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Welcome colors into your living room

When decorating the living room, don’t be afraid to use colors. As long as you keep it in tones that compliment each other, you are good to go. We’ve gathered some inspiration on how to use colors and bring a little life into your living room.

Paint the walls in different colors to divide the room visually. Simple and matte finishes make the room look more exclusive, and mixing unexpected shades create a bold appearance.

For a calm contrast to colorful walls, opt for furniture pieces in grey or neutrals, or go all out and create a playful universe by using different shades of blue on everything from walls to furniture and accessories. Mix bold blue tones with fresh coral and soft pastels like nude.

If you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge with brightly colored walls and eye-catching furniture pieces, there are lots of other easy ways to spruce up the living room on a smaller scale. Use accessories like the Cloud Cushion and Nyhavn Vase to create a coherent look, but don’t be afraid to be daring.

Thinking about going for a colored floor? We say: Go for it! But we recommend sticking to just a few colors of choice in the room to avoid it looking busy and unorganized.

A couple of neutral elements like the Norm 69 Lamp, the Solid Table and a Light House in white can be just the right contrast to the colors and can helps create a more tranquil atmosphere.

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Learn how to wrap – in one minute!

Didn’t you get your gift wrapped at the store – don’t panic – help is right here.

If you are a skilled at wrapping gifts – nothing new here! But if you are like most of us, and don’t know the Zen of wrapping you might want to watch this video. In just one minute Peter Elmegaard – our Flagship store director  will show you how easy it is to gift wrap.