on the door

The winter months have been long and bleak. Great news! The calendar is showing March, which means that spring and Easter are knocking on the door. There is nothing better than the first spring sunbeams, flowers starting to come out and the prospect of a holiday.

Krenit Easter Egg_Crop

An Easter egg of Krenit bowls. Available in different colors and sizes

Whether you plan on spending the Easter holidays relaxing with family, catching up with friends, forgetting time and place or using the time to get some refurbishing done in your home, we wish you all a happy Easter!

Since you are off from work, why not use the Easter holidays as an occasion to invite spring inside your home? In this blogpost we will set the scene for the perfect Easter with happy spring colors.


Oh the joy of mornings without alarms interrupting your beauty sleep but only sunbeams from the morning sun waking you up! Such mornings are there too few of; however, the holidays will hopefully give you the opportunity for some.

A good cup of tea is a must in such mornings! The Tea Egg – a functional tea infuser made of silicone and designed by the Danish design studio Made by Makers – is perfect for this. The Tea Egg quickly brews a warm cup of tea for those cozy moments. Serve yourself a nice cup of spring tea with these colorful tea infusers to keep warm until the spring weather heats up.


The Tea Egg is available in 6 different colors


Easter also means plenty of opportunities to see friends and family. So why not invite them for an Easter feast?

A perfect Easter feast includes great food. Serve delicious dishes easily with our Peeler. It has a matt silicone covering, which makes for a pleasant grip, and its sharp blade makes it easy and fun to peel your potatoes and make ultra-thin vegetable peels for your dishes.

Serve a mixed salad of ultra-thin vegetables that your guests can’t keep their hands off and treat them to a drink with ultra-thin slices of cucumber after dinner. What a feast!

260805_Peeler_Yellow_3_small new

Peeler‘s organic shape makes it a decorative addition to the kitchen


Easter feasts, catching up with beloved ones and going out call for dressing a bit more up than usual. Take your time getting ready with the Flip mirror. With Flip, design and function go hand in hand. The foot of the mirror creates a tray, which is ideal for jewelry, make-up or hair accessories. How about one of the new colors for this season: Dusty blue, blush, lemonade yellow or the cool grey?


The chic Flip mirror can be turned up, down and rotated 360 degrees and is now available in 7 different colors


Enjoy the company of your friends and family surrounded by homely and stylish decor. You probably have a lot of stylish home accessories, but are they showing themselves to their best advantage?

One Step Up is a bookcase that will give new life to your decor. One Step Up combines form, material and function in a simple and attractive design. The natural ash wood and the industrial metal shelves create dynamic and the exquisite materials work great together and create a complete expression.


One Step Up Bookcases with various Normann Copenhagen designs

All that is left to do is to send out an invite!

Trending Colors

Pantone, the world known provider of color systems, has just announced a color of the year. For 2016, a combination of two delicate shades set the scene: a warm rose and an airy blue. A blending of these shades creates an intrinsic balance between the warm rose tone and the cooler blue that adds a contemporary exclusive feel to a modern interior. Let us show you some inspiration on how to bring the soft, dreamy pastels into your home.

Organize with spring colors

Get ready for spring with the new multi-functional storage series: Nic Nac. Embrace your feminine side with the light pink or go for a more clean and refined look with the powder blue. Combine the pastels with one of the darker colors and create a vibrant contrast. The series has 7 colors to choose from, so you can make your own personal and unique combinations.


Nic Nac can be used for everything from office supplies, keys and make-up, to serving of snacks or storing of cooking oils in the kitchen.

A practical splash of color

Even though spring is just around the corner, the cold is still upon us and a warm pair of boots is a must. When jumping into your boots a shoehorn is really handy. Nis Øllgaard has designed a shoehorn with a natural grip and a slim, flexible tip, which adjusts to the foot and shoe. Go with the trend and brighten up your hallway with shoehorn in light blue or pale rose.


Shoehorn is also available in a long version.   

A tint of romance

The simple, organic design of the Flip mirror combined with this soft rose hue is the quintessence of modern romance. Let the warm rose be joined by accessories in cooler colors to make a sophisticated contrast that will give an overall calm and balanced expression. With its both elegant and functional design Flip is the perfect make-up mirror. The foot of the mirror creates a tray, which is ideal for jewelry, make-up or hair accessories.


Choose between 7 colors, 4 of them are new for spring.

Relaxing pastels

Edge cushions in rose and light blue are an easy way to greet the color trend. The pale colors compliment a dark couch beautifully and will add an instant spring vibe to your living room. The cushion is made in a combination of two woolen textiles, creating a subtle contrast between textures. Use it individually or combine it with other cushions. Edge looks great in combination with a more bold choice like the Brick Cushions.


Edge is available in a wide variety of colors that can be mixed and matched in numerous ways.

If you, like us, have a soft spot for the new color trend, jump to our website to see even more products in this year’s most fashionable colors.

30th anniversary at Maison et Objet 2016

We have arrived! Once again, we have set up at the Maison et Objet fair in Paris. We are thrilled to be back in this enchanting city and excited to present our spring novelties to buyers and press for the 30th time in a row!  True to tradition, we snapped some photos before the doors opened for visitors to be able to let you in on this year’s presentation and novelties.

Paris_Spring_2016_003 500 px



Paris_Spring_2016_004  500px

Paris_Spring_2016_032 500px

Paris_Spring_2016_005 500px

Paris_Spring_2016_031 500px

Paris_Spring_2016_016 500px

Paris_Spring_2016_019 500 px

Paris_Spring_2016_022 500px

Paris_Spring_2016_015 500px

Come find us at hall 7, stand B 78/C 77!

If you are curious and want to know more about the novelties we are presenting at Maison et Objet, you can explore more here.

Happy Easter!

We’re off to celebrate Easter. Whether you are spending the holidays relaxing with family, partying with friends or using the free time to get some refurbishing done in your home, we wish you all a happy Easter!

Krenit Easter Egg_Crop

Krenit Easter egg


Brilliant boxes for Easter treats



Nyhavn vases for an fresh Easter bouquet


Mormor blue egg cups for late Easter breakfast

Spring is here!

We’re well into the month of March, the first official month of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, and though the weather has not been quite worthy of Spring yet, we are starting to feel the air change, see the first flowers bloom and slowly but surely welcoming more colorful days outside. To us March is always a great month to get a little decorating done, and today we’re feeling inspired by fresh and vibrant color. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate spring and bring the springtime feel into your home.


Agnes Vases

Treat yourself to a nice bouquet of colorful seasonal flowers in a beautiful new vase.


Long Drink Glasses

Warm spring weekends call for a nice treat. Apple trifle is our desert of choice. Here served in a nice tall glass so there is lots of room for desert. Check out the recipe here.


Brilliant Boxes

For treats or trinkets the Brilliant Boxes will let you catch a glimpse of what’s inside through the glass lids. The clear, deep colors are inspired by gemstones and the lids catch the spring sunlight for a positively gleaming look in the windowsill.


Krenit Bowls

The Krenit Bowls come in a wide range of colors and sizes, making them great for mixing and matching. Use them for serving or as decoration anywhere in the home.


Block Table

Make your home minty fresh with a side table in a delicate and cool mint green. Style it with all your favorite collectibles or the things you need close at hand.


Tea Egg

Serving a nice cup of spring tea with these colorful tea infusers to keep warm until the weather heats up.


Mormor Blue Dinner Plate & Grass Vase

Whether you are opting for new tableware, a quirky vase, repainting your walls or planing on buying a new table in a fresh color, nothing says spring like a yellow, green and clear sky blue combo.

Happy spring to all!

Flagship Store Fashion Department Reborn

After a long, dark Winter, we thought it was about time to create a lighter and brighter look in our Flagship Store Fashion Department. So we grabbed the white paint, the paint brush and the roller and got to work. Check out the finished result here.

We’re in love with florals – one of the biggest trends of the season, so we decided to incorporate the floral feel in the interior design by adding a staircase podium covered with beautiful wallpaper from Tapet Café. The wallpaper is designed by Helene Blanche, and the lovely people from Tapet Café were kind enough to do the wallpapering. We couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

On our Toj Clothes Rack you will find the Carven SS14 collection. If you’re planning on expanding your wardrobe with some floral pieces, Carven is definitely one of the brands to look to.

Lots of lovely clothing in classic neutral tones, bright blues, bold reds, fresh pinks and a hint of luxurious metallic fill the clothes racks in the department. Here the clothes are accompanied by our new Slice Tabletop, Buk Table Legs and Onkel Sofa in leather.

If you are in Copenhagen and in need of an injection of flower power, drop by and check out our reborn fashion department!

A duck for life

Ducky is a wooden figure with a naive yet stylish and sophisticated look that makes it ideal for adults as well as children. Welcome Ducky into your home to add an element of humor and enjoyment.


Ducky’s minimalistic and classic look is full of nostalgia and character with its clear inspiration from traditional wooden toys. It comes in a refined grey color and in a light oak that lets you see the beautiful grains in the tree.

Ducky details

Ducky details

Place Ducky in a still life with plants, vases and candles to bring charisma to your living room, or use it as a toy in your child’s room. With its clean and simple silhouette, Ducky is an all-round item that changes character according to where it is placed in the home.

Ducky in the living room

The designer Dor Carmon created Ducky in the wake of his daughter’s birth. When we asked him about his inspiration for Ducky, he said:

“I love to design characters. To create something aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily need to be functional is a form of relaxation for me. It’s a nice break from my normal day where I work primarily with functional product design. Apart from that, I wanted to design a special item for my daughter. It had to be something timeless, emotive and irreplaceable that she could have with her throughout her adult life.”

Ducky in a child's room

Visit our website to read more. We look forward to seeing Ducky around.

My new Onkel

A new member has been added to the range of Onkel Sofas; a leather version available in black or cognac. Onkel has a recognizable, Scandinavian design and is available in a 2 and 3 seater version. The eminent soft leather gives the classy and refined Onkel Sofa a whole new dimension.

Onkel Sofa 2 seater in Cognac leather

This design, created by Simon Legald, is an homage to two disparate centuries in this unique classic yet contemporary design. Onkel combines the simplicity of modern design with the soft curves from the middle of the century.

The sofa’s outer shell has a minimalistic and streamlined look, whilst the back cushion has soft curves created by beautiful deep-stitching. The back cushion is elegantly encapsulated by the outer shell. Lacquered ash wood legs in a matching color completes the design and makes the sofa stand as a unified whole.

Onkel Leather in a livingroom

The designer Simon Legald says about his design: “The sofa has emerged out of a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. With Onkel, I have utilized old craftsmanship techniques and used them in a new context. In this way, the details gives Onkel personality.”

Besides being beautiful to look at, we have selected the leather for its durability and to ensure a comfortable sitting experience. And because it is pleasurably easy to clean, your days of crying over spilled milk are over. Whether your style is minimalistic, colorful, classic or modern, there’s no reason not to invite this Onkel into your home.

Check out the sophisticated design on our website here.

Design Fairs in Paris & Stockholm

We’re running a tight schedule attending a total of four Spring fairs this time. We started out at imm in Cologne, where we showed our Spring novelties to the press and buyers for the very first time. Afterwards, we went to Paris for the Maison et Objet fair and right now, we are exhibiting all the new products at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

We already showed you our imm stand, and true to tradition, we’d like to give you a little glimpse of our stands in Paris and Stockholm as well. Enjoy!

Maison et Objet

 Stockholm Furniture Fair

We are rounding off with the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt. The fair starts tomorrow, so stay tuned for more!

Visit us on Flickr to see all pictures from our stands.

Exclusive look at our inspiration for the Season

Every season, we gather inspirational photos from all around and create moodboards that show the trends that we have selected and will set the tone for the season.

We use them as inspiration for graphic design, when designing our stand for the fairs, when styling for photoshoots and when decorating our Flagship Store, just to name a few examples. Here are the moodboards that we created for the Spring/Summer 2013 season.

Plants, pastels and pops of bright contrasting color minimally styled to create a warm a cosy atmosphere. This board captures the feel that we wanted to create at our stand in Milan.

Our stand at Salone del Mobile 2013.

Our stand at Salone del Mobile 2013.

Cool greys in combination with the warmth of wood, gem-like faceted egdes, texture and  patterns gave way to this both product images and a section in our February-March showroom at our Flagship Store.

Showroom at the Flagship Store in February-March 2013.

                                                                   Atmosphere shot of our new Onkel 2-seater sofa with just a hint of wood to add warmth.

Sometimes the moodboards evolve slowly from season to season, like this red board for example. Red has been an important color for us for a long time, but the color scheme has gradually evolved througout the years to also include muted burgundies and soft pinks, corals and nudes.

                                                                                     Red tones for our catalogue, press kit and invite for all the spring fairs.

Agnes Vases on blush background.

Rose Oona Carpet and coral Ding Table. 

If you’re curious to get a little glimpse of some of our previous moodboards, you can see them here.